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  1. Mine did the same thing. Loosen the chain a bit.
  2. I have a stock motor taken off my fat bike the first week.How about $100
  3. You are talking about the bottle battery that came with the fat tire original,right?
  4. How about $120 for the battery and charger plus shipping?
  5. I have a extended range battery from an original that I removed the first week when I changed to a bigger battery.
  6. I have a stock 350 watt motor and a extended range bottle battery taken off of my Sonders original in the first week. $200 for both. SOLD
  7. I have a extended range battery and stock controller and battery holder with keys I took off my Sonders original the first week for sale. I'll take $220.00 plus shipping.
  8. I've got one. It's the extended range one that I switched out to a 60 volt the first week. I'll take $200 plus shipping for the battery and holder with key.
  9. Does anyone know where you can buy the coiled plastic the holds the cables together on the fold?
  10. Can we see a picture of the bike folded with the new bars?
  11. $400 for everything. The 350 motor,the extended range battery and holder with key. The stock controller and the Luna controller and the stock LCD and the Luna LCD.
  12. I have a stock 350 watt motor and a extended range battery for the sondors original fat tire bike. I also have stock LCD and stock controller. Also I have a 25amp Luna hotroded controller and their LCD for it. Also I have the mechanical disk brakes for the sondors original and for the fold and the battery holder and keys for the original. PLEASE MAKE OFFER All less than 2 hrs total riding time.
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