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  1. Battery,Stock motor I have a extended range battery and holder mount,stock motor and controller and stock LCD for a Sondors Original for sale. 300 for everything. Taken off bike the first week.. please write me a pm.
  2. Stock 350 watt motor and extened range Sonders battery I have a stock Sondors controller, a Luna 25amp controller, a stock sondor lcd and A hot rodded Luna Lcd. I also have the stock 350 watt rear hub motor and the stock extended battery for the Sondors fat bike. PLEASE MAKE OFFER All less than 2 hrs total riding time.
  3. Yes, I live in Lemoore CA.
  4. member map Why is it that on the member map, mine shows a house?
  5. Bottom Bracket What size is the bottom bracket on our Sondors fat bikes? Is it 100mm?
  6. Sondors LCD display for Sondors original, brand new never put on bike.$60.00 Stock controller one week old. $30.00
  7. I did as you said and it was the Luna controller. The bike runs fine with there display and my controller.
  8. The throttle lights up and the display lights but no power to the wheel. I'll take back to stock like MattRobertson suggested and see what happens.
  9. Bike won't run I installed a Luna 20amp controller and their display and now the bike won't run. What could be wrong. ?