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  1. Hi I've seen various taillights and brake lights on the web, but I don't know which one is best. Is there anyone who has experience with it and who can recommend some. It should be able to connect to the excess cord coming from the controller so that when you take the handbrake it lights up just like on a car. Is there also someone who has experience with front light which may also be connected to the controller or the battery. Both parts should be easy plug and play (run) Can some of the items be purchased in Europe Regards
  2. Great Reddy, thank you very much for your detailed explanation. Regards Sune
  3. Hi I have nearly run 10.000 km on my fat bike and now is time to change my tire. I have search the internet, and it seems hard to find this big fat tire 26x4.9 in Europe. I have find some tire in 26x4.8, has anybody tried this size on a fat bike ? What is the difference between 26x4.9 and 26x4.8, where on the tire is the difference ? If somebody knows where to buy in Europe, please tell, thanks. Regards Sune
  4. Hi I have a fat sondors bike with upgrade battery, controller and LCD display When I paddle without use the throttle in assist 5 I can run about 36-38km/t and in the display it show 750-850watt, but if I also use the throttle I can run 43-45km/t and in the display it show 1100-1200 watt. Can somebody tell which part in the setting I shall change to get full power in assist 5 without use the throttle ? I have this settings P1 = 100 P2 = 5 P3 = 1 P4 = 0 P5 = 22 C1 = 02 C2 = 0 C3 = 8 C4 = 3 C5 = 6 C6 = 3 C7 = 1 C8 = 1 C9 = 0 C10 = n C11 = 0 C12 = 4 C13 = 0 C14 = 1 Regards Sune
  5. Hi Houshman I have this setup with 52V battery 750 Watts Bafang and 35A controller. Do you use the same settings on your setup with 60V battery ? P1 = 100 P2 = 5 P3 = 1 P4 = 0 P5 = 22 C1 = 02 C2 = 0 C3 = 8 C4 = 3 C5 = 6 C6 = 3 C7 = 1 C8 = 1 C9 = 0 C10 = n C11 = 0 C12 = 4 C13 = 0 C14 = 1 Regards Sune
  6. Hi Does anyone have this motor for sell or a broken one where I can use some spare parts from it ? /Sune
  7. Hi Does anyone know where to buy a cheap Bafang 48v 750w geared rear hub moter to a Sondors fat tire bike. I have tried to find to right one at Alibaba.com or Aliexpress but I am not sure that I choose the right one... I only need it for spare parts........ /Sune
  8. Hi Andi Yes, It's seems like it's the only way or to buy a new one. It's really strange thats there is no place to buy spare parts to the motor when it's seems thats it's a common issue with this motor...... /Sune
  9. Hi Does anyone know where I can buy this magnets inside this motor ? I have disassemble the motor because I have some noise in the motor and I could see that a lots of the magnets was loose and broken, so I need to find some new ones. I hope there is someone how can help me ? Regards Sune from Denmark
  10. Hi I have upgraded my sondors bike motor from 350w to 750w Now there is coming some noise/rubbing from the motor when I am starting the motor from zero and the noise disappears when the bike is coming up in speed The motor is not 1 year yet ! Have others experienced that ? I have tried to change the gear on the 750w, same result I have change the motor back to the original 350w motor and then the noise disappears 7/5000
  11. Hi I have a Luna KT-LCD3 display and a Luna Storm Hot Rod 20 amp 36-52v controller mounted on my fat bike with the original 350watt motor. Now I will mount a 52v 20,3ah battery on the bike. Can someone tell me what the settings in the LCD display is for this setup ? Regards Sune
  12. Okay, thank you. I will take some picture later today when I have remove th wheel from the bike and can see closer to the hub and chain. Regards Sune
  13. It is 7 speed, I can't count the tooth because the bike is not home. I was pedaling in second highest gear in normal road without hills. I don't have any derailleur so the chain will stay in the same position, second highest gear. I have clean the chain so it was ready for the new motor. I have pedaling about 3000 km with the original motor and chain without any problem. The chain was not to tight or loose so the chain could not jump from one gear to another gear. If the chain was stock in the freewheel would it not still turn because it is a freewheel it will be like if I not was pedaling. Do you know if I can buy a motor lid to this motor anywhere as a sparparts.
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