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  1. Great. Even though this is a forum specific for SONDORS eBikes - I'm happy to allow this thread if we finally would be able to get a resolved thread on the internet
  2. Hi Garry, sorry to hear that you are unhappy with SONODRS. I (as an owner myself) can understand the frustration. But I think you are a bit too hard on SONDORS here. The impact with COVID in all thing involved from the production to getting the bike on your door step weren't foreseeable at all. This is also commonly known as basically everything is affected. The disaster with the EVER GIVEN didn't make it better. They gave you the option to cancel it. You bought it knowingly as a preorder with an estimated delivery window. As long as they informed you about the delay -> I don't see anything wrong here. -Andi
  3. Hi Etan, regarding the tire rubbing. This issue is typically when you put the wheel all the way up in the drop outs but the tire isn't centered. This sometimes casues the wheel to not sit correctly in the drop outs which is crucial for non-rubbing operation of the bike as the wheel should just barely fit. But there can be several other factors that could be causing the issue, over inflation of the tire could expand the carcass, even after lowering air pressure. I would recommend you loosen the nuts , remove the wheel and put it back on. Take extra caution that the tire sits perfectly in the drop outs. Here is a assembly video that may helps you: Regarding the kickstand - I would wait until SONDORS gets back to you. I had that issue after my bike fell on the kickstand side, I just bent it a bit away from the bike - solving the issue. But as I said I would wait until SONDORS gets back to you.
  4. Hi Etan, sorry to hear about your issues with your bike. It's currently 0:30am in the morning here. I'll get back to you tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. -Andi
  5. Hi, have you tried another Browser? Try visting the site with Firefox or Chrome and if possible maybe with another device to see if it fixes your problem. If you still have trouble let us know. -Andi
  6. Starting today - August, 13th 2020 sondorsforum.com is advertisement free. Enjoy your ad-free stay.
  7. Hi @Jeppe van der Schalk as per request we moved it to the "public". It's an quite interesting issue you have there. As LCD is working, showing no error, and everything else looks fine too. Do you remember anything weird when riding those two miles? Any weird noises...?
  8. Would you mind sharing a picture of your LCD turned in whilst having the issue?
  9. Hi Celine, as Reddy has stated we are a forum of owners for owners. So your request would be better addressed if you would write the official sondors team directly. To my knowledge there is no update on this, so still no certification for the SONDORS eBikes.
  10. That bike looks awesome. Thanks for sharing! I somehow need to get my hands on it here in Europe. 😁
  11. @Steve O with error code 23 I would check the cable from the motor to the controller. Might be a bit loose.
  12. Hi Jürgen, you can find SONDORS Warranty policy here: https://sondors.com/pages/return-policy Warranty Claims Process: Step 1 - If you suspect that any part/component is defective, do not attempt to repair or replace it yourself or to have it repaired or replaced before contacting SONDORS— doing so may void your warranty and may cause additional damage, not necessarily limited to the PRODUCTS in question, and may also increase risk of injury. Step 1 - Contact SONDORS Tech Support by clicking here. Step 3 - Provide photo, video and other details as requested by SONDORS. Step 4 - SONDORS will work with you to get you riding, whether it is an easy fix or one requiring a warranty replacement part. SONDORS will not replace any part without first inspecting photos or video of the damaged part. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. Andi
  13. Servus Jürgen, Steuern/Zoll wird seitens SONDORS erledigt. Es kommen also idR. keine Mehrkosten auf dich zu als das was du direkt beim Checkout-Prozess zahlst. Gruß Andi
  14. Hi Joseph, I still haven't got any information from you. Please provide them within 24h Thanks Andi
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