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  1. I'm cleaning this up here. There are two versions of the LCD: Aftermarket unbranded LCD - called: KT-LCD3 / Wendy LCD / Aftermarket LCD Display Branded LCD (looking the same like the aftermarket unbranded LCD but WITH Sondors logo on it see picture here: show picture) Please note, sondors sold to every version of the bike a lcd. they are not marked but different! Long story short: The first eBike from Sondors (distributed via the first Indiegogo campaign) is compatible with the KT-LCD3 Aftermarket LCD and the at that time distributed LCD from Sondors All other eBikes from Sondors (distributed via Kickstarter / / ARE NOT compatible with the aftermarket unbranded LCD. Only with in that time distributed LCD Display (branded with Sondors Logo) from SOONDORS. Please note: YOU CANNOT tell the difference between the branded Sondors LCD distributed with Sondors eBikes sold over Kickstarter and Sondors eBikes sold over - They look exactly the same but are not going to work on each other bike. (Kickstarter 'branded' Sondors LCD will not work with an bike from due to different communication protocols) This is due to a change in the communication protocol. Sondors did that to stop aftermarket sales (which were cheaper than the Sondors LCD itself (around 50$ I think). So if you have an Sondors eBike sold after the first campaign. You will need to buy Controller and the aftermarket unbranded LCD (both 100$ - will ship faster to your housedoor...) or you buy the corresponding Sondors branded LCD. (100$) If you have any questions, please ask ask ask. There are no dumb questions. We are here to help. Thanks and have a great day, Andi
  2. Hi @TEE VEE & @Don Dolan could you please both send me a private message with your informations (when bought (date), where (please attach the receipt) , when got it delivered and which delivery company - also bike configuration ... any upgrades?) Thanks Administration Sondors Forum
  3. Thanks for the validation. please check back regularly since you are not a registered member you won't receive e-mail notifications by e.mail great so see you as a new member of the forum.
  4. hi could you write more details about it? like when did you bought it, does it has upgrades, do you still have the battery keys, which battery is it, any other modification like other tires or something like that?
  5. Hi @fattyboomboom you will need to replace the cradle. As @Tabletteer said You have to make sure that you seat the battery properly. Or this will happen more often than you like.. If you have more questions feel free to ask them.
  6. Hi Mario, could you please post pictures from the front and side + point of view when you sit on it.? Thanks
  7. Hey @Houshmand Moarefi maybe you could help to answer this question?:)
  8. I've contacted Sondors about this incident. please also e-mail them at I'm not affiliated to Sondors, and have to say: I'm sure they will take care of you asap.
  9. Welcome to the Forum! Hope you're enjoying your 'stay'
  10. hi @whizzerbike welcome to the Sondors Owner Forum! Great to have you as an new member! To answer your question: This is unknown - would say it ships end of August - if you are in the US you will receive a e-Mail from UPS when Sondors got the Bike ready to deliver it to you (already on boat or at UPS Warehouse). So keep an eye on this & check spam folder! & don't forget to put yourself on the member map!
  11. Sondors Stainless This product will not be available or shared directly on our website and is accessible only by this link here: Please note that this is offered fore $1299 which is an "all in" price that includes all upgrades, LCD screen and shipping costs. There is a minimal additional cost of $94 for deliveries to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. For our users in Costa Rica, there is a local pickup only option:
  12. moved to right section
  13. Yes, I had written Sondors about this and they should have fixxed the issue with the new produced bikes
  14. think no one got a fold yet. so we cannot answer the question. But based on experience with sondors it should be great:) In case you wan't to ask the official sondors guys write them a e-mail: