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Cyclone Range
Thinking about 2wd? This could answer some questions you may have.
  • 22 replies

2018 Sondors eBike KD51C LCD Setup Manual
LCD Setup Manual for new SONDORS eBikes shipped after December 2017
  • 43 replies

Visual Map To Sondors Original Parts
The purpose of this thread is to display the various parts of the Sondors Original electric bicycle.  These diagrams are meant to annotate all parts on the Sondors Original ebike with an eye towards defining terms for the complete beginner.  Have a suggestion for improvement?  Send me a private message.  This thread is a reference work that is closed to replies to keep it tidy.
  • 0 replies

SONDORS Fold and Fold X Assembly Instructions
SONDORS Fold and Fold X Assembly Instructions
  • 0 replies

Upgrade: 750W Bafang with 7 Speed Upgrade
Bafang 750W, 7 Speed upgrade part list and install information.

This guide is from ‎Houshmand Moarefi.
  • 25 replies

Sondors eBike - LCD Display - Setup Instructions
Here you can find the right settings for your Sondors eBike (generic) LCD!

  • 60 replies

3-Speed Conversion
12 pages full of information on how to do the 3-Speed Conversion - both for Fat & Thin
  • 302 replies

Sondors Red 60V 750Watts 7 Speeds
The  Sondors Red  fat bike 60V 17.5ah battery, 35a controller, 750Watts motor, 7 speeds bike  is now built and let's just say this is one fast bike.

  • 25 replies

How to Assemble Your Sondors Electric Bike
Assembly Instructions for your Sondors FAT eBike. Including a printable Version.
  • 0 replies

How to assemble your Sondors THIN eBike
This video shows  the assembly of your new Sondors THIN in detail. We highly suggest using this video for assembly to ensure optimal performance!
  • 3 replies


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