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    am going to receive my new LCD soon. it was just a miscommunication. Am glad I don't have to pay for another 1. sondors are good for it they will send me 1. the order has already been place free of charge
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    Hi sorry I missed this. You want the NO (Normally Open). AKA "Closer" version. In German: "Schliesser"
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    Would you believe this bike has two batteries? L3 52V 20ah and LT48 48V 14ah
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    All Sondors eBike’s controllers are speed limited from the manufacture to approx 20mph (32kph) including the Thin Model. You can remove the speed limiting setting within the LCD’s Programing Settings, for off road use. The resistance you feel is the lack of motor assist (PAS) See: https://sondorsforum.com/forum/5-instructions/ But Connecticut laws limit an eBike’s Speed to 20mph. https://www.evelo.com/connecticut-state-electric-bike-laws-registration/ Reddy
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    I should have added that my friends had found homes all over the frigg’n place. First to some acerage in Lovettsville, VA, close to Harper’s Ferry. Then near Winchester VA @ Holiday Lake. Are you old enough to remember Perfect Circle Piston Rings? They bought the Original Owners Mansion in Hagerstown Indiana. The Dana Corp bought out Perfect Circle. They sold the house to a group of investors who made it into a Bed & Breakfast. Next they Bought a home on the Front Range of the Rockies, just North of the Airforce Academy @ Perry Park Ranch @ Larkspur Colorado. A lot less land but a hell of a view. Thru all these moves, Tad my friend’s office, is in Oakland and he’d commute, for a couple of days every week or two to meet with his staff, but work mostly out of his home office. You couldn’t carry the airline miles he accumulated in a backpack! Nice Work If You Can Get It. REDDY
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    Lane, The new motor will work with your Luna LCD or any other aftermarket LCD. Sondors’ LCDs have a proprietary communication protocol, so they could charge more $$ for the Sondors version. They only work with the Sondors Controller and are now model specific. There are at least three, 750watt Bafang 8 Fun geared hub replacment motor options that are on the Aliexpress Sites. One like mine is designed for a 7 speed Freewheel. Featured in the conversions featured on the forums upgrade threads. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-bafang-48V750W-rear-hub-motor-with-disc-brake-for-fat-bike/32703966572.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.12ab98bdMXxMx6 Using a single speed freewheel with this motor requires a special freewheel (not like the 350w Bafang freewheel) because the 750watt Bafangs were designed for 7 speed gear clusters. The threaded portion of the motor hub to accept the clusters is longer in the 750 Watt motors. If you decide on this option I’ll find that Freewheel somewhere buried in a threads here. There is a newer version motor designed and used in the Sondors XS for a 7 Speed Cassette that doesn’t have threads, rather a splined motor hub body to accept the cassettes design. I’m not sure what hardware would be required to use the cassette hub motor for single speed but I assume some Bike Conversion Parts and Cog can be fitted that are used for Fixie Bike Conversions. To my knowledge, no one has aptempted that on the Forum. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bafang-Fatbike-Freehub-48V-350W-500W-750W-8FUN-E-bike-High-Speed-Brushless-Gear-Hub-Motor/32835894262.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.1.26c45976lyp2sX&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10065_10130_10068_10890_10547_319_10546_317_10548_10545_10696_453_10084_454_10083_10618_10307_537_536_10902_10059_10884_10887_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_70,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=b7ae1ccb-d647-45e3-aff2-7d53a9ece6ee-0&algo_pvid=b7ae1ccb-d647-45e3-aff2-7d53a9ece6ee&transAbTest=ae803_4 So when you get your funds together it’s important to have decided on what gearing option you’ll choose. Although requiring a few more components, a few more dollars and a couple of extra hours of installation time, I’d really suggest installing the gearing, especially where you live. Being able to start in a low gear and travel up thru gears as you accelerate to the small cog, high gear, shift to a low gear for hills will make riding around San Francisco the ultimate option. All the conversion information is contained on the Forum. Look here : https://sondorsforum.com/topic/880-upgrade-750w-bafang-with-7-speed-upgrade/ Depiction of Freewheel and Cassette difference: https://www.bikeman.com/bicycle-repair-tech-info/bikeman-tech-info/1640-how-many-gears-can-i-put-on-this-thing REDDY
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    You will love it. The extra 250 watts pulls like and engine. Hydraulic brakes are very smooth. You get a smooth ride with the front air shocks and springer seat post. Enjoy!! admin password for second level parameters is 1515.
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    Hi Reddy I have good news for all that are looking forward to the New XS. The ones who paid for it by Dec 1 2018, they will be mailed out Jan 18 2019. Thanks for putting up with me, I am like a kid in a candy store, I can hardly wait. I saved up forever for this bike and in Canada we pay the difference because the dollar. It was worth it. Thanks again Ronnie...…..
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    John, there are plenty of post on Fold modifications here on the forum. Just use the search function that is top right, in the header and search Fold. Don't forget to add pictures of your adventures to the “Gallery”. Pictures in the open forum kinda get lost unless they’re in the album dedicated to them. Ride On ! Happy Holidays REDDY
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    Jeg vet, jeg vet at du ikke kan lage pølser på en Sondors. Men kan du ikke få. Sondors der? https://youtu.be/xePknD5eQgU Happy - Happy Merry - Merry REDDY
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    Ravi, I haven’t rewound a motor since I was a kid rewinding slot car motors and when my Flap motor and Alternator on my aircraft need internal work, I took them to a qualified FAA approved service facility. Although I’m a certified A&P aircraft mechanic, I’m not certified to do those rebuild repairs on airplanes. I don’t have any resource for repair instructions and Bafang are so cheap, I wouldn’t hesitate to just order a replacement. I don’t think the 11/11 holiday pricing is still avalable but I only paid $173 US for a new 750watt Bafang. This article might help if you want to gain insight. http://www.electricbike.com/motor-tech-part-2/ Finding replacment parts might be problematic to source, if needed. Hope the bearings are serviceable. Removing the single speed freewheel will require its destruction and you’ll need to buy a replacment if you need to remove it. There is info on the form in the 3 speed conversion thread. i couldn’t view your pictures. Reddy I
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    Both bikes have a 750w big magnet Bafang. The fatty's 750 is inside the stock 350 motor housing. Fatty has a 48v 30ah battery driving a 35 amp big momma 18 fet controller. The Fold started life as a Foldx7. I replaced the stock 20 x 80mm rims with more sporting 24" x 65mm rims laced to a 750 Lindsey motor, which slightly increases overall gearing over a stock Fold. That still leaves the overall gearing a lot less than the fatty so it's able to make due nicely with just a 25 amp controller, Both bike's lighting is powered off of the main battery.
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    It's important to secure your Sondors THIN or Fat eBike, here are some Locks recommendations: Please note: Cable Locks are considered as unsafe, we already have stolen Sondors eBikes which were secured with a cable lock! The Club UTL800 Utility Lock The Club UTL800 Utility Lock is a part of The Club line of quality products by Winner International. Many Sondors Owners are using this particular Lock and recommend it. Buy now: on Amazon.com on ebay.com Abus Bordo BIG 6000 (Foldable Lock) The Bordo Folding locks feature a linked construction to provide maximum flexibility to secure to racks, fence posts, signs, etc. Compact design offers many frame mounting possibilities. Coating to prevent damage of the bicycle's paint - ABUS Premium cylinder for maximum picking protection. Buy now: on Amazon.com on ebay.com Kryptonite 999492 Black 14mm x 60" (1415) Extreme motorcycle and scooter security for the highest theft locations. 12mm six sided chain links made of 3t hardened manganese steel for maximum strength. Durable protective nylon cover with hook and loop fasteners to hold in place. Buy now: on Amazon.com Do you recommend or know another lock? Tell us!
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    Probably. I have hit 35mph on this road before. One of these days, I may have to do this on a race track where o can do it in both directions.
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    Have you depressed the button on the front of the throttle? Is the cap on the end of the throttle to LCD cable? Required to ride without the LCD connected.
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    @Chad Lauterbach Looks to me like you are screwed here, in the sense that you aren't going to get that battery to fit... and the LAST thing you want to be doing is stripping off that heatshrink. Inside my custom electrobikeworld battery is essentially a cardboard box by the way, thats how they can get so much smaller I assume). I added heatshrink layers to it like you are thinking of removing. they do a VERY important job for pack stability. Luna can't do much - not anything, really - insofar as battery dimensions are concerned. Those packs come in from a premium vendor in China and while they are more or less top-tier, they are Chinese and that means all you expect it would insofar as enforcing liability for unapproved/capricious deviations. This has gotten a lot of attention from Eric Hicks of Luna on Facebook recently and factors in as the primary reason they are going entirely to in-house battery manufacture (notice, if you will, the mass-availability of the Wolf packs, which are the first in a slow wave ). So... what about moving forward? It so happens I am locked in the middle of spec'ing a custom battery bag for my new AWD build. Check this pic out: This single bag holds both my Luna 17.5ah battery and my two parallel'd (12ah total) mini cube batteries. So 29.5ah in this bag (its an XL frame so thats a deceptively big triangle). The bag is the very well-known Falcon EV bag (google it) which is the gold standard from battery bag manufacturers. Its purpose built and needs a big triangle... which you happen to have. I suggest you make that your first stop. I am doing bags exclusively after I spent a fair amount of time working with custom battery box builders. Notice I am using a bag? Well, a box was my first choice too. Because Sondors, right? Here's the rub: Turns out you lose a hell of a lot of space due to fittings to hold the box together. So much so I wasn't willing to proceed with a box and - two bikes built since that decision and #3 in progress - I have no regrets on that front. As you can see though, that Falcon bag is not perfect. For starters I don't like how I had to fit the batteries inside. Next, I have more room in that triangle and I can better lay out my batteries inside if the bag is about 19.75" to 20" long and has about another 1" of height. So I am talking to custom bikepacking bag manufacturers. Still trying to find someone who will be able to work with my to-do list. One vendor who is absolutely *perfect* is tied up until Spring, I heard this morning. I have feelers out to another maker and have a third lined up if #2 doesn't pan out... Here's the bad news: Figure $300+ for the bag. But its a perfect edge to edge fit without any loss of space for hardware.
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    My point was to use the LCD8H manual to clarify the LCD3 if confusion exists. the two are similar enough that you can gain insight via the improved English translation. Sondors owners are doing direct-swap upgrades to the 8H now so they are interchangeable without a change in controller.
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    @johnc@ those are crank arm lengths. Measures from the Bottom Bracket Spindle centerline to the pedal spindle center. Reddy
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    While I would be hard pressed to argue that the cranks are not as basic as they come on these bikes, they *are* ordinarily quite adequate over the long term. There's no reason for a crank to click, actually. More details on that? A crankset has no moving parts so there isn't anything to click. The thing that is moving is the bottom bracket and I can guarantee that epoxy is never the answer for repair if it needs it. Whats going on down there? Insofar as the cranks are concerned, the Origin8 Track/SS fixie crank is probably the highest quality to easily fit on a Sondors. Bear in mind it also has straight crankarms which are great on a courier bike but only barely clear on a fattie. But they do clear. https://www.amazon.com/Origin8-Track-SS-Crankset/dp/B00PWK8X3E You can pretty much forget about finding a quality crank with a 40T chainring. Nothing that is of good quality exists. However, you can buy a Driveline chainring separately. Those are sturdy 7075 alloy and you can even buy a pants guard for them. Myself personally I buy them oversized by a couple of teeth so ther is still less chance of a snag. So if you have a 40T ring, buy a 42T guard. You will wind up with a very attractive setup but you'll probably be into it for over $100 total... which is not much as cranksets go. On EBay I searched for "130 BCD 40T chainring" and this was the first result (there are plenty of others this was just the first): https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOJO-Fixed-Gear-Chainring-40T-130-BCD-Track-Fixie-single-speed-1-8-BLACK/123115492129?hash=item1caa415321:g:IBMAAOSwvtla7NTm Looks like no chain guards are made that fit with that 130 bcd. You'd probably have to go to a 104 to get that.
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    I have a stock motor taken off my fat bike the first week.How about $100
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    Please access the personalized parameter settings. To access Personalized Parameter Settings items option page, hold both the “+” and the “-” button for 2 s, then hold both the “+” and the “-” button for 2 s again. To access the corresponding settings page we need, press the “+” or the “-” button to increase or decrease until the desired item (Battery Power Bar Settings Interface - see image) is displayed, and then press the “i” button to confirm. To set battery power bar, press the “+” or the “-” button to increase or decrease the number. To store a changed setting and access the second bar, press the “i” button. By analogy, after 5 bars voltage values is entered, the values are for 48V batteries: VOL1: 41.2 VOL2: 43.7 VOL3: 46.8 VOL4: 49.9 VOL5: 53 hold the “i” button to confirm and then return to the previous menu.
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    Hello Markus, the noisy fan is annoying but otherwise non problematic, just charge in a cool area (inside AC) to insure adequate heat disapation. Make sure the data plates on your chargers match. If you are following prescribed charging instructions, you certainly have some issues. The flashing green would most probably indicate an intermittent connection to the wall outlet power supply.. https://youtu.be/63h8f-KxwI0 The time to full charge can only be determined by knowing the starting voltage of the batteries you’re comparing. The lower the starting voltage the longer the charge cycle. I would suggest that the BEST way to insure your batteries are charging to capacity, is with a quality aftermarket charger. https://lunacycle.com/batteries/chargers/luna-charger-48v-advanced-300w-ebike-charger/ and this bullet/barrel connector dongle. https://lunacycle.com/xt60-female-to-barrel-male-plug/ This Advanced Charger will let you select, not only the charge rate amperage (1 to 5amps)but also the percent of full charge (80/90/100%), both options to help insure the longest life cycles of your battery packs. Reddy
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    I have a new Sonders and the bike powers up and the motor works fine, but after about 30 seconds to a minute an Error 30 message appears and the bike eventually shuts off. I should add that I'm not getting a speed reading either. Disconnecting the motor does not help and the code still appears a short time after being powered up. Has anyone seen this code and could help me locate the problem/ All other connections seem to be tight but maybe I'm missing one. B.T.W. the battery is the 36V/8.7ah. Thanks!
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    Posted in my other thread about how I was looking to upgrade my Thin's brakes, and do the 3-speed conversion. After shopping around for all the parts I would need I got the itch to change up a few other things I've been wanting to improve. So I'm going to use this thread to document all the upgrades and ask any relevant questions pertaining to the overhaul. Hopefully others can also benefit from my trials and tribulations. As things stand right now, here's what I have in store for my bike: 1. 3-speed conversion with two higher gears for increased top speed. 2. Upgrade both brakes to 203mm disc units - the parts are cheap enough and I'm going to be taking the rear off to do the 3-speed conversion anyway, so no reason to not upgrade the rear too. Probably more brake than I need but I'd rather have the best braking possible if I'm going to be increasing my top end. 3. Front suspension fork - the fork that Sondors sells seems to be made only for the Fat bikes (I can't find pics of any Thins with suspensions forks), so I'm going to do some research into finding a fork unit that will work with my Thin's wheel and can still accommodate the 203mm disc rotor. 4. Front wheel replacement (TENTATIVE) - I understand that installing a suspension fork raises the front end of the bike a bit. My Thin is already a very tall bike for my size so I'm considering installing a smaller diameter front wheel to offset the increase in fork length. If I go this route, I will probably want to install a 3-spoke mag wheel to eliminate the thin spokes and clean the bike up visually. 5. New handlebars and grips - I've always loved the BMX style handlebars with the cross brace. Will probably go for a low-rise, 3" unit in matte black to it flows with the rest of the bike. The bars are 7/8" (22.2mm) in diameter so I'll have to change my stem too. Can't find a threadless stem that has a 22.2mm clamp on the end, but I can get one with a 25.4mm clamp, and use a set of shims to grab hold of the 22.2mm bars. To keep the new bars at the same height as the stock Sondors bars, I'll be eliminating the steerer tube spacers and cutting the tube down accordingly. Some moto-style waffle grips should finish the look nice. I'll probably fabricate a bracket or custom shims to mount my LCD to the cross bar. Maybe even put a foam pad on it to give it that old-school Huffy look.
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    Brake upgrades: I use Magura MT5e's. 4-piston monsters. See the Magura Brake Project thread here, authored by me. You may need extensions because of the short cutoff leads on the levers. You will find links on where to get some made for a reasonable price. A more plug/play option is to use the Shimano hydro upgrade that is so common with Sondors owners. Only 2-piston brakes and no real improvement in stopping power (they use the same pads as your Tektros) but like all hydro brakes they are install-and-forget. No cable stretching, no adjustments after removing/replacing the wheel. They self adjust as do all hydro calipers. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Electric-Bicycle-Hydraulic-Disc-Cut-Off-Power-Brake-BAFANG-SONDORS-Pasion-Ebike-Parts/1088910_32749432485.html?spm=2114.12010612/itm2home-1.8148356.1.76a673486k5cLX The US stores who sell these brakes buy them from this source (Wendy Xie). At present Wendy is the only one who has stock. She ships from China but is pretty fast. I am getting some 10-magnet PAS discs from her delivered today along with some other parts and I placed my order on July 14... and it would have arrived sooner except Wendy waited a couple days for a response after asking me if I was sure as one of the things I ordered did not fit a Sondors, which she remembered I own.
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    Hello all! OMG I can't believe it's already end of July, so I thought it is time for yet another life sign... @MattRobertson Thanks for your April post. And yes, I assume that I'll not be able to separate the spacer from the free wheel, shall I ever take it apart again. @Marco Well, I know it sound unbelievable, but I still have to finish Phase 2! I'll explain why. However, Phase 3 is planned: I want to install a set of Magura MT5e hydraulic brakes. To make a long story short: Yes, I'm still self-employed and I've been away overseas for over half a year for a HUGE project. I had internet access of course, but it somehow made no sense to spam the forum here with trivia. Anayway, I'm home again, and it is waaaaay to hot to think straight right now. I hate that hot weather! As soon as it gets a bit colder, I plan to continue to work on my bike. I missed you all, guys!
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    The mac motors are not going to be able to do much for you in terms of power. They are available in different windings but none of them are going to provide high speed and high torque on a 29" OD, 26" wheel. I looked at doing an AWD build with dual Mac motors and they just won't cut it. Also a Kelly controller is going to be great so long as you do not want pedal assist. If you want PAS you MIGHT be able to use one of the ASI controllers Luna is selling with their Mac motor kits. Another reason not to do a Mac motor. For your Sondors, if you want the same kind of speed most everyone raves about, Do a Bafang fat 750w geared hub motor. Works great with a 52v battery. If you want to take things to the next level you can do a 60v battery and couple it to a 60v compatible KT-LCD3 display (same as all Sondors models late 2017 and earlier) and a KT 35 amp 60v capable controller. You will have a bike that hits 40 mph.
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    The 25A controller works great! I have over 125 miles since the upgrade and not a problem. It is a little faster, a lot quicker, more towing power , and more torque on the hills where I live. I bought the Controller from Lindsey at www.Electrobike.com. She will set you up with everything that you need!
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    Hey all, I'm a new Sondors Thin owner. I found this thread searching to see if there are any suggested kid's bike trailers for the Sondors. I took a gamble and got this Allen Sports one from eBay (for a REALLY good deal I might add): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Sports-AST200-Aluminum-2-Child-Trailer-Stroller-New-in-Box/332656883656?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Trailer works perfect on the Sondors thin. The rear wheel adapter fits perfect on the left side bolt. The adapter hole is wide enough where you do not have to do any drill-out. Took me five minutes to get it all set up. Used many times and worked really well. Anyways, just wanted to share in case there are other parents looking for a bike trailer that works with the Sondors.
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    I'm putting something together using a new charger I am making up for a new location I am setting up. It should pop up in a week or two.
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    That's perfect for the Sondors Fold X and it costs almost nothing. https://www.ebay.at/itm/Verschlussstopfen-Gummi-weich-PVC-Gummistopfen-Blindstopfen-Karosseriestopfen/171980183296?hash=item280ad15700:m:mEoiKC6d4sj75du61mi9XKA The 32,0 mm (3,1 mm) is the right one.
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    It is basic knowledge for some of us. Remember Sondors owners tend to be new to the ebike world and the Sondors line caters to the first-time ebike user. These are not people who are steeped in the fundamentals involved here and when faced with a well-produced presentation they lack the background to understand the problem in the first place, let alone assess the risks.
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    Hi Marco I will be modifying my X this spring. and my Thin7. I have a Fold X on order. My plan is to approach things gradually. I have received a 25A controller and accompanying LCD screen from Electro Bike World https://electrobikeworld.com/. I wasn't too impressed with the CS at Luna Cycle who once told me "We just sell the stuff- can't tell you what it works with.". Nick was very helpful and has a modified X of his own. I can try the controller on all my bikes before proceeding to the next steps. There are dimensional issues with larger controllers. And some set ups need extension cables. The stock Thin stock controller has cables coming out top and bottom. I have learned that you should order an LCD screen from the same supplier as the controller. They are programmed to work together. Also Sondors has changed the cable to the throttle from the more standard 6 pin to a three pin cable. You should order a throttle from the same supplier. Also the upgrade controllers I have seen do not use the newer metal, aircraft type, threaded battery connector used on the triangle batteries in the newer Sondors bikes. This requires a splice joining the black and red cables from an upgrade controller to a the black and red wires of a Sondors oem controller connector snipped off your old controller. You can splice this in several ways- solder, butt connectors then heat shrink, even wire nuts then taped. With the wires coming out the bottom you may need an extension for the LCD "green" cable. Depending where you mount he controller you may need an extension for the PAS "yellow" cable. ElectroBikeworld has all these parts I just want to use the OEM batteries-I have ordered a spare high cap for my Thin. and just wish to ugrade the controllers at this time. If that all works, then maybe move on to the next level. I think your X may be very similar in components to a NA model. Ebike manufacturers play games with ratings. Rad Rover uses the continuous rating to beat regulations. You may you have the same X as mine but is described differently due to local regulations. If that is true you should know as ElectroBW told me, they can sell you a 750W Bafang motor, then you take out the existing rotor and swap it into the oem 500W laced wheel- fits perfectly into the hub housing, and they sell an 35A controller, and LCD, and throttle for such a conversion. So I would examine your oem motor to see if it is really a Bafang 500W motor. If it is the same as the NA spec, start with a 25A controller, LCD, throttle upgrade. If not go to a new 750W motor, 35A controller, LCD and throttle that would have to be laced in by some local bike shop. I wouldn't bother with the headache of powering the front wheel. Your battery will empty faster and you won't need it after other upgrades - and you will have the smaller motor to put back in for after you retire. Good Luck Brian
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    For those following along at home, took the new mid-drive bike to work for the first time on my back from lunch today. It's a small or medium (I forget) Gravity Deadeye Monster with a 52v battery and BBSHD. The smaller frame size meant that there wasn't enough clearance in the triangle around the water bottle bosses for the shark pack. An adapter from Wolf Tooth sorted that out. My X regularly does 19mph to low 20's going up a certain incline on my commute at an indicated 900ish watts. This BBSHD powered middrive setup just did a straight 30mph up that same hill. It's hit 36mph on a slight decline, too, but I'm not gonna lie- that felt sketchy as hell. Could be the shorter wheelbase combined with higher speed, but I suspect that the tires it came with are just not safe at those speeds. Got some ebike-rated 4.4" Jumbo Jims to try.
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    When I first laid eyes on a Sondors, the first thing that came to my mind was how easy it would be to hide a huge triangle battery in there. Why not take advantage of that? With this 30ah 48v battery I can ride 40 to 100 miles, it just depends how fast I want to go.
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    What I've found after destroying a lot of typical bicycle wheels on my motor bicycles, is that wide width is a lot stronger than skinny. It seems like this fact eludes most eBikers that haven't owned a fatty before. My original fatty's 80mm rims, after over 5000 miles are still acceptably true. I weighed over 220 lbs most of the time I've owned it, and I ride it fast on city streets. IMO, there's never a reason not to go with double wall on a motor bicycle, but 80mm single wall seems last a long time. 14g spokes are strong enough especially for the front, but I like to use 12g on the rear even though it's not really necessary. I recently built these 24" x 65mm double wall rims for my Fold X7. I thought about going single wall, but there's only a few dollars difference so what the hey. Lately I've been buying rims from here, http://www.robsson.de/en/
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    Well Don. best practice for storage, of our batteries, is charging to 50 to 60%, taken out of the triangle battery box and kept in a secure, dry, cool space for long time storage, not necessary for a week or two. There are 3 different aftermarket Sondors suppliers selling battery upgrades for your bike but I think you are safest sticking with an Original Sondors product intended for your Bike. Either the standard or extended range triangle battery for the Sondors Original. https://sondors.com/collections/parts-store good luck Reddy
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    Still working out a solution for permanently mounting the battery, but I've calibrated the LCD for the tire diameter and initial testing with the BBSHD and a 52v battery gives 63.x mph with the back wheel off the ground. Stock BBSHD chainring, 16t cog, nexus 3 spd igh.
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    Below are pics of accessories I've added to my Fold X. Was striving for a "clean", urban look. I replaced the knobby tires with street tires. For my carrier, I left off the side pannier braces. Below the pictures you'll find some after thoughts and lessons learned. And further down, you’ll find descriptions, links and prices for each product. FENDERS For the fenders, I debated getting the Luna Cycle Banana Fenders as well as the Electra Cruiser Stubby Fender Set. They're very cool looking as I love that black matte finish on both. The Electra set are only designed for Tires with a width of 2.12" and I prefer shorter fenders anyway. Note my RadRover rear fender attaches to the seat post. The amount of clearance is adjustable in two places other than the seat post. LIGHTS I get lots of comments on the bike. Many comments stem from the vintage front headlight. With that said, this Goodkssop headlight has more fashion than functional value. At 180 lumens, it'll warn on comers that you’re there. But you shouldn’t expect it to light your way in dark surroundings. BIKE RACK & TRUNK The positioning of the Yahill rack is adjustable and allows the trunk to rest comfortably on top. The M-Wave lockable trunk is convenient for times you can’t take all your belongings with you. For gym rats, it's big enough to hold a gym shirt, shorts and a pair of men's size 12/13 shoes. For the trunk you'll need a rack that's flat at least at one end....ones like the Ibera PakRaks won't work since they are bend at the front and rear. My biggest challenge was finding a way to secure the two because the trunk doesn’t offer an immediately obvious way to mount it on the rack. So you’ll have to cleverly devise your own way...industrial velcro, zip ties or other hardware. Should you decide to go with a storage solution like mine, consider using drilling a few holes in the underside and using small u-bolts to secure the trunk to the rack. I added half-inch of adhesive foam to bottom of the trunk to soften noise of objects bouncing around. SEATPOST Of all the accessories, the CaneCreek Thudbuster is definitely my favorite. Fat tires help smooth out minor road imperfections. However, there are times when I appreciate the extra cushion. Realize the Thudbuster will add about 4 to 5 inches to the overall height of your seat. And I’m already losing about three inches from the bike carrier and rear fender which both attach to the seat post. I’m 5’ 9” or 175 cm and it’s a slight stretch to mount the Fold. REFLECTIVE DECALS I’m all about making myself visible to other motorists. That’s mainly why I chose the red model. But I also like to make sure I’m seen, particularly at night. So I added red reflective tape to the rims for more side visibility. I affixed black decals for more rear visibility should my tail light give out. Virtually invisible by day the decals light up brilliantly at night when car lights approach. If you look closely at the trunk see if you can find the two triangles and the four lines. TIRES Although the pictures might suggest I live in a rustic environment, I live in an urban setting. So I replaced the knobby off-road tires with more "street" looking Kenda tires. The Kenda tires don't have much of a groove down the middle of the tire. So it would seem rather easy to lose traction… hasn't been much of a problem yet. I bought the tires on eBay and am not sure they're still available. However, if I were to do it over again, I'd get the Duro tires that have a similar look. In case someone might be looking for knobby replacements, I've added the Copertone and Mongoose tires. Goodkssop 180 Vintage Headlight ($14) Okiano USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set ($23) RadRover Standard Front & Rear Fenders ($59) Cane Creek 3G Thudbuster Long Travel 30.9 Seatpost ($149) Yahill Adjustable Quick Release Bike Rack ($39) M-Wave Lockable Hard Shell Bike Trunk ($51) Seattle Sports 1/2" Foam Trunk Insert - 20” x 15” ($18) CustomTAYLOR33 Reflective Rim Tape ($34) LiteMark Reflective Decal Variety Pack ($11) Kenda 20” x 4.25” Ringworm Tires ($31) Duro 20” x 4.25” Super Fatt Tires ($29)* Copertone BICI 20" x 4.0 Sandstorm ($28)* Mongoose 20" x 4.0 MG78456-2 Fat Tire ($24)* *I have the Kenda Ringworm tires. Products with asterisks represent other replacement tires. Also note the Copertone and Mongoose tires are 4.0” wide. I've been told they’ll fit on the Fold just fine. But you might want to double-check before buying.
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    @StanT let me know if you have any issues after bumping it up. There are some unconfirmed reports of throttle trouble after bumping up past 15a. Research is in progress so in the meantime if you have an issue please let me know, and don't freak out and think your bike is broken. Worst case, you set it back and have to do an upgrade like everyone in the past had to do it with a new controller/LCD/throttle. Best case... You do nothing after changing the overcurrent setting and enjoy the bump.
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    I'd call it a downgrade. $1500 for a bike that has a 22a peak controller and a 48v 11ah battery. Yes the motor is 750w and thats good but not from a power standpoint. We already know the 350's are good to 1200w so a 750 or a 350 are going to have identical output and longevity if given the same power inputs up to a 52v battery. By contrast, Buy a basic Sondors Original. $499+185 = 684 starting price. Don't buy the suspension fork for the Sondors because bottom of the line spring suspension is garbage and both Sondors and Rad fit into this category. Now name your upgrade poison: Lets do 48v, 14ah battery $499 delivered 25a peak controller $65 delivered LCD Display $65 delivered black HIGO throttle $25 delivered. Thats an additional $654. $654+684=$1338. You now have a bike that exceeds the Rad in battery capacity and controller amperage (horsepower and torque) and you've saved somewhere around $150. More if Rad charges sales tax. Cheaper but no gears. How about a real fire breather? Same basic Sondors package, but this time 60v 17.3ah battery - $639. 60v capable 35A controller $129 60v capable LCD display $65 750w drop-in motor with gear cluster $257.50 1090.50+684=$1,775. You want gears? Add another $50 for shifter, derailleur and deraileur hanger. You want an upgrade? Thats a 40 mph bike for $250-300 more than a Rad. How about something in the middle: 589 - 17.5ah 52v LX52 battery (smaller than the 20.3ah so it fits without mods in the triangle case... another $10 and you can do 30 minutes work with a dremel and fit the bigger battery in) 65 - 25a peak controller 65 - LCD 25 - compatible throttle $744+684=1428. Still cheaper than a Rad and well in excess of its power output and battery capacity. You can mix and match anything above to make what you want. And you can do it piecemeal to suit your monthly play money budget. There's a reason you don't hear of many Sondors owners upgrading to a Rad. EDIT: The numbers above don't touch on the fact you can sell your most valuable original asset: your battery - without any trouble on the Swap and Sell forum here or on the FB sell group. So the above costs will be offset by that if you care to put up an ad.
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    Making it work for you is zackly the correct tactic. I'm 6' and had to adjust the frame , thru accessories, to fit me. I'm a life long cyclist and it's a common practice to get the correct fit. I have a longer torsos for my height so I equate to normal 6'-1"<2" riders. You'll be riding in an upright position so top tube distance is not as critical as with drop bars on traditional road bikes. You will probably want to add a longer stem though as I have to compessate for your longer reach. Many of our owners have added a stem riser to also raise the handle bar or consider a different bar with more rise. You'll most likely want not only a longer 400mm seat post to compensate seat height, for your leg length but one with some set back to also help with your reach. One factor, on the Sondors X Fat Bike, is that the stand over height favors tall riders because of the huge tires that raise the bike. I'm sure that to comfortably fit you will need to adjust the accessories for your preferred bike position. You can get help from your LBS (local bike shop). They have bike fit tools to correctly identify the changes that best suit your physical atributes. You'd also be starting a relationship for service, parts and items like chain lube and cleaner. My highly modified Sondors Original Fat, now the Electric Black Lightening. Reddy
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    I don't think we need to worry about burning up the motor. I couldn't burn up the stock 350w, 36v motor, even with 48v and a 25 amp controller.
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    Not really much more top speed, maybe 1 mph. A lot more torque though, and it gets to top speed a lot faster. Range is definitely affected, but only if you accelerate harder. Riding at the same speed as before, you get the same range as before.
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    Sondors water bottle holders A few of Sondors owners have inquired about the water bottle cages on my bike. This is a DIY set up using two 18x1 velcro straps and two water bottle cages. I used the straps to secure the water bottle cages to the end of the top tube, the bottom tube and the stem tube. Take care not to effect the stem and the steering. Of course you can buy the straps at Home Depot and the water bottle cages at any local bike shop. Start with one of the Velcro straps and wrap it around the top tube and bottom tube (in vertical direction). The first strap creates the base and prevents the metal bottle cages from scratching your frame. Then wrap the second strap around the stem and the opening between the top and bottom tubes and run it through the bottle cage frame to secure the bottle holders. For added protection, you can use two zip ties to better secure the cages in place and prevent them from shifting. Links to the straps and the cages: Velcro straps 18x1 one package of two http://www.amazon.com/VELCRO-Purpose-Straps-Strap-Black/dp/B000TGX0HK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1440471216&sr=8-3&keywords=velcro+straps+18+inch Water bottle cages http://www.amazon.com/Friendly-Swede-Bicycle-Bottle-Holder/dp/B00OCEBZ86/ref=sr_1_7?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1440471363&sr=1-7 This set up will allow you to have two bottles at an easy reach. Also if you use a bottle with a mister, you will have instant air conditioning for those hot summer rides. @Hosermage
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    I made a decision for a trunk bag and rear carrier. I chose the Topeak, quick MTX track system, and installed the rack this past weekend. The trunk bag is Topeak's: MTX TRUNKBAG DXP... The bag also has expanding top / panniers; very roomy. The bag slides along the top length of the carriers track (from rear to front) and latches to front of the carrier. This makes the bag very convenient for quick attachment and detachment, and securely latches to the rack. It has a stitched on handle, and ad-on shoulder strap. The rack is Topeak's: Super Tourist DX, Tublular Rack (with Disc Mounts) It has panniers hangers and blockers. I used it for a few days now with a load of tools, for on road repairs, spare tube, hand air pump, and lunch. The bike took a few extremely sharp hard bumps and the bag stayed secure to bike. Expensive; but I'm satisfied it will cover all of my bases.

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