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    I just rolled 770 miles on my X, since it arrived in early January. My SONDORS X has been a very reliable Fat Tire Bike and an outstanding eBike. I finished putting on a set of Origin8 Supercells 26 X 4.0 Diamond Pattern Road/Smooth Tires. I took them for a 10 mile ride on July 9th. I am a hard surface rider and the Fort Myers area is improving and adding Bike/Walk paths all the time. Several reasons for the Tire Change, the center lugs on the rear tire were going away, I wanted a more quite ride, and I wanted to start increasing my distance and speed. The Supercells 26 X 4.0 did a great job on all counts. I will change back to the Original Knobby set when it's time to hit the Beach. The tire change lowered the bike 1/2", at the axles and decreased the Tire Width by 1/4", but the silence on the hard surfaces is worth it.
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    No such thing for 'fat' tires and tubes. that is true for the 26" original and 20" Fold tires. Best you can do is look for the thickest tubes you can get - for the Original this is the Evo fat bike tubes that are about 1.2mm thick. For Folds, the common choice is the Mongoose 20"x4.0 tube which is 1mm thick (Kenda's 20" fat tube is only 0.85mm so brand choice makes a difference). As for tires, again no such thing as a flat-resistant tire... No doubt weight is the consideration. Slick tires tend to be thicker but depending on who you ask they also eat more nails... mine sure did. Tires with lower 'tpi' counts have heavier casings and are considered more flat resistant, but its nothing like a tire with an internal belt like you would see in, for example, the Schwalbe Marathon. The common solution - and its very effective - is to use Slime inside the tubes.

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