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    Hello, I have a Sondors Thin bike that I purchased a little over a year and a half ago. More recently I took the bike into a bike shop because of some issues. The mechanic there told me that the bearings in the bottom bracket are shot. Now, this didn't surprise me, because part of why I took it in was to have him look at those bearings and replace them. Well, they certainly needed replacing, as he confirmed. The mechanic told me though that he can't find the parts within his network of suppliers. I've contacted Sondors, but thus far it's been frustrating, and I haven't got the information I need. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with that, because the person helping me seemed to hose the whole thing up... so I don't know. I need a resource for new bearings, or whatever I'll need to make it happen. I'd prefer not to have to replace the whole bottom bracket, which from what I understand is a non-standard size too. So, I don't know... Where can I source parts for my sondors thin bike?? Where can I get bearings for the bottom bracket? Is there any option to get these parts within a timely manner, as this is my main form of transportation....? (I ask that one because in my searching, I found links to chinese sellers, and so.... it's like is there anything that can be sourced that wont take a month, ya know) Thank you for any information you can provide. To be specific, again, for extra clarity. The issue is with the bearings in the bottom bracket. They need replaced. I have to take the bike back for further repairs, and I'd like it if I could source these parts soon enough that I could get it on the same ticket, as it'll save me money on labor.
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    I believe the only known source is Sondors. They replaced other owners B.B. You have to be diligent with the company. Contact them again. REDDY
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    All Sondors eBike’s controllers are speed limited from the manufacture to approx 20mph (32kph) including the Thin Model. You can remove the speed limiting setting within the LCD’s Programing Settings, for off road use. The resistance you feel is the lack of motor assist (PAS) See: https://sondorsforum.com/forum/5-instructions/ But Connecticut laws limit an eBike’s Speed to 20mph. https://www.evelo.com/connecticut-state-electric-bike-laws-registration/ Reddy

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