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    Since Bruce doesn’t mention taking those out (?), I’d try to do as he suggests first, because the magnets are strong, and put the axel nut on the end of the axel to protect the threads and hit that end firmly on a solid object and see if the innards come loose. I have not tried that on my own 750W motor and don’t want to disassemble, either of my 350’s. You can go to Facebook and try and get in touch with Bruce Choate over there. That’s what he monitors. You’re the Test Pilot on this one, buddy. I’ve not gone, there it’s uncharted territory. REDDY
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    Thank you Reddy. You’ve been over-the-top generous with your time helping me. I really appreciate it. If you ever find yourself in Western Mass, you have a friend here. Cheers!
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    The latest Bafang Hub Motors are delivered with Torx security screw. You can buy the bits at Lowe’s. You might consider switching LBS. I here-by anoint you an eBike Technician. Opening my EBL 750Watt Motor reveals that it looks almost like new inside, with over 10,000 miles on it. Even the nylon reduction cluster show little if any appreciable wear. Lithium grease is a little dirty. Who Ya Gonna Call? REDDY
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    Hardly Junk, with about 40,000 Sondors Sold World Wide, we’ve heard few issues of loose magnets and planetary gears do wear out (especially when owners try and ride over obstacles at low speed and strip teeth, even stalling the motor at low speed/high torque trying to climb curbs). I can only imagine that there are over a half million or more, Bafang motors in service, especially in Asia. You have to understand that most of our Owners come New to eBikes and don’t know that much about them, including doing research on the vehicles and components. It’s understandable that when a problem arises it’s disappointing and blame needs to be appropriately dispensed somewhere. It’s usually best to leave that until after discovery. As an Aircraft A&P and Secretary of a Airport Safety Board, we always wait until cause was determined to find fault, when investigating incidents. My own 750Watt motor, in the Electric Black Lightning might suffer the loose magnet fate. I’m just today starting to investigate and disassemble the motor. Two weeks ago on my way to my local airport to attend an Aviation Safety Seminar, and crossing a rather rough, uneven Rail Road Crossing, My bike quit. I recycled the power buttons and everything was fine. Finished the last few miles to the terminal and after the seminar the 20 miles home, until the next day and I had grinding in the motor case. This bike has over 13,000 miles and it seemed bulletproof but every mechanical device requires maintenance and repair, from time to time. DooDoo Occurs. No Big Surprise Really. And that’s why I have the Electric White Lightning in reserve. Motor replacements are not all that expensive and I have a spare. REDDY

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