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    Hello @Matt Willett and welcome to the owners forum. We're glad you found us and enjoy your stay. The Sondors upgrade won't offer you any better performance rather than increasing distance. The slight increase in Torque and Acceleration won't be noticeable without having the LCD display. There are three main Sondors aftermarket support online retailers. All three have battery upgrades for your bike. But to really extend the performance you'll need to buy a more powerful controller, either 20amp or 25amp and the aftermarket LCD to utilize the full potential of your present battery or an aftermarket more powerful battery. These are the Vendors: https://lunacycle.com/sondors-upgrades/ https://velomobileshop.com/collections https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike please review the wealth of topics and info in this forum. Reddy

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