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    Thanks for the great question SHOCKER,i have replaced two front chainrings on my FAT X7's with 52 tooth's from an outfit called PLAYBOY at ALI EXPRESS the bike is darn near perfect to my liking-any faster would be too risky for me,i can pedal all afternoon at 20mph now! Good luck with the chainring update on your Fold X7.Its worth it.
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    Hello Markus, the noisy fan is annoying but otherwise non problematic, just charge in a cool area (inside AC) to insure adequate heat disapation. Make sure the data plates on your chargers match. If you are following prescribed charging instructions, you certainly have some issues. The flashing green would most probably indicate an intermittent connection to the wall outlet power supply.. https://youtu.be/63h8f-KxwI0 The time to full charge can only be determined by knowing the starting voltage of the batteries you’re comparing. The lower the starting voltage the longer the charge cycle. I would suggest that the BEST way to insure your batteries are charging to capacity, is with a quality aftermarket charger. https://lunacycle.com/batteries/chargers/luna-charger-48v-advanced-300w-ebike-charger/ and this bullet/barrel connector dongle. https://lunacycle.com/xt60-female-to-barrel-male-plug/ This Advanced Charger will let you select, not only the charge rate amperage (1 to 5amps)but also the percent of full charge (80/90/100%), both options to help insure the longest life cycles of your battery packs. Reddy
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    @Stefan Hupe What Reddy is saying above is largely correct. I will add one caveat: We have seen a few Sondors owners with 350w motors and 25a controllers let the smoke out of their motors if and only if they have a 52v battery AND they are using the throttle to power up long hill grades. If you do intend to use the bike in hills with a 250/350w-rated motor and a 52v battery, go into the display settings and dial the controller output back to 20 amps. Check with Wendy to ensure the new color displays can do this and if not, consider buying one of the KT-LCD3s instead. 52v and 20a has been proven to be completely bulletproof under all circumstances. 52v and 25a has only rarely had problems... so no need to push the panic button either way most likely.
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    Stefan, no... your 250watt Bafang is exactly the same motor as the 350watt (rest of the world) motors. “Only the Data Plate on the motor case has been changed to protect the innocent” (eu customers). Motor Manufacturers can arbitrarily rate their motors what ever the want as the indicated rating is not any kind of limit. I and others here have operated the stock 250/350watt motors with the 25amp controller and 52v batteries without any harm. The Bafang Motors are considered bullet proof under all options available in the market. User abuse can destroy any motor. Almost all of us with the 750Watt motors use the compatible 35amp controllers that uses the larger power cables and larger Higo Controller/Motor connector that is intended to match the 750 Bafang. Reddy

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