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    Ravi, I haven’t rewound a motor since I was a kid rewinding slot car motors and when my Flap motor and Alternator on my aircraft need internal work, I took them to a qualified FAA approved service facility. Although I’m a certified A&P aircraft mechanic, I’m not certified to do those rebuild repairs on airplanes. I don’t have any resource for repair instructions and Bafang are so cheap, I wouldn’t hesitate to just order a replacement. I don’t think the 11/11 holiday pricing is still avalable but I only paid $173 US for a new 750watt Bafang. This article might help if you want to gain insight. http://www.electricbike.com/motor-tech-part-2/ Finding replacment parts might be problematic to source, if needed. Hope the bearings are serviceable. Removing the single speed freewheel will require its destruction and you’ll need to buy a replacment if you need to remove it. There is info on the form in the 3 speed conversion thread. i couldn’t view your pictures. Reddy I
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    Unfortunately it looks like you inherited some problems from your brother. The LCD error code 03 indicates a hall sensor failure. Hall Sensor wires are responsible for communications between the motor and controller and without the communication, the bike will not operate. Since this was not indicating before you checked the Higo connector, underneath the right chainstay, that’s a clear indication that either that connector is not properly connected, and that the hall sensor pins are not making contact inside the connector or that there are bent and or broken pins. It can take quite a bit of force to seat that connector, when the pins and keyway are aligned properly. Please be careful. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/8-lcd-displays-error-code-3/?do=findComment&comment=1428 Full KT-LCD3 Manual link: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-sondors-ebike/ Removing the LCD will not correct the problems, it’s just reporting info you need to diagnose problems. Was the chain too tight and that was the cause of the motor not rotating backwards? If you checked and readjusted the chain tension and that fixed the backwards rotation problem, that would HELP eliminate the possibility that dislodged or loose magnets are the cause. With the chain off the freewheel, will the wheel rotate backwards? If the rotation problem still exists, this post will help in the investigation and repair: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1833-fix-grinding-sound-from-motor-loose-magnets/?tab=comments#comment-6025 I suggest you recheck the large Higo Connector under the right chainstay to eliminate the error code 03 Problem first. If the pins in that connector are bent, and can’t be straightened, or broken, the only resolve would be to replace the connector (very tedious and requiring soldering and wiring skills) or replacing motor, and or the controller. We can move on after you clear Error Code 03. Troubleshooting is a process and eliminated symptoms, one by one is required. Reddy
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    I’d suspect one or more of the motor magnets have been dislodged and caused internal damage within the motor. The fact that the throttle sends current to the controller, then the motor, that’s evident as it registers on the LCD, and the fact that there is some amiss inside the motor because it won’t turn backwards is a pretty good indication that the problem is in the motor case. Just make sure that the chain is not too tight, causing the freewheel to bind and cause the motor not to turn backwards. Also you can make sure the controller to motor cable’s Higo connector, under the right chainstay, is properly seated, and that all th pins inside are not bent. It cannot be twisted or it will be damaged beyond repair. Reddy
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    Both bikes have a 750w big magnet Bafang. The fatty's 750 is inside the stock 350 motor housing. Fatty has a 48v 30ah battery driving a 35 amp big momma 18 fet controller. The Fold started life as a Foldx7. I replaced the stock 20 x 80mm rims with more sporting 24" x 65mm rims laced to a 750 Lindsey motor, which slightly increases overall gearing over a stock Fold. That still leaves the overall gearing a lot less than the fatty so it's able to make due nicely with just a 25 amp controller, Both bike's lighting is powered off of the main battery.
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    Just tonight made my order for the Fold XS. I can't wait to be a part of this vibrant community.


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