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    Nope not me ... I’m a Texican. Can’t you tell by the Hat? But Pete Does. Power just went out here in a rain storm ... I should configure my 3 - 52V Bike Batteries into a plug in power wall, cause it was too much trouble to go out to the studio and hook up the Generator. REDDY
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    Try reviewing this thread. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2051-2018-sondors-ebike-kd51c-lcd-setup-manual/ I personally, don’t have that LCD so I’m no help with setup about configuring to remove the limiter. Because the Fold Sport has smaller wheels & tires, it may not have as high a top speed of the full size Fold but that’s just conjecture. . I’ll pass this on to the Forum Administrator to see if he has any answers or suggestions since he’s in that part of the Globe. REDDY
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    I’ve just ordered my first Sondors and couldn’t be more excited to get it and participate in all things offered here...gonna be fun. I hope you’re all doing well during these crazy times. Truman San Fernando Valley, CA
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    Hey Reddy! Interesting business you had! And great video... I admire their endurance! im more into nice weather camping - so I can make excessive use of my solar-panel. ; ) I like your Ride as well - Nice Trailer! Looks very versatile! I love the convertible setup: folding up your space in times you need it - not to cruise around with a vehicle 2.5meters high... Im also using a solar panel setup, and its totally worth it. I opted for a "compressor refrigerator"? don't know if this is the correct therm. This was my most useful investment - its able to deep-freeze using about 40 Watts power at 12V. Most of the solar power goes into the fridge, little bit into Light and charging phone/tablet and later on hopefully big parts into the bike battery. So im ordering - takes a month for sure... As I put it together I will report back how the setup is working. All the best! Greetings from Austria!

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