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    You don't do it that way. You buy a 250w motor, remove the 350w motor and lace up the 250w into the wheel in its place. Since the 250w and the 350w motors are actually identical except for the number engraved on the casing, you will wind up with identical performance and a casing that conforms to EU law. There is a separate thread here documenting 3D-Vice's efforts to source these motors and get the job done.
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    Just took another motor apart this morning that has several issues, I'll post step by step instructions on how I go about repairing it. Remove the motor from the housing (scroll down to see assembly process and reverse the order), next remove shear key from the slot in the axle. Remove the half clip Remove the 3 screws, they are tight so take care not to strip them out. Slide the gear off Use c-clip pliers to remove retainer Place motor on a hard surface and push down on rotor housing to overcome the magnetic field. It should slide down and off the shaft, note, you really have to push hard to do this. - Careful not to lose the thrust washer push on the magnets, if one slides down you know they are loose, or if it makes that grinding sound just assume they are loose. Number each magnet so you put them back in the proper order With a screwdriver you can pry up the magnet to remove them Safe spot to store them is on the outside of the housing, be very careful handling the magnets, they are strong and if they slip out of your hand and snap against each other or a metal object, can easily break Once they all removed, clean all debris and old glue from housing and magnets. I usually give each magnet a good cleaning just before gluing it down. this one had several issues, the other being a cold solder joint on one of the halls sensors. Note the 3 in the center of the picture, the middle one is loose causing erratic running of the motor. Starting the re-gluing of the magnets (using epoxy: buy on Amazon) All done, note magnets are flush to the outer edge of the housing. Now to wait 24 hours for the epoxy to cure Just showing how fast the stator snaps into place Install snap ring install gear and half clip slide assembly back in housing Once fitted give it a spin to insure all is well. There should be a spacer and thin washer on the shaft. install cover and 6 allen screws, Note this is a spare motor housing, the reason it isn't laced into a wheel. Done.
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    This happened on my new fold x 7 speed with ten mile on it. I my have gotten it to tight but I know it was not loose. I will be buying a new after market crank set fot it with 48 t.
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    You should drag a half dozen rare earth magnets behind your bike on the underside of Skateboard and recycle at the local center...you'll clean up in more ways than one. Reddy
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    Only if the fender is about a half inch off the ground. Its just a hazard you have to live with. On that thorn/slime... consider you'd be walking otherwise. You got home. Something I didn't state earlier: I have been a Mr. Tuffy tire liner for like 30 years on bikes that saw up to 11000 miles per year as basic transportation. So... was a big fan. Fast forward a couple decades and I have been off the bike for many years. I get a Sondors and first thing I do is hold my nose and blow like $70 on Tuffy4XL for my fattie's tires. Then I start commuting and.... its one failure after another. This Tuffy is constructed differently than the narrow Tuffy I put in my 700x19c-23c tires back in the day (25C... THAT was a fat tire!). Its just not the same product. After taking nail after nail and having a success rate of ZERO. I held my nose once again and put in the hated Slime in my tires. One week I had 3 nails go in and the tire sealed each time. Once I noticed the tire had been going down a touch and figured I better inspect and sure enough... found a nail. When you have to go look to find nails... thats a product thats working. It had been a few months with no problems ... I was just beginning to think my luck was holding pretty good - and then that big blowout happened. Riding city streets, its a total crap shoot as to how flat free you are. I would always recommend Tuffy and against Slime but now the situation is reversed.
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    @Fuzzy Bruce the Facebook Swap & Sell group usually has bottle batteries come up fairly frequently given all the members and all the people upgrading. Also replacement batteries are sold at electrobikeworld.com. I just bought an upgraded 48v bottle battery from there for Frankenbike which is now a dedicated cargo bike and needed some more oomph when it has 4 panniers and a basket fully loaded.
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    Thanks Reddy! Yes, I had my first long ride yesterday and I had a blast! Didn't really use the throttle because I wanted to get an exercise out of my ride but felt the difference with the assist levels just to try them. My husband on the the other hand, loves the throttle :-) I really want to add accessories to make it a nicer commuter bike and I guess, I'll just have to get the assistance of the bike shop- again :-) Hubby and I are not as mechanically inclined as you folks😁 Thanks again for the advice regarding the rack! I'll send photos soon. Sunnie
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    Latest update I got today is my Fat X is due for delivery on 9/28 to my door step from UPS. Come on week, go by quick!!!!
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    I ordered a white/blue Fold X 7 speed. We're waiting for the same bike, on the same boat, and will celebrate together in November :-) For now, I'll go back to pedaling my Dahon....
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    I installed a 20A controller and LCD from Sierra ebike (formerly velomobileshop). I will add commentary to the pictures, but here are a few things to note. First, the positives: 1) The bike runs like a scalded cat! The 48v battery with the 20A controller on the smaller wheels (and lighter frame) feels like it pulls stronger than my 36V 25A fat bike. I also hit a throttle-only speed of around 26mph. My son took it for a test drive and said "holy crap what did you do to this bike?!" after he rode it. :) 2) The install was fairly straightforward and can likely be done by anyone that's even marginally handy Here are a couple of challenges and/or things you should know: 1) The LCD cable doesn't reach if you run it through the guides. It reaches to program it and even ride with it running in the wrong location, but it needs a 14" or so extension. Kyle Chittock at Sierra is aware of this. If you want to do this upgrade, talk with him about getting a cable as well (I'm not sure they're on his site still) 2) The LCD settings need to change. I posted a picture of the stock Fold X settings and what the generic LCD ships with. You're also going to want to set the bike for a 22" or 24" wheel because the generic controller doesn't have 23" as an option. With the 22" I got 24mph reading, and with the 24" setting I got a 26mph reading. Your choice in which way to go. 3) The PAS cable on the Sondors controller is a few inches longer than on the generic controller. This makes it tricky to connect, but it can be done. You just have to run the PAS wire into the frame, grab it from inside the frame (the hard part), and plug it in. It reaches fine once connected and the controller is inserted. 4) I'm still not sure a 25A controller will fit due to the depth of the tube. I show some additional measurements in the pictures. Also, we don't know what kind of fuse the Fold battery has since it's not accessible from the outside. My guess is 20A, which would make running at 25A quite risky. That's it for now. Check the pictures for more info. Click images to enlarge. I recommend coffee and a bowl to hold screws and nuts This is inside the frame with the controller removed. You can't tell easily in the picture, but that V down in the frame is how far you can go with any aftermarket controller This is the depth of frame where the controller goes. You would have 5 7/8 inches from the bottom of the frame to the mounting plate Just shows the measuring device (I used a level) up against the bottom of the frame 20A controller is the same physical size as the stock 15A controller. However, the power wires run out the other side. This does not cause ANY issues with installation Top end of the stock (left) and 20A (right) controllers. You need to do a plate/mount transplant from the stock to the upgrade. Just the inside of the stock controller with the power wires running out the opposite end. Here is the stock mounting bracket lined up on the new controller. It's a perfect fit. I will pirate the rubber grommet from the stock mount as well The mounting plate transplanted onto the new 20A controller,. You can see I made small cuts on the grommet to get the wires out so I can re-use it. New controller mounted and ready to go. You can see that the power wires on the new controller reach just fine. Issue #1. The PAS cable on the stock controller is a few inches longer than on the 20A upgrade. This made mounting a bit of a pain, but it DOES reach. If you look into the frame you can see the PAS cable connected. The "pain" is getting your hand in there to do it since the PAS cable on the bike only reaches that point and it's hard to reach The PAS connection All buttoned up. You can see that I have not tucked the wires up into the frame yet. Also, it's easier to do this with the bike folded and the battery/controller compartments pointing UP for easy access Aftermarket LCD works, although at this point it's not been calibrated yet Issue #2. The LCD cable will not reach the controller if you run it correctly. It's around 14" short. You will need an extension cable. Kyle at Sierra is working on a solution. However, I was still able to ride it with the LCD cable run like this. Not pretty, but it works in a pinch. I might also cap the connector, coil up the LCD cable and ride without it for a bit.
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    I ordered a Sondors X on July 4th and a Fold X on July 5th both missing the August shipment cutoff. However, I just received a shipment confirmation from Sondors with UPS tracking number for the X and the LCD. The UPS site shows "Order Processed: Ready for UPS". Does Sondors assign these UPS numbers way ahead of time or can I expect it to actually ship today or tomorrow? Anybody know? Either way...woo hoo!!!
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    I never got a notification on my order, which is a little disturbing. Per my order page my order is still Paid but Unfullfilled. Not really living up to the "Once you place your order, you officially become a part of SONDORS. We will keep you informed with regular status updates throughout the manufacturing, shipping and delivery of your SONDORS." But, it is a young company and growing pains are going to happen.
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    Hello from NH Hi all, we recently visited Vancouver Canada on vacation and saw or first ebikes, so I started doing some research and came across the sondors. I think it seems like a decent bike for the money but have some concerns, allot of the info I find seems to be from 2015 and early 2016, why not any new stuff? It does seem like they are coming to market again but I don't want to buy something that is not easy to get parts for and has no support. I am 230 lbs 6'2" and looking into the 7 with the wide tires I live in the country and want to start riding again mainly for the health benefits. I recently have lost 30 pounds and gave up smoking, am a motor head redneck lol so I think this will be a good fit for me. Please give me your thoughts, is the 7 worth getting over the single speed, is the front suspension any good, I figure I should get the battery upgrade? And the charging is it a smart charger? Also how should I order if I decide to. I am really looking forward to your responses! Thanks in advance!
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    I got the above delivery email... Says my daughter's X arrives in the Netherlands warehouse the week of October 2-6.
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    Yes, you can make it do what you want. Since you're going to program anyway, there's a few other changes you'll probably want to make. This is what I recommend. C3=8, that just makes the lcd start up each time the same as when it was turned off. C4=3, this is the one you're most interested in. It will allow zero pas, but the throttle will still work. C7=1, this will enable cruise control. Another change I like is C6=2, that dims the backlight. You can go even dimmer. One more is C14=1, that reduces pas levels slightly.
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    Tires, Tubes, etc... http://store.sondorsforum.com/collections/accessories https://www.fattirebikeparts.com/index.php/extreme-fat-tire-bike-parts-and-components-online-store/fat-tires-fat-tire-tubes-for-fat-tire-bikes/xtreme-patented-skull-pattern-fat-tires-detail http://www.ebay.com/itm/2PAK-Sunlite-Vee-Crusher-26-x-3-5-Wire-Bead-Fat-Bike-Tires-Black-fit-Speedster/371308581884 Mr. Tuffy tire protectors http://www.ebay.com/itm/MR-TUFFY-XL-SERIES-Fat-Bike-3XL-26-29x3-1-4-0-Tire-Guard-Liner-Tan-Pair-/301842802164 Studded Tires http://www.aliexpress.com/item/26x4-9-Studded-Tyres-for-Chaoyang-for-sondors-ebike-fat-bike-tire/32597372847.html Fat Tire Rim Strips http://www.amazon.com/Fat-Bike-Rim-Strips-yellow/dp/B01AJFEB32/ http://store.sondorsforum.com/accessories/products/fat-bike-low-profile-street-tire?variant=5690083587 MAXXUS Mammoth Fat Tire http://www.ebay.com/itm/272084778558 VEE Rubber Tube 26"x4.00 (will also fit to 4.9) http://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/vee-rubber-26x4-00-av-26-fat-bike-av-26x4-0
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    here.... this appears to be the same fuse, in stock from a San Jose CA shipper that adverts Fast & Free. Maybe you can explain your plight to them and get it faster. BTW these are also sold on Amazon but are marked as Not Available. http://www.ebay.com/itm/100pcs-5x20-mm-20A-250V-125V-Quick-Fast-Blow-Ceramic-Tube-Fuse-20-Amp-5mm-x-20mm-/272565850352?hash=item3f7630d0f0:g:iL8AAOSw4DJYlYPE https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009DP11ME/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Bruce this is the fuse: http://r.ebay.com/ZJT4cf Here's the rub: The seller is 'Miami Electronics' and they are listed as 'away' on EBay. I think we both know why. the business is in Naples, FL. Maybe you can email them via this listing? You might also consider similar fuses with different ratings as a stopgap. There seem to be plenty of them online. Just not this one.
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    I can tell you how to bypass the fuse but what would worry me is why your fuse blew in the first place. My guess would be current spike during electrical problems during the storm. A temp fix back in the day was to wrap the foil backing from the insert in a cigarette pack around a burnt fuse to complete the electrical pathway but that would leave everything unprotected. P M me your address and I'll get one out to you today, if I can find one. Reddy
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    Hi Sune, Yes the luna lcd will work. With the setup I mentioned above, you can use this lcd settings. It's optimize for less battery drain with decent amount of power. Cruise control enable, slower pas levels since you have a strong battery, remembers your last pas level, throttle works on pas 0 etc. P1 = 100 P2 = 6 P3 = 1 P4 = 0 P5 = 22 C1 = 02 C2 = 0 C3 = 8 C4 = 3 C5 = 6 C6 = 3 C7 = 1 C8 = 1 C9 = 0 C10 = n C11 = 0 C12 = 4 C13 = 0 C14 = 1
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    @Sunnie i know your out there having a blast...me too. Reddy
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    while sitting on the bike and looking down at the front wheel hub, the rotor (round shiny thing mounted to the wheel hub with 6 bolts) should be on the left side of the wheel.
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    thank you Matt! I will join up. You are understanding exactly what I need to do. I guess I need a BMS hack to make this thing a possibility...
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    Hi Reddy, I received my throttle from Sondors Thursday and dropped my bike right away at the shop. I picked it up today and it's working well. They switched the throttle with the new one. I will be on this baby today and tomorrow. Thanks for all your help! Sunnie
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    I bought the same tires. They seem better than the knobbies for my type of riding. Anybody want to buy a brand new set of Chao Yang knobbies?
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    Scott, I have one other related recommendation,. I find the best way to insure security is where I park. At almost all my stops I find secure parking. I park amoung the warehoused tires inside the service department bays, at both my local Walmarts, either in the hall next to the door window at my Gastrointerolgyst & Plastic Surgeon's and inside the waiting room at my GP's Office. I have now what has become my reserved parking spot, inside at my grocer's. Inside at my Coffee Shop, on the town square, where I stop for a refreshing beverage. Most outlets and faculties are happy to accomidate me when I park in an out of the way spots and the need for security for such a Mobil and Expensive bike is evident. Lastly, if I'm unsure about secure parking, on an upcoming outing, I'll pack my cover in the Pannier and because all that peeks out is my fat tires it's unlikely anyone would try and lift the cable locked cover to nab what looks like a motorcycle.
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    If the clamp is tightening down all the way, and it's still not tight, something is probably wrong with the stem. If you won't be using the folding feature very much you could consider tossing the stock bars and changing to more conventional, and better looking bars. All you need is a suitable size stem, and some bars you like. Something you might want to do anyway while waiting on customer service. To get a replacement you'll need to contact Support@sondors.com.
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    Hidey Ho Neighbors! I have been poking around on this forum for a few days. I figured that since I just ordered a Silver/Silver and Black/Blue Sondors X bikes I would sign up to say HEY! I.AM.EXCITED! Our first electric bikes! I've found great info from this forum and will give updates after our Sondors X bikes arrive and we can test them. The site says November for shipping. I ordered the bikes for myself and my wife. I added the LCD screen and the Shimano 7-Speed gear cassette with grip shifter. We live in S.E. Wisconsin and have access to several bike trails from where we live going to upper/western Wisconsin down to Illinois. We live half a mile from lake Michigan. I made the purchase as both myself and my wife need to get into better shape. I had back surgery some years back and I can no longer use that as an excuse Thanks for all of the great Sondors info.
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    Yeah, The Waiting. That's a Petty and a Hearbreaker.....The Waiting is the Hardest Part. https://youtu.be/QTk7AZV2OB8
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    Can't image where Reddy dug up that old picture of me from my Mods days in the UK! Fortunately, it appears that all of the suggestions can be implemented as time goes by. I do have a Brooks B-17 that isn't in use so I may try that out on the X. I'm sure I'll be upgrading the controller and LCD per Matt's suggestion at some point. In any case, I'm happy to see that there isn't anything of immediate need to start enjoying the two bikes. Thanks for the responses!
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    It's probably better if you start out with a project a little less ambitious. I would get used to riding the bike before thinking about doing much to it.
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    Love the pup & thanks for the help. Because I had one dead battery and two Thins, I was able to isolate that it wasn't a controller or charger issue. The battery showed 0 volts on the multimeter. Here's what I think the problem is... on a whim, I flipped the switch on and off a dozen times (because for a fraction of a sec after I turned it on, I would get my LCD to react). By doing that, it stayed on, which leads me to believe I have a defective switch on my battery. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Basically everywhere, but I think this picture and caption best illustrated where. It's such a large US State, that Hurricane Harvey didn't bring me a single raindrop. https://sondorsforum.com/gallery/image/115-well-this-here-be-texas/?browse=1 i have not reached the total range of the Electric Black Lightening but my longest outing was just over 65 miles. We have an expanding multi city rail system that makes trips beyond that range available and my bike rides with me on the trains so there is not a location within the vast DFW MetroPlex that I can't access with a multi system reduced fare (retired) daypass for $2.75.. I have to clean it up this afternoon because the Factory Rep from Louis Garneau was drooling all over it at lunch today. Quite Frankly, swapping the hub motor's out is very easy....most of that procedure is the same as fixing a rear flat tire. What also needs to happen that BikNut didn't elaborate on in his motor swap suggestion, is that when you upgrade to the 750watt Bafang Geared Hub Motor, you'll also need to buy the 35amp controller and enough battery power to drive it. That being said, all quality upgrades with the 750watt motor include building new wheels with Double Wall Rims and Quality Spokes, that's why I sent you to the excelent documentation on Houshman's thread. . Reddy
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    Hello @Ole Dokka and welcome toThe Sondors Forum. Enjoy your stay and review all the various Threads on our forum for answers to your most pressing Questions. It nice to have a youngster, like you, join the community from Norway. Many of our older (much older than you) forum members and contributors have either rediscovered, returned or started bicycling and are benefiting from the Heath and Wellness benifits of a more athletic lifestyle. How's The Gravlax today? It's hard to find here. Salmon and Smoked Salmon are an important part of my diet and much of it is imported from Norway. You will find recommendations and threads here on Batteries, Controllers, Motor, Dual Motor upgrades and modifications plus all the usual accessory upgrades associated with Bicycles. My own Original Fat Tire Sondors has gone thru it's conversion over the two years I've owned it with every part replace, or manufactured, except the frame, fork and bottom bracket. Modifications are as much if not more fun and REWARDING, than the ride alone. Like it's been said before, "It's about the Journey, not the Destination". I suggest you take a look at @Houshmand Moarefi 's Mountain Climbing Monster as a starting point. He pretty much led the charge for others on this forum in upgrades and documentation. My Electric Black Lightening Reddy
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    As long as you can order parts, you can do anything to it you want easily. This would be a great idea for you. Just slap a 750 into your stock motor shell. It will still say 250w on it. No one will know what's inside.
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    if your not familiar with the movie you would love it...it's about coming of age and the Turmoil of youth in the UK between the Mods and the Rockers and full of cool Vespas, Lambretas scooters and BSA, Triumphs and Norton motorcycles. It's scored with the iconic rock band's, the Who's music from the album of the same name... https://archive.org/details/Quadrophenia1979VOSE#
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    You are welcome. My studio too, is full of bicycles, ' my stable now numbers 13 and three Sondors. My favorite Vespa was the one Sting rode in the movie Quadrophenia and when I was younger I lusted after a Grand Sport. imortalized in the tune Bell Boy, by the Who. This is my Electric Black Lightening and my Classic 1982 Suzuki GS1100EZ on a trip to the Hatch Valley in New Mexico. Reddy
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    @wildwestrider I ordered my bike at the beginning on 5th of May. I believe the Sondors model seems to be... Gather a ton of orders, Add a few more bikes. Send order to be manufactured. Deliver past three months at the same time. Look to the latest notice of delivery in November for next wave of bikes. That's why some people that ordered their bike last week are getting their bikes in September. @FoldX7
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    Sondors Dual Drive 2 x 750 Bafang motors, dual controllers and batteries. performance stats Front throttle only 0-20 mph- 26 sec Top speed- 27 mph Rear throttle only 0-20 mph- 10 sec Top speed- 30 mph Dual drive throttle only 0-20 mph- 8 sec Top speed- 33.8 mph The Bafang controller for the front motor is not as strong as the Luna 25a KT controller. It has a slow start and gradually build ups to the top speed. I have not found the set up instructions for the Bafang display to unlock its potential. Once I receive Wendy Xie 35a controller for the rear motor, I intend to use the Luna 25a controller to power the front motor.
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    Guess @Reddy Kilowatt knows the answer.
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    I just ordered two Fold X with the gear shift upgrade. I'm a nerd that likes to mod things so I'm joining this forum to get advice. My first upgrade will be to make it two wheel drive by adding a motor to the front. Not sure if that's possible with this fold model but I'm an engineer with imagination Cant wait to get it and start testing!
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    And last but not least, the tires, latches and final assembly... Enjoy, @FoldX7
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    Here's the brakes, pedals and crank...
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    Hi All, I just received my Sondors Fold-X 7 speed on Wednesday 8/9/2017. The LCD arrived 2 days later. Assembly is straightforward like in the video. I've never had disc brakes before, so I can't speak to adjusting them perfectly. I read in one location that there is a good chance that the stationary pad, the one closest to the wheel, will rub when brand new. The rubbing should go away as brake wears in. As far as adjusting the front brake when assembling, the goal is to get as close as possible to the disc without rubbing. I've only taken the bike for a short test ride up and down the neighborhood. I've found that top speed is ~25 mph downhill while pedaling in top gear. I'm sure I can squeeze a little more speed out of her if I pedal much harder. The bike has no trouble starting from a dead stop uphill. I have found that having the bike in the highest gear is always fine when in pedal assist mode, but you would need the gear set when you turn off the pedal assist. The motor does not use the Shimano cassette at all, so shifting gears doesn't change top speed from motor. I did turn on Cruise Control. Very useful feature in my opinion. I'm going to be using the bike to get to work 10 mi away. It will be nice to just "cruise" the long straights. I took some pictures of the components, tools included and assembled bike. The subject of the pictures I hope are obvious. Files with the same whole number are of the same component or subject. I believe the pictures are good enough to get part numbers from, so you can look up component specs. I've posted the pictures across the next messages... If you have any questions, I'll do what I can to answer them. Like many of you, this is my first electric bike. It'll be the start of a new adventure. @FoldX7
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    Welcome @Senegal to the Sondors Forum. You can make your members page complete by adding pictures. Although there are other Sondors Fold type bikes in the market no one here has recieved or reviewed our Fold yet. I suggest searching for other 20" fold bikes to read reviews. Thanks for your assessment of the Fold's Beach Capabilities. None of the Sondors exhibit stellar performance in Dry Deep Sand on Beaches. The new model Sondors X is a great improvement over the original but all model Sondors Fat Bikes can be modified to perform admirably. Mostly with a higher amp controller, larger, higher voltage and capacity battery and lastly the 750watt Bafang Geared Hub motor. It's questionable what upgrade options will be in the aftermarket for the Fold as of yet. Please review the forum, its a wealth of information with tons of Threads on performance.
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    Upgrade: 750W Bafang with 7 Speed Upgrade Bafang 750W, 7 Speed upgrade part list and install information. This guide is from ‎Houshmand Moarefi. Below is the recap of the parts and what to watch for. An important note to point out, I did not have a kit so this is not the most cost effective way to upgrade your bike. I think Kyle Chittock from velomobileshop.com is working on a kit upgrade which I am certain it will be a better price option. Also, if you have never laced a wheel, installed, adjusted a derailleur or don't have the tools required, I highly encourage you to work with your local bike shop to install these components. There are also a few other things to be aware of. The motor listed below comes with a different connector than the stock motor. I ended up purchasing a 25a controller from Kyle Chittock, spliced and soldered the wires to connect the motor and controller. Also, the 7 speed gears fits well with this set up except when trying to shift down from 7th to 6th gear, the chain touched the frame. If I was going to do this again, i would go with a 6 speed or plan on not using the 7th gears often. One more thing, I purchased 100mm rims. while they lower the bike height nearly an inch, they make our tires even wider. Please keep that in mind if the width is an issue. Please see the part list along with details and pictures in the comments below. The prices are for reference only. You may be able to find the better prices by searching on various sites. This upgrade would make a great compliment to Lindsey Nguyen L3 or L48 battery. Looking forward to see what others can do with this information. Motor By searching on Bafang’s website I was able to find a 750 watt fat bike motor that was designed for a 175mm dropout. My IGG fat steel bike has a 170mm drop out so I knew this motor would fit our frame. Also, this particular motor is designed for 6-7 speed freewheel so that was a bonus as well. Please make sure you are searching for model Bafang 750W rear hub RM G060.750.DC. | http://www.szbaf.com/en/components/component/motor/rm-g060750dc.html Specs: (click to enlarge) I was able to find this motor on eBay for $205 including free shipping. You may find this for less on AliExpress. Buy on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/182119804261 CHEAPER on ALIEXPRESS: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-bafang-48V750W-rear-hub-motor-with-disc-brake-for-fat-bike/32703966572.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.MO5X8p Rims Since I wanted to keep my original wheel and motor intact, I decided to look for rims. For the motor above you will need a 36 hole rim. Many of the rims available are 32 hole. This is what I found. Love to see if someone can find other rims for less. I bought the 100mm rims, I think 80mm or 57mm rims would work better if you have the stock 4.0 tires. Cost $50-75 per rim http://www.ebay.com/itm/191699964911 || Stock Rims are 36 holes. Cheaper Links (thx to @Tabletteer): http://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/wheelmaster-xp966-26-rim-559x96-36h-black-nmsw-schrader http://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/rim-wei-26x4-0-dhl80-36-bk http://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/origin8-rim-26x4-0-at-pro801-ul-36-72-black Spokes My bike shop used DT Swiss 2.0 Champion Spokes/ wheel cut to length at a cost of $40.00/wheel. Since the motor is heavier than the stock bike, I encourage you to spend the money on the upgraded spokes to handle the extra weight and torque. Controller I used a Velomobile 25a controller and splice and solder the wires to replace the stock connector with the one that came with the motor. (Lunas 25a should work also) https://www.velomobileshop.com/collections/sondors-ebike-power-upgrades/products/copy-of-36v-48v-20a-motor-controller-free-shipping?variant=14256510211 Shimano Tourney A070 7-Speed Rear Derailleur with Frame Hanger. Unfortunately this is the only hanger type derailleur I have found. I have had chain slip twice since this upgrade. I would love to upgrade this part to a Deore or XT for better performance and reliability. http://www.ebay.com/itm/381674214152 Freewheel (Gears) Shimano HG37 7-Speed 13-28t Freewheel Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Shimano-7-Speed-Tourney-Bicycle-Freewheel/dp/B00OJZPRVO Shimano Altus SL-M310 Right Shifter Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Shimano-Acera-SL-M310-Shifter-7-Speed/dp/B003ZM9RX6/ Chain You will need to upgrade your chain to accomodate the longer length required by the derailleur and bigger cogs. KMC Z51 Chain: 6,7,8 speed 7.1mm 116 Links Brown Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/KMC-Bicycle-Chain-Speed-32-Inch/dp/B000AOA3PS/ Images (click to enlarge)
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    Matt Robertson, can't wait until you post your pictures. You will love the new set up. The torque and climbing ability are truly amazing. Be careful with the fron motor, you can burn rubber. I have made additional changes. I replaced Bafang's controller with a 25a KT controller that feels stronger and has immediate torque the moment you hit the throttle. The new set up allows you to use a KT-LCD3 display and connect the controller to a PAS sensor. I now have a 35a controller powering the rear motor. This set up has created a much cleaner handlebar. I have a separate PAS sensor on order to go on the left crank. This way you can still use the two motors independently (two batteries) by using the throttles or PAS levels.
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    The wire from the motor that runs along the bottom of the bike is not fully plugged in.

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