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    Member Josh found loose cradle terminals in the cradle base on his Fat. Poor Battery to Cradle connections can lead to arching and high current drain and can melt the plastic around the cradle pins. Reddy
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    I have the long travel Thudbuster on my X. I think every bit helps. I will probably order a suspension fork when they are available- Sondors says later this summer. I could go to lower tire pressure for a softer ride but the downside of that is screaming tires and self steer on pavement. I have a pair of low rolling resistance, quiet, VeeRubber Speedsters ready for after the suspension fork install. They require high tire pressure but the new fork will help smooth much of that out. I'm having a small problem with the Thudbuster. The actual seat keeps coming loose. I'll figure it out I have an old, long travel Thudbuster on my Thin. Along with the suspension fork it rides very smoothly and quietly.. To
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    I'm putting something together using a new charger I am making up for a new location I am setting up. It should pop up in a week or two.


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