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    This main differences between this bike, and a stocker are the 750w motor, 25 amp controller, plus 24" x 65mm double wall alloy rims. I like to ride at night, so I added powered lighting, and a few creature comforts like fenders, a half twist throttle, and a gel pad cruiser seat. Stock Fold pedal gearing is a little on the low side, so I changed the freewheel to get better high speed ratios. Since I have no need for folding ability, I opted for more traditional looking BMX handle bars Compared to my Fatty this bike is about 4 mph slower, because the overall gearing is lower. However, the lower gearing offers a torque advantage, and being 15 lbs lighter doesn't hurt acceleration either. Handling feels quick, and stable. The narrower tires don't try to stand the bike up in the middle of turns, and with 205mm brake rotors it has tons of stopping power, almost too much in the rear. Surprisingly the range hasn't suffered significantly from having a bigger motor, and in fact may be slightly better at certain speeds compared to the 500 motor. Droning along at 15 to 20 mph only puts a very light load on this motor. There's a slight feeling of being under geared, and over muscled like a dirt bike, but that translates to more fun whenever you twist the throttle. This bike shoots across an intersection like a watermelon seed, which makes it a little safer riding in the wilds of the cement jungle
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    For those following along at home, took the new mid-drive bike to work for the first time on my back from lunch today. It's a small or medium (I forget) Gravity Deadeye Monster with a 52v battery and BBSHD. The smaller frame size meant that there wasn't enough clearance in the triangle around the water bottle bosses for the shark pack. An adapter from Wolf Tooth sorted that out. My X regularly does 19mph to low 20's going up a certain incline on my commute at an indicated 900ish watts. This BBSHD powered middrive setup just did a straight 30mph up that same hill. It's hit 36mph on a slight decline, too, but I'm not gonna lie- that felt sketchy as hell. Could be the shorter wheelbase combined with higher speed, but I suspect that the tires it came with are just not safe at those speeds. Got some ebike-rated 4.4" Jumbo Jims to try.
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    BATTERY: Inside the larger rectangular cardboard box is the bike’s Lithium Ion battery. It is shipped in a protective bubble sleeve. Remove the battery from the sleeve and confirm the power switch on the black base of the battery is in the “OFF” position. The battery’s power switch should always be in the “OFF” position when the battery is being charged. It should be left in the “OFF” position when it is not being used for powering the bike. Never keep the battery power switch in the “ON” position when it is not being used to power the bike. The Battery is designed to be used only with the Sondors E-Bike and charging system. (applies to all SONDORS batteries - so bottle and triangular battery) Charger: Read the operating instruction that were shipped with the charging unit. Charger unit is intended for indoor use only. IMPORTANT: Insure the Battery’s power switch (rocker switch) at the base of the battery is in the “OFF” position for every charging cycle and that it remains “OFF” during the charging stage. The battery is never to be connected to the charging transformer with the power switch in the “ON” position as damage can occur. Connect the outlet power cord to the black rectangular battery transformer, matching the power cord end (opposite the wall outlet end) to the same shaped socket on the rectangular transformer. Connect the cylindrical end of the other cable on the transformer to the charging port on the base of the battery (opposite the rocker switch on the battery). To do this you will need to lift the rubber flap on the side of the battery’s base charging port. Always keep this flap covering the charging port when it is not being charged. After reconfirming the battery is in the “OFF” position you can put the charging plug into a grounded house hold outlet (100 to 240 VAC). It is advised to use a surge protector to plug into as an extra precaution. When initially plugged in the LED on the transformer will momentarily be Green. If the battery is not fully charged it will switch to Red color while the battery is being charged. The battery is fully charged when the Red LED changes back to the Green LED. It is important to fully charge the battery prior to use. When the battery is fully charged and the LED shows a constant Green color you may remove the transformer cord from the charging port on the battery base. Do not store your fully charged battery connected to the plugged-in charger as this can damage your battery. View full record
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    Guess that Dave is @Booster here.
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    Hello Sondors riders! Just want to show you guys and gals the new KT-LCD3 now with a USB port! It still looks the same, functions the same except it now has a USB port in the back so you can charge your phone or power your headlights. Has a 5v output with 2.1amp to charge the latest Samsung & iphones. See more information here https://electrobikeworld.com/products/kt-lcd3-usb
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    OK, so what... Nine months on, did you progress here @jabomano?? FYI - I will hopefully be adding to the Dual Drive 750 tread that has been referenced here in or around June/July 2018 as my Fat is on pre order for May and Wendy at pasion ebike had an Easter special I simply couldn't say no too. HUGE!! thanks will of course go to Houshmand, Matt & Reddy for humoring another noob. And don't worry Reddy, I haven't forgotten what you said.... A great eBike, but a crappy eMotorbike! So I fully intend to peddle as well
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    Hi Pete, The LCD is measuring the actual voltage in the battery and that reports at about 50% capacity charge, much higher than the bar indicator and way above the shutoff voltage the charger would not be able to charge a dead battery at. I couldn’t view the video with the safari browser on my iPad but the charger is surely the problem. Not sure if Sondors.com can help you with a replacement under warranty but if you’ve only charged your bike 3 times successfully, I’m guessing it’s BRAND NEW. )) Contact Sondors.com on their website using the message button, during US WestCoast business hours and speak to a live human being, and explain your trouble shooting routine, to determine you have a defective charger. They will probably ask you to send an email to support but this might move your request for a replacment to the head of the queue or get immediate attention. Tell them Reddy Kilowatt sent you..)) If you need a charger faster than Sondors can or will replace yours, 48v charges are available from a few Sondors aftermarket suppliers (be sure and ask for the Sondors compatible bullet connector) and Sondors.com parts. https://electrobikeworld.com/products/48v-lithium-battery-charger https://lunacycle.com/48v-3amp-luna-mini-charger/ Either of the above would be superior than the Sondors replacement https://sondors.com/products/battery-charger-48v Reddy
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    Well Don. best practice for storage, of our batteries, is charging to 50 to 60%, taken out of the triangle battery box and kept in a secure, dry, cool space for long time storage, not necessary for a week or two. There are 3 different aftermarket Sondors suppliers selling battery upgrades for your bike but I think you are safest sticking with an Original Sondors product intended for your Bike. Either the standard or extended range triangle battery for the Sondors Original. https://sondors.com/collections/parts-store good luck Reddy
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    He just installed the drive end of the New 750Watt motor into the 350 case. Reddy
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    Still working out a solution for permanently mounting the battery, but I've calibrated the LCD for the tire diameter and initial testing with the BBSHD and a 52v battery gives 63.x mph with the back wheel off the ground. Stock BBSHD chainring, 16t cog, nexus 3 spd igh.
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    Received my wife Fold X single speed last week, After a test ride I did not like the PAS bandwidth. Sondors tech support shared this link and the 1-10, 2-20, 3-50, 4-70, 5-96 setup is what i was looking for. Thank you JCJ and other forum members!
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    Hey guys spring is at the door its time to go out ! Winter riding is fun in Canada these days, cold at night warm during the days means that you can ride on frozen Fat Bike trails . Very nice feeling to bike on the snow, booth fold X ride very well and are very quick, we can ride 50klm in a sigle day. Cheer
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    Hi @Ehab Yazid quick question, what do you mean with "certificate for customs"? SONDORS e-Bikes (EU Variants) are considered as normal bicycles as they only have a 250W motor. You can read more about this here: http://www.bike-eu.com/laws-regulations/nieuws/2016/1/new-type-approval-for-speed-e-bikes-now-effective-10125384 - Andi
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    @Hari Seldon, In advance of getting an answer from my daughter, I put the same request out to the Facebook group. Two responses: A new X with a 25a controller, KT-LCD3 and limiter lifted: 27 mph with wheel lifted. A new X with same as above (different owner): 26.6 mph When I said "Low really low" bear in mind it was coming from a guy who has only heavily modified bikes and I've never owned an X. It sounds like you are getting standard performance. Before you bag on Sondors, bear in mind that amps are amps and volts are volts. Its not the bike. This is what you can expect from this power level no matter who builds it. Something to add: I have a bike I "built" (assembled is more like it) myself out of left over Sondors parts that became a bicycle-sized pile when I was done upgrading... all I needed was a frame to make a bike and so I bought an inexpensive light aluminum fat bike frame. I also threw on some carbon fiber bits I had left over from other bike builds. The resulting fat bike was about 48 lbs, which is rather a lot lighter than the 60 lbs Sondors is quoting on their web site. That bike could reach about 22 mph with a 12.8ah 36v battery, stock 350w motor and 20 amp Luna controller (remember the rating of the motor has nothing to do with its power output capability). When I purchased an upgrade bottle battery that is 48v from electrobikeworld.com, that gave me a 48v, 20 amp fat bike. that bike's top speed is about 26 mph. Right where you are, but I am missing 5 amps and a *bunch* of weight on the bike. So... if you want more speed and acceleration you need to get serious and throw more serious money at your project. 35a controllers. 750w motors. AWD perhaps. Be advised a mid drive is no faster, just capable of taking hills better. My AWD hub bike (Sondors with two 750w hubs, 35a controllers and 52v batteries) maxes out at around 34 mph. I weigh 240. My AWD hub/BBSHD that is lightweight (Ti frame among other things) also peaks at about 34 mph. My Stumpjumper with a 3000-watt (peaked at 4000-ish) mini Cyclone topped out around 30. If you want to go faster than this with a similar rider weight, you are going to need 60v power which should get you to around 40 mph.
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    @StanT let me know if you have any issues after bumping it up. There are some unconfirmed reports of throttle trouble after bumping up past 15a. Research is in progress so in the meantime if you have an issue please let me know, and don't freak out and think your bike is broken. Worst case, you set it back and have to do an upgrade like everyone in the past had to do it with a new controller/LCD/throttle. Best case... You do nothing after changing the overcurrent setting and enjoy the bump.
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    Making it work for you is zackly the correct tactic. I'm 6' and had to adjust the frame , thru accessories, to fit me. I'm a life long cyclist and it's a common practice to get the correct fit. I have a longer torsos for my height so I equate to normal 6'-1"<2" riders. You'll be riding in an upright position so top tube distance is not as critical as with drop bars on traditional road bikes. You will probably want to add a longer stem though as I have to compessate for your longer reach. Many of our owners have added a stem riser to also raise the handle bar or consider a different bar with more rise. You'll most likely want not only a longer 400mm seat post to compensate seat height, for your leg length but one with some set back to also help with your reach. One factor, on the Sondors X Fat Bike, is that the stand over height favors tall riders because of the huge tires that raise the bike. I'm sure that to comfortably fit you will need to adjust the accessories for your preferred bike position. You can get help from your LBS (local bike shop). They have bike fit tools to correctly identify the changes that best suit your physical atributes. You'd also be starting a relationship for service, parts and items like chain lube and cleaner. My highly modified Sondors Original Fat, now the Electric Black Lightening. Reddy
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    Sondors Dual Drive 2 x 750 Bafang motors, dual controllers and batteries. performance stats Front throttle only 0-20 mph- 26 sec Top speed- 27 mph Rear throttle only 0-20 mph- 10 sec Top speed- 30 mph Dual drive throttle only 0-20 mph- 8 sec Top speed- 33.8 mph The Bafang controller for the front motor is not as strong as the Luna 25a KT controller. It has a slow start and gradually build ups to the top speed. I have not found the set up instructions for the Bafang display to unlock its potential. Once I receive Wendy Xie 35a controller for the rear motor, I intend to use the Luna 25a controller to power the front motor.
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    Not really much more top speed, maybe 1 mph. A lot more torque though, and it gets to top speed a lot faster. Range is definitely affected, but only if you accelerate harder. Riding at the same speed as before, you get the same range as before.
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    The simple answer is a slight increase in speed but an increase in acceleration, torque and reduced range. Again simply stated an increase in Voltage translates into more speed and Amperage mote torque. Please review; http://preview.tinyurl.com/ReddysElectricMath http://tinyurl.com/ReddysBatteryGuide Reddy
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    Thank you @Andi and @Tabletteer @jabomano, your L3 battery range while on the stock motor and 25a controller is very close to what I have experienced on the same set up, that tells me we are close in weight and have the a similar riding style. I do not have any experience with the cyclone motor, so I won't be able to share any real world test results. Here is one way to try to guess your new battery range. Multiply your current battery and amp hours to come up with your total watt hours. Then do the same with your new motors' batter ah and controller amps. If you divide your current watt hours by controller amps, that will give you the number of hours you can ride. Now do the same with your new set up. Compare the new number of hours to the old. Use that same ratio against the 70 miles L3 range and you should see the new range. This model is not exact and won't replace the real world range test. Of course this is only accurate if you stick with the same riding style and average speed. hope this helps.
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    Added Luna Cycle's Luna Lander suspension shock. It smooths out the ride while adding a few inches to handlebar height. It's great for paved street or path rides and moderate mountain bike trails. The fat bike with 4.9 tires is just too big to be effective on technical trails. It's a great upgrade especially if you also include a suspension seat post. IMG_1426.MOV
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    But... higher rear gears (smaller wheels) will have the same effect as a bigger front wheel. Actually the effect is magnified in the back. one tooth smaller on a little 3-inch wide wheel is a hell of a lot bigger relative change in diameter than 1 tooth on a much bigger front chainwheel. The practical application on a Sondors' is where our single speed freewheels have an effective reliable minimum size of 16 teeth (I had a 14T that self-destructed at the 12-mile mark and haven't tried another from that mfr since... and there's only one Chinese factory that makes them from what I can see). The Shimano 7-speed freewheel clusters a lot of people are putting on have as their smallest wheel an 11-tooth mini-monster. Going from a 16 to an 11 in back is one whopping big gear. Not the most intuitive thing... smaller freewheel cogs (wheels) mean big gears but thats the case. Back in the day when I was riding road race bikes, I was considered an extremist running a 6-speed straight block (only one tooth different between each cog) with the smallest cog being a 12. Nowadays... well they go to 11.
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    Does the Thin have the same motor as the fatties? If it does, then sending 600w to it is peanuts. You can send 600w to it nice and steady and it will lap that power up happy as a clam. Its 1000w plus where you want to be in the 'occasional' column. While the Chinese generally over-engineer *nothing* Bafang did in the case of these motors - not to be nice to us but so they can have several different motor ratings and plug the same innards inside all of them. For the fatties (G0 series) looks like they actually have two motors spanning 4 classifications. 250 and 350 are identical. 500 is a 350 with a 750 alloy outer casing for better heat dispersion (note it has the smaller plug of the 250/350). 750 is its own animal ... beefy as all get out and machined alloy casing. its good for 2000 watts-plus and 60v power. Guessing Bafang will 'introduce' a 1000 watt model and this will be it. Now that Sondors is introducing the 500w Bafang as an option we will have the chance to crack them open and peek inside for free :-).
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    Sondors water bottle holders A few of Sondors owners have inquired about the water bottle cages on my bike. This is a DIY set up using two 18x1 velcro straps and two water bottle cages. I used the straps to secure the water bottle cages to the end of the top tube, the bottom tube and the stem tube. Take care not to effect the stem and the steering. Of course you can buy the straps at Home Depot and the water bottle cages at any local bike shop. Start with one of the Velcro straps and wrap it around the top tube and bottom tube (in vertical direction). The first strap creates the base and prevents the metal bottle cages from scratching your frame. Then wrap the second strap around the stem and the opening between the top and bottom tubes and run it through the bottle cage frame to secure the bottle holders. For added protection, you can use two zip ties to better secure the cages in place and prevent them from shifting. Links to the straps and the cages: Velcro straps 18x1 one package of two http://www.amazon.com/VELCRO-Purpose-Straps-Strap-Black/dp/B000TGX0HK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1440471216&sr=8-3&keywords=velcro+straps+18+inch Water bottle cages http://www.amazon.com/Friendly-Swede-Bicycle-Bottle-Holder/dp/B00OCEBZ86/ref=sr_1_7?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1440471363&sr=1-7 This set up will allow you to have two bottles at an easy reach. Also if you use a bottle with a mister, you will have instant air conditioning for those hot summer rides. @Hosermage
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    Official not at the moment - only thin. The last chance was the kickstarter campaign. But you can surely find a fat one @ Craiglist.


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