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    Read your post and just wanted to applaud you for being pro-active in your mental/physical health recovery and to stay positive/strong. Many people continue to spiral out of control through loss/depression. I am 40, married with 2 wonderful young children but I can honestly tell you that exercise has kept me alive throughout the trials/tribulations of life. You are going to love your fold. I had to wait 60 days for my fold Xs and it was so worth it. Just wanted to share one of my favorite quotes "You can get busy living, or you can get busy dying" - Shawshank Redemption. Blessings from Philly Rob
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    You could try replacing the PAS assemble. I’d spring for this from Bolton but it’s currently out of stock like so many Chinese supplied ebike parts and if your chain has ever come off the chainring you know why. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/electrical-accessories/products/single-piece-pedal-assist-pas-sensor This IS in stock. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/electrical-accessories/products/pedal-assist-pas-sensor If replaced and problem persists, replacIng the controlling would be my next step. Reddy
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    New to the forum, and first post. I recently bought a pair of Sondors X bikes; a his & hers consideration. To be honest, not being able to touch or test ride a bike before purchasing was tough, but this forum, the Sondors online assistants, and a few online review videos helped me "gamble" on the purchase. The first thought was, do I want the 500W (the X) or the 750W (the XS)? I really didn't want a front shock or need the hydraulic brakes, so I picked the X hoping that it could haul my 220lbs up the various hills when I needed the boost. Short answer: yes it can indeed, and with authority! The ordering process was easy, but the hardest part was the wait; I waited too long to decide and then had to take the June 2020 delivery slot learning that these really are built to order. In the meantime, I began to notice a LOT of e-bikes in my area. The purpose of the two Sondors X bikes is to ride the rails-to-trails routes as well as do some sightseeing while getting some exercise. I've already got a regular Specialized Fatboy and a full suspension Trek for the true cycling workouts, so the e-bikes were going to be the casual second stringers but seeing others cruising easily against the wind while I sweat myself silly started to make me anxious like a kid waiting for ice cream. Delivery day finally came as I got them in the first week of July. They were packed VERY well and secure and it took me about 30-45min to unpack and bolt one together. My first thought was "yikes this thing is heavy!" but after charging the battery and heading out for a test ride, it felt downright nimble when handling the turns on and off the road. A few deraileur and brake adjustments later (I'm really picky) and I had a goofy grin on my face as I kept test-riding....and riding...and riding...too fun. When I got home, 2hrs and 30+ miles later, the battery indicator just dropped to 3 bars remaining. I did pedal most of the time and I'm a strong rider, but I did "play" with the throttle...a LOT...so I was surprised I didn't drain the battery. It's a 17.5Ah battery but I'm still very impressed. After building the second bike, I've logged about 200 total miles in the past week between the two bikes. Everything is still tight, and I've not tested the "real world" range to empty yet but I suspect at the lowest assist (PAS1) I can hit 75+ miles on moderately rails-to-trails I like. There is a nominal 840Wh of juice on tap, but I'd never run a battery to totally empty, so lets say 672Wh (80% use) for running numbers. For my usage, the display showed current draw of 100-200W for me on my trails in really light winds. So, I use an average of ~10W/mile or less which extrapolates to a theoretical 67.2 miles. My longest single ride is 38miles with 3 bars left on the dispaly, so....we'll see. I will definitely be testing riding range on the X when I do a 112 mile round trip to Lake Geneva, WI very soon. And, since I have two X bikes, I'll take the other battery along so I'm not stranded if I bonk on the way home. If in PAS 5, I can basically feather-foot the pedals and maintain 20mph until hitting a good 7% grade where yes, I need to pedal with some effort to maintain 20mph...but it's 20mph, not 10-12mph without the boost. The gearing ratios are good although I'd like a lower (bigger gear) first gear just in case I run out of juice far from home and have a super hill to schlep over. I think the Sondors folks picked the right stuff for the price point and target consumers as it's perfectly usable so I'm fine with that. As far as the X as just a bike? Decent alloy pedals and the frame feels solid with no creaks. The handlebar grips were a pleasant surprise in how comfy there are so I have no intention of swapping them out. Even the stock seat is pretty good and passes the wife's butt test. She thought "Oh thank you for putting a good seat on it for me!". Yes, my significant other thinks the Sondors X looks and handles great and as for the power, when she pedals and gets the motor boost she just says "Wow this is a TRIP!" My first impression is amazement thus far, especially at the $999 price point, and think I may be putting a few thousand miles on the two Sondors X bikes before winter is here. Nice job, Sondors!
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    Consider where your going to carry your tools to change a flat. It’s takes 3 combination wrenches to change mine because front and rear axel nuts are 15mm or 17mm and the derailleur has its own nut. Then you’ll need to carry an extra tube, patch kit, nitrite gloves, a microfiber cloth, a multi tool and of course a Luna ePump. )) That’s about all for flat repair. I carry a $1.99 Lowe’s plastic drop cloth that will cover my bike and my self in case of a heavy downpour rain event. How bout 4 bungees of 2 different lengths, or cargo straps, to strap large items to your rack when necessary? I carry my 12.9" iPad Pro and my iPhone along with charging cables and a charger for each because my iPhone is lightning and iPad is USB-C. I carry a 4 cell - 18650 Li ion battery bank to backup both devices and power my headlight. I prefer to power supplemental devices on separate power supplies than off my main battery. My tail light has a single 18650 cell. Something I learned from aviation. You’ll discover all kinda of stuff of your own preferences, needs and wants once you start outfitting. REDDY

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