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    Great, I luv combining commuting options. We don’t have ferries here but I do take my Electric Black Lightning on the commuter train into the city.
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    Just took another motor apart this morning that has several issues, I'll post step by step instructions on how I go about repairing it. Remove the motor from the housing (scroll down to see assembly process and reverse the order), next remove shear key from the slot in the axle. Remove the half clip Remove the 3 screws, they are tight so take care not to strip them out. Slide the gear off Use c-clip pliers to remove retainer Place motor on a hard surface and push down on rotor housing to overcome the magnetic field. It should slide down and off the shaft, note, you really have to push hard to do this. - Careful not to lose the thrust washer push on the magnets, if one slides down you know they are loose, or if it makes that grinding sound just assume they are loose. Number each magnet so you put them back in the proper order With a screwdriver you can pry up the magnet to remove them Safe spot to store them is on the outside of the housing, be very careful handling the magnets, they are strong and if they slip out of your hand and snap against each other or a metal object, can easily break Once they all removed, clean all debris and old glue from housing and magnets. I usually give each magnet a good cleaning just before gluing it down. this one had several issues, the other being a cold solder joint on one of the halls sensors. Note the 3 in the center of the picture, the middle one is loose causing erratic running of the motor. Starting the re-gluing of the magnets (using epoxy: buy on Amazon) All done, note magnets are flush to the outer edge of the housing. Now to wait 24 hours for the epoxy to cure Just showing how fast the stator snaps into place Install snap ring install gear and half clip slide assembly back in housing Once fitted give it a spin to insure all is well. There should be a spacer and thin washer on the shaft. install cover and 6 allen screws, Note this is a spare motor housing, the reason it isn't laced into a wheel. Done.
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    Alright, this rack is pretty straight forward once you understand it's parts, and goes on very easily and quickly. It comes with an assortment of extra hardware, so I figure I'd just point out what you do need and how to get it installed quickly. I do suggest you use some Locktite and maybe add your own lock washers to avoid bolts coming undone while riding due to vibration. What you will need: 1 - 4mm Allen wrench 1 - 5mm Allen wrench 4 - Sondors Frame bolts (they supplied some but the Sondors ones are much prettier) 1 - Ibera PakRak 2 - Ibera Height Adjustment Rod + 2 short screws and washers (supplied) Optional: Loctite (Blue) Zip ties for cables that may rub along frame of rack or bike once installed If you keep your seat low, you will need to raise it or remove it for now. And if you have a hanging seat back, it will have to come off to make room to work. Ok. First off, loosen all of the bolts on the front assembly with the long curvy mounting arms, including the bolts that mount the arms to the connectors and to the rack itself. You want these to be free and loose for connecting to the bike. Next, connect the Height adjustment rods to the bottoms of the rack's carrier leg on each side at the first screw hole "C". Remove all of the bike's 4 frame Allen screws located both near the seat post and near the rear hub. Add a lock washer to these at this point if you wish, and put a dab of Loctite on each one's threads. Take the rack and extend the front mounting arms out to the point where the rubber stoppers on the underside are all that is left on the back of the mounts on the rack itself. I recommend removing these as they are going to be in the way, but they serve as a good reminder as to how far out the rods have to go. Make sure all of the Allen bolts are loose on the rack and the arms at this point. Hold the rack over the back wheel, extending the arms forward and level it more or less, then carefully install the 2 Allen bolts on each side at the rear bottom of the rack on the Height Adjustment rod, into the frame itself. Just screw them in enough to keep it on the bike, we'll tighten them down more once done. Next, carefully extend each mounting arm out, turning it's bend so that the hold and flat part that will go to the bike is aligned with the bike (see the photos) and gently install each of the two frame Allen bolts near the seat into the holes. Again, just do them tight enough to keep things on the bike. It should be a pretty rigid fit as it is now. Now you will want to move the frame as needed forward or backward and to the left and right to center and level it. Once you've done this, tighten the lower frame bolts down by the rear hub well. Now tighten the bolts on the upper mount arms to the bike, being sure to get them nice and tight, Loctite and locking washing installed if you can. At this point all that should be left is to make sure its straight and then tighten up both forward frame bolts that hold the mountain arms as well as the bolts that hold the arms to the frame that can slide left/right. Your frame is now installed. Give all the bolts a good once over for safety. Then put your seat back how you like it. If you have been using a hanging seat pack, it will most likely not fit unless you keep your seat pretty high. I had to remove mine and am not sure where to put it at this point since I keep my seat kind of low. Note that if you have any kind of light or reflector for the rear, there's a nice place on the back of the rack underneath to mount it. I am going to put my rear light that is normally on my post there once I fashion a bracket. Congrats, you now have a nice versatile rack to carry your goodies as you ride. And, if you take some plastic and cut it to fit and ziptie to the bottom of the rack, you've got a nice fender to boot.
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    Mate I’ve been trying to find that out for a while now. I don’t think anyone knows.

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