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  2. i was not familiar with electro bike shop, but i will look into what they might have for what i would like to do.
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  4. Replace your controller. Replace your controller. This Titanium Litespeed Ultimate, w/ 25th Aniversary Shimano Dura Ace Groupo and the Original Release, PowerTap Cycling Power Meter was $7,000, and I had to build it. REDDY
  5. Okay. So, the LEDs light up all the way on the new battery. So, I suppose I charged it correctly and it is properly holding the charge. I originally thought the problem was the Sondor's original throttle. So, now I have a new official Sondor's battery (which seems to be working properly) and a new official Sondor's throttle. But still nothing. The only remaining original piece is the controller. I have no idea how I would burn up a controller, but at this point, I am another $375 into a bike I originally paid $500. Ugh. Thoughts?Okay. So, the LEDs light up all the way on the new battery. So, I suppose I charged it correctly and it is properly holding the charge. I originally thought the problem was the Sondor's original throttle. So, now I have a new official Sondor's battery (which seems to be working properly) and a new official Sondor's throttle. But still nothing. The only remaining original piece is the controller. I have no idea how I would burn up a controller, but at this point, I am another $375 into a bike I originally paid $500. Ugh. Thoughts?
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  7. Make sure the PAS Magnet Disc is up against the PAS Sensor Pckup, on the Bottom Bracket Spindle. REDDY
  8. Hi, I have fold x, single speed 48v, 500w, delivered in June2018, same problem, I tried to change PAS settings and now throttle function is lost and I have no clue how to get it back, tried default settings but throttle function not regained or only works briefly. Before I was able to accelerate to full speed using throttle without any pedal assist and defaulted to pass 2; now I always have to use pedal assist to aim speed, regardless of level of assistance 1-5; btw 0 is just zero, no pedal assistance , no throttle.
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  10. Brad Hi, If you used the correct charging procedure as described in this video : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c75g-NKRbkI&t=159s then you should check the battery capacity using the battery LED lights. You should also check the battery Voltage, with your multimeter. Both of your 36V batteries should read 42V when fully charged. Next check the output voltage of your charger, it also should show 42V. If you determine it’s the charger that is not operating correctly, they’re avalable from Sondors. They are also avalable online from various outlets, much cheaper, but in most cases require replacing the plug with your old battery’s charger plug. Lastly if you determine a fault with the new battery Go to Sondors.com and chat, call, with the phone number displayed there or email for their Support instructions LEMMENO what you find. REDDY
  11. Help!?! My Sondors Thin Stock battery (36V/8.7Ah) died after a year. Admittedly, I rode it hard and I didn’t take basic steps for battery preservation. So, I bought a new official Sondors Thin battery replacement (36V/10Ah) straight from Sondors. I charged the new battery through my original charger overnight. The green light was on this morning. I plugged the new battery into the bike and nothing. What am I missing? I didn’t think I’d need a new controller because the voltage is the same. Am I wrong? Help!?! Thanks in advance!! Brad
  12. I did not know that! ! Electrobikeworld has the same components but I don’t know how they compare on price. They are Long Time Sondors Supporters and Forum members. Excellent Service and Support. Email or Talk to Nick about your plans. https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike REDDY
  13. The Thin 7 I bought in December 2017 direct from Sondors did not come with an LCD - so just getting any LCD is going to be a nice upgrade for me. I am looking at Bolton for the 25 amp controller ($60), but unfortunately they are sold out at the moment of the color KT-LCD8H (listed for $90). And per your advice, I am looking to work with the same supplier for LCD/controller to ensure compatibility. And good tip on picking up a 2nd Sondors battery for range doubling!
  14. I thought the Thin 7’s came with an LCD Screen. Yes, it will give you 5 levels of assist. If you buy an aftermarket LCD it won’t have the correct communication protocol for your stock Sondors 15amp controller. You’ll have to buy the correct COMPATABLE LCD from Sondors., $149.99. But for about the same or less moola, depending on which LCD you select, you can buy the 20 or 25amp generic controller and generic LCD from any number of Sondors friendly suppliers. Bolton is doing the best on service, communication and after purchase support. It will cost you about $120 bucks, I think. Your range concerns can be mitigated by buying a second Sondors battery and carry it in panniers and exchange to double your trip length for $299. REDDY
  15. Hi Reddy, Thanks for the great explanation and tips. Since I don't even have an LCD yet, I think that just upgrading to get that will be an improvement (as I have read from several users that having the LCD is a huge improvement over not having one). But your points are well taken that I should have appropriate understanding that I have a ceiling on performance gain if I only do the controller and LCD without doing the battery. BWC
  16. I was just wondering where I can find some bearing dust caps (aluminum ones) for the front wheel on my sonders xs...they seem to be larger than most standard bikes ! Resend
  17. Battery capacity and range is determinate on many factors but if you intend to use your stock battery, look at it this way. You just stopped at 7-11 and bought a small coke. You’re very thirsty but trying to decide what straw to use. If you use the smallest stock 15amp straw, your coke will last you all the way back home while riding your Thin. The larger 20 amp straw will deliver more coke on every SUCK but and it will quench your thirst faster but you’ll be out of Coke before you reach your neighborhood and still thirsty. But you get the very large 25amp straw and suck a slug from your drink ..... now you’ve not only quenched your thirst but spilled coke all over your shirt from the acceleration and you haven’t even made it out of the parking lot of the 7-11. Okay, OKAY slight exaggeration , but the only way to maintain the range you have with the 15 amp controller when using one that delivers more current, it to ride like you still have a 15 amp controller and a use as little of the extra power, torque and acceleration the larger controller affords. Like anybody would ever do that. You should only buy your controller and new LCD (your old one will not be compatable with any other controller except your original) in a pairs from ONE vendor. Always ask all your other questions to Kyle at Bolton. He is best suited to guide you on your best choices but don’t expect much improvements with your stock battery and unfortunately there are not many battery upgrade options for the Thin, that fit in the Battery Triangel Box. You’ll want to think Rear Rack or Brick Pack Battery Pack in Panniers. Performance upgrades are usually a trifecta: Controller, New Compatable LCD (individual preference no different in actual operation....color is purdy) and Battery of higher voltage (adds speed) and AmpHr (adds distance) . Before any upgrade attempt it’s important to gain some basic knowledge about the function of various components and electricity as it applies to eBikes. I’d recoment you review the technical articles at Electricbike.com https://www.electricbike.com/ So your not disappointed in your purchases and understand what you’ll be accomplishing. Reddy
  18. I am looking to do some upgrades to a sondors thin 7 I bought in December 2017. Specifically, I am looking to get a controller and LCD. If I understand things correctly, I need to upgrade my controller (which right now is the stock 15 amp) to an aftermarket controller in order to use one of the newer LCD units.What factors should I consider when deciding between a 20 amp controller vs. the 25 amp controller? I recall reading that while a 25 amp controller will give more power, it may also reduce the battery range. Is that accurate?If I get one of the controllers offered on sites such as https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays/products/36v-48v-25a-sondors-motor-controller-free-shipping will it be 'plug and play' on my Thin 7? Will it mount in the same place as the stock controller? I seem to recall reading on another after market site (luna cycle, I believe) saying that some of their controller offerings might have to be mounted outside of the battery box and also splicing some wires/changing connections.Will I be able to use my stock throttle? I have a thumb throttle, no power button on it. If I get that 25amp controller from boltonebikes, what are my options for LCD? The color KT-LCD8H (which bolt on ebikes is sold out of right now) ? The KD51C ? or the older KT-LCD3 ? Just want to make sure everything I get works well together.Thanks.
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  20. The code is 1515 it works on my xs
  21. Bolton is one of our preferred vendors, Kyle is a friend to the Sondors Brand but I usually visit their website. https://boltonebikes.com/ Always verify intended compatibility of components with the vendor. Clear communication is Paramount and I ain’t talking Schwinn, but older cyclist will .... Get-It? REDDY
  22. No a 36v battery will not power the 750Watt Bafang Hub Motor at least that what the Vendors tell us and I sure wasn’t going to act as Test Pilot on the Bike or in my Airplane. Not sure why anyone would even consider it because the current supplied,is not sufficient, from the 36v 8.8ah battery to even Effectively Power the 350watt Bafang to its potential. I started with the 52v battery to power my 1st Gen Original Fat w/the Luna 25A Hot Rod Controller on the 350W Bafang, as the first upgrades and that worked great but the bikes need the 7speed upgrade and the 750’s magnet field is much larger and stronger, that affords bullet proof reliability and much more torque and acceleration ..... and is required for that 7 speed upgrade. Its really emperitive that upgraders do their homework on the info and data avalable here about the various upgrade in those threads, on the forum and the eBike base knowledge, at https://www.electricbike.com/ . Reddy
  23. Will my battery work at all w/the Befang 750 or just not be strong enough for duration?
  24. Depending on what caused the leak down, since tube remained up for a minute, means it probably wasn’t a blow out and the tube is patchable. I’ll patch a tube twice or three times before replacing it depending on the puncture. Tears in the tube require a replacment obviously but goathead pricks are safely patched as long as you remove the thorn from the tire carcass. I buy Fat Tire 26” Tubes at Jenson USA for $4.99, 4 at a time and carry at leased 1 sealant filled tube with me all the time. I used Slime for a couple of decades but I like TruckerCo sealant now and find it superior in my use. It is initially thinner in viscosity, making it easier to install in presta valve tubes, even without a removable valve core, but with many more particles per volume, than any other sealants I’ve tried or reviewed. Never mix sealants. I use 6 to 8 Oz of sealant in my 26 X 4.7, 100mm rim, Huge Vee Tire Co Mission Command II Rear and 4 or 5 Oz in my 26 X 4.0, 80mm rim, smaller Vee Tire Co Mission Command II Front. Tires seldom need replacing because of a flat. The exception is a tear in the tire carcass and for that kind of failure, on my road bikes, I carried dollar bills in my under saddle seat pack; with my tire levers, spare tube and patch kit and because bills are so resilient to tearing, a folded bill will patch a tire carcass tear, inside the tire, long enough to get you home or buy a beer. There are good bicycle flat tire repair videos on YouTube. More than you can shake a flat tube at. I created this Disc Wheel repair stand for fixing flats so you can’t damage the motor cable exit or bend the disc brake rotor while wrasslin with the tire and tube, especially on the rear. Milk or Egg crate & foam pipe insulation. The Electric Black Lightning has well over 12,300 miles on it now and I’m prepared for what ever the roads surface can throw at my tires. My under seat pack has an air compressor that runs off my 52v battery. Reddy
  25. Heard a loud noise, drove over something this morning, and 1 minute later the rear tire totally flat. LMK if this sounds good to fix the tire and hopefully make it more resistant next time. I get can this next day on Amazon - Mongoose Bicycle Tube for Fat Tire 20"x4" and Slime. Should I also replace the tire too?
  26. This Sondors Owners Forum is Owned and Opperated by Other Sondors Owners and not a part of Sondors.com. You acknowledged that when you agreed to the user agreement here. As already stated, there is no other references of that error code nor any fix or resolution to your problems other than in this or anyother thread, that I’m aware of. Sondors.com, now forces you to join Facebook for support. You need to go to the Sondors Storm Owners Group on Facebook. Once there ask to join.  Once inside, there is a link to a support form that you can use to get to Sondors tech support. Not sure why you haven't been able to get a direct response from Sondors.com or if you have even tried.  While in the Group, I suggest opening up a thread and asking the community for help on this as well. That will trigger folks' to tag the Sondors support reps who frequent that group and who are tasked with fast-tracking help in situations like yours - assuming they do not see your post themselves and contact you directly. REDDY
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