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Made an account to say- I really hope they pull this off.  I commute about 20 miles each way, and SoCal Freeway speeds are about 75Mph, so it will be close...

But my electric car has made me want an electric bike something fierce, and I prefer small and flickable over big and heavy everyday.

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Better plan on buying an extra Battery right off the bat. If you only weigh 140 pounds, ride only with a 20mph tailwind, down hill… you might see 20 miles highway speeds with a moderate reserve. If you’re handy and thrifty, you can adapt a couple of BMW 68V / 2Kwh BMW auto  battery modules, times 2, to act as backup for less than 6 Benjamin’s. Chargers are just over one Benny. 

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Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me, but I'll wait for it to exist in enough quantity that I can see what the range is.  I can take surface streets to work and then the top speed would be about 50 (for a few miles), and average would be more like 35.  I feel like I'll eventually end up with a Zero.

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