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Reviews: Tell us your experience with your Sondors eBike!

Guidelines: How to review.

Please be nice and honest. Don't lie. General forum rules apply.

Please cover the following points

Topic: example for it

Background/Baseline Bikes: Why have you bought a Sondors eBike and what Version. Did a friend recommend it to you?

Why did you have bought this version? (thin, fat ...)

Unboxing / Assembly: How did you experienced that? Was your bike well packaged? Was the assembly easy?

Components: what do you think about the qualitiy of the components? how do you like the design? ...

Performance: is it fun to ride? what do you think in general about the performance

Range: How is the range for you? perfect, to low? your opinion is asked. not only answering the example questions :P

Accessories: Did you add any?  If so why and how has it improved your riding experience / experience in General.

Risk vs. Value: have you been concerned about the limited warranty and general support?  What do you think about the value of the bike for the cheap price?

Overall rating: Write your overall rating about the bike ...

Next: any upgrades planned, do you buy another bike or anything else?


Why review?

  • Help people which are interested in buying a Sondors eBike with your true experience.
  • Play an important role in an buying decision
  • Improve your own writing skills - writing an review isn't that easy.

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