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  2. This is James Jordan saying hello to biking dudes. A commuter and a stunt performer (an amateur) best describe me. Although I’m not an MTB specialist like my buddy Ben, I tried every kind/style only to see what suits me and gives pleasure. Out of curiosity, I took a short course on biking mechanism, troubleshooting, and maintenance at Broadway Bicycle School. Thus, my experience combines my working knowledge to make me feel it right to share my expertise with others and cooperate with my fellow commuters.
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  4. thats sounds complicated lol I will have to find some you tube video on how to do that
  5. No because now is the perfect time to upgrade to a 20 or 24Amp controller, if we can determine that the motor is good. To do that, well need to measure current or not, with you coming multimeter in side the High connector you inspected today. Does the motor rotate both forwards and backwards with the chain off the Freewheel. Does it make any noise while turning it or any clunky resistance or binding. REDDY
  6. Higo motor cable properly plugged in, didn't t se any bent pins. Throttle wires seem good ( i attached pics). I'm thinking , hoping controller issues. Do I have to buy the 85 dollars from their web sites or do you have any reccomendation for the original 2015 fatty model? Thnak you!
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  8. You can use the search window on any page of this forum. https://sondorsforum.com/search/?q=Stem Riser&quick=1 REDDY
  9. Just received my Sondors X. LOVE it, however I think raising the handlebars an inch would be more comfortable on my back but I can’t seem to find out how to do this. Anyone out there raise their handlebars?
  10. If the Throttle is powered (it’s not motor power, just a small control current) there is power getting to the controller but the controller and motor itself are the likeliest device failures. Carefully snap the top off the throttle and look for any broken or displaced wires Inside. Has the bike been exposed to water; left outside, or ridden in the water? Make sure the large Higo Motor Cable on the right chainstay is properly connected with no bent pins inside. REDDY
  11. Since the suspension fork is not available at Sondors, I started looking for alternatives. I found something: https://classic-cycle.de/alle/3064/204-federgabel-rst-guide-20-zoll-tnl-fatbike-1-1/8-ahead-fuer- Scheibenbremse he lower cone must be removed from the old fork. I did it with a spatula, you have to do it very slowly and work your way through. The lower cone is then driven onto the new fork. Again, this has to be done very slowly and carefully. The steerer tube has to be shortened to 205 mm and the expander is used instead of the screw, which worked well. https://r2-bike.com/BBB-Aheadkappe-mit-Expander-PowerHead-Carbon-BAP-03 This is the new Expander: This is the original Screw ( not needed now) new Fork new Fork
  12. Davide Busetti

    Davide Busetti

  13. Yes the throttle leds are all on and the power button depressed. At the beginning i get a little kick, but it dies right away. As soon as I get the meter I will send you the reading for an opinon
  14. The Battery is the place to start and if you have keys to the battery, remove it and look for damage on the plastic surrounding the contact points on the battery and cradle. If you can’t remove the battery, check for voltage between the battery & controller with the battery switch on by piercing the wires with the multimeter probes, that’s why they have sharp points. You didn’t mention if your throttle LEDs are lit with the battery on and the power button depressed on the throttle? LEMMENO REDDY
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  16. I recently got from a friend an original ( maybe 2015 ) fatty,. Pretty teal color but he told me it doesn't work. I read some of the posts of this excellent forum. Here is my plan. 1. I bought a cheap meter from amazon and will check if the battery ( canister) is the problem, the led display on top seems to indicate it is full. 2. I f that's not the problem I will purchase a new controller to replace for the 350W motor . Do you have any recommendation? . All I seem to find is the ones on eBay from china that take forever to get here. My question is , after battery and new controller, what would be my next step? I REALLY appreciate any suggestion , especially if it is specific. Thank you !!
  17. They want you to replace the cap that you disconnected to install the cable to the LCD. Instructions online tell you to save the cap for just this type of trouble shooting problem . Your picture is not the end of the cable that the Green Interior Cap plus into. They want to know if power is restored after completing these instructions. Review, especially @ 7:00 https://vodprogressive.akamaized.net/exp=1594436755~acl=*%2F830528511.mp4*~hmac=2be1e6e3f2d7dec4cd04da08a43ca4990340f3ccea297930c053e1b95916531b/vimeo-prod-skyfire-std-us/01/1798/9/233992569/830528511.mp4?filename=SONDORS+Fold+Assembly.mp4 REDDY I NAMED MY LONGHORN ‘SONDORS”!
  18. Since your in California, let me phrase it like this. The Skinny on replacing the motor are Totally Rad. It all depends on which shop you take it to. Since you as ask how many hours, About 30 minutes for rear wheel, freewheel/cassette (which ever) & brake disc removal, dismount the tire and tube. . ‘About the same to remove all the spokes from the rim and remove them from your old motor frame. I’d say 2 hours to install the new motor in the rim and true it, if all the used spokes can be used. Another 30 minutes to install the motor hardware, install tire and tube, put it back in the frame and adjust the rear derailleur. Plug in the motor and test it. Now that is about how much time it took me, maybe a little more. Since your asking about labor time, am I correct that Sondors.com is sending you a new motor? If not, I have more info for you about replacement motor choices. LEMMENO REDDY
  19. Craig Gates

    Craig Gates

  20. Thank you. In fact I do need a new motor on my 2018 Sondors "X" . Can you tell me how many labor hours can be expected to change out a motor?
  21. Hello everyone, I received my Fold X (France) in January 2020, after 38 km of use in total, after recharging the battery, I no longer have pedaling assistance, no throttle assistance too. My problem seems to be the same as this topic: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2915-power-fail/?tab=comments#comment-10833 When I pedal the PAS sensor flash, seems to be correct... The LCD display works well. If I disconnect the motor cable, an error is well detected on the LCD display. On the LCD screen, the speed displayed is superior to reality. Can it come from the cable? you can look at the photo. I send a mail to Sonors and I received a response from the Sondors support: You would have received the bike with a small, blunt end black cap with a green inside installed on the cable now hooked up to the LCD upon the bike's delivery. What I would like you to do is trace the cable coming out of the back of the LCD down to its disconnect point. Unplug the LCD from the cable at its connection point and plug the black cap onto the open female end leading into/under the bike to the controller (The LCD should now be 'free floating', not connected to anything but still mounted on the bike). We need to know if they work steady with no interruptions or 'breaks' in the power flow to the throttle and PAS. Thank you for your help, my electric bike is no more electric Celine
  22. Just wanted to close out this thread with some information for the next user looking at forks. I ended up taking a chance and buying a Bolany fat tire air fork on Ali Express before my bike arrived. I realize a sub-100 dollar fork is not something I should be taking jumps with and I am fine with that. I'm just an old fat guy who wants a smoother ride, and for that they are fine. I had ordered a white X, and wanted the forks to match. I also like the old school forks with the Sondors branding that they no longer offer on the X. When the forks arrived, I removed the decals and sanded the lowers and painted them white. I then found a place that does custom vinyl lettering and got some decals made. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. See before and after pics below. The bike arrived yesterday, and the fork was an easy swap with the original unsprung unit., and the tire clears just fine. Here it is on the bike I've only ridden it a couple of times, but I already love it. I live in a very hilly area, and I managed to snag a 1000 watt Bafang rear hub that I plan to adapt. The power cord runs from the other side of the motor, so I will need to look at that. Anyway, this was my experience. Your mileage may vary, but this is what worked for me.
  23. Review this guy’s builds. https://www.youtube.com/c/jehugarcia I have 3 -52V batteries @ 54Ahs and one 67.2V 30Ah. My electric bill averages $35 a month until I turn on AC. I live in an Oak Forest but haven’t used the ac at all this year and when I do when the temps stay @100°+ for days on end, only use it for a couple of hours before I go to sleep. When I need supplemental I have a lil generator. REDDY
  24. Ahh, ok. Thanks, didn’t know enough to ask an intelligent question. Not aware of Li power stations ‘til now. Other then Tesla anyway. No idea 150-500 w units available. What I love about new rabbit holes, learn new stuff! So, research panels and pick up a few. Get a Jackery 500 power station, plug in the SONDORS charger and battery. Done and dusted. Plus I have a light duty power backup as well as an off grid power source.
  25. No , but a 12V panel can power a Solar Generator (basically another Li ion battery pack with associated hardware to output 110v to a dedicated 48V battery charge with its own BMS that charges your battery to 53V. Connectors are off the shelf but not necessarily @ Home Depot. I’d suggest you go to electricbike.com and review the articles about Li ion batteries. REDDY
  26. I see a fair number of 150-160 watt 12 volt solar panel chargers are available at reasonable prices. I’m thinking I’ll DIY a charger for my just-ordered XS. First, am I correct in ASSuming that a 12v charger can be adapted to the task of charging a 48v SONDORS battery? Second, are the SONDORS battery connectors proprietary or generic? I know from my experience with UAV’s that safely charging li-ion batteries is not a trivial matter. Appreciate any advice.
  27. https://youtu.be/OjYoNL4g5Vg https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1914-25-amp-controller-in-a-fold-x/?tab=comments#comment-6528 https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2153-750w-fold-x7-24errr/?tab=comments#comment-8077 I’m Out. REDDY
  28. This is what I also thought. So I ordered the part with the help of Sondors support. But Sondors seems to have a problem with their little ‚warehouse‘ in Europe. They 2x delivered the wrong Fold X Controller. I got the newer one for models starting from Jan 2019 (short cables and different connector to the break levers). I have a summer 2018 model..... now they ordered it again from the US, but I guess the Summer is over before I get this one 😞 many thnx for your help by the way ....
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