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  2. I added a Topeak MTX BeamRack V-type along with their DX bag. They are not cheap, but they seem to work well on my Fold XS.
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  4. Can anyone recommend a good set of front and rear lights for my new Step? Mostly to make me visible ;I don't anticipate much riding after dark. Can they be powered by the bike's battery? I don't have the bike yet... Just anticipating.
  5. I ordered the LAST torch red Sondors Step of the August shipment last night and they tell me it's been shipped. Now I wait... I'm a 69 year old very active guy in Frederick MD and I'm looking forward to riding the surrounding country roads and trails.
  6. Thanks Reddy! I have an original Fat Boy and yes the back tire rolls forwards and backward, I can still ride the bike fin it's just I don't get any pedal assist or thrust when I push down on the accelerator. I will troubleshoot your method and let you know if that fixes the issue thanks!
  7. Reddy, I appreciate your follow-up. Thanx for the links and info Tried to get the voltage readings, but then I am in Display 2 and press the I button, bike powers off. IN teh meantime, I finally got my battery out of my bike and the spare in. Just rode 20 miles, the battery is down to 2 bars (I am fat and lots of mountains). Tried to charge this battery and the battery charge shows green and never changes to red. This leads me to believe the problem is the charger. So, I am off the look for a suitable charger. You asked "Did you follow the battery charging procedure as described in this Sondors X video? " Actually, I always plugged the charger 1) to the battery port first 2) power plug tot he charger,, then 3) the chager power plug to wall socket I noticed in the Sondors Assembly video, he already had the power plg connected ot the charger.
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  9. I don’t believe I explained myself in my last post well enough for you to understand, then implement the procedure. You don’t look for the damage to Trouble Shoot, this possibility for the problem you’re experiencing, if it’s the cut off switch(s). Disconnect the right hand brake levers Higo connector, it should be inside the battery box. Oops, I’m assuming you have the Original Fat or a Sondors X or XS, or maybe a Thin. This is the clue to tell us what you were riding. If you have Fold Variant, it’s probably on the handle bar riser or inside the main frame tube, I don’t have one, I dunno. Now that you’ve got it disconnected see if the bike will operate. If no, also disconnect the left side brake Higo. Check for operation. If still no, connect both again AND THE BRAKE CUT OFF SWITCHES AINT THE PROBLEM (they are usually the most common failure points after a Massive Pothole Encounter. LEMMENO. It’s a trouble shooting process. The next possibility, but one that is usually announced by an error code displayed on the LCD, is a motor anomaly. Does the rear wheel turn freeley forward and bakards? (said with a LakeBilly twang and in a regional dialect) LEMMENO REDDY
  10. Is there something inside the brake levers i need to check?
  11. Got a new 2019 Sonders Fold-x ebike recently, does anyone know the specs of the seat post shock on the new 2019 Fold-xs , watched Marty’s Johnson's video and saw that there was a seat post with built in shock and with the thought of a more comfortable ride I wondered if that might be something valuable-I mentioned in my video: https://youtu.be/0-0fA6ATZYA -that I thought it would have been nice to offer it as an option for the fold x as well since my riding really did not require a 750 watt motor and front fork shock but the idea of a seat shock appeals to me and since obviously the design of the 2019 x and xs were done roughly the same time it would have been a nice foresight to offer that on the x model as well. I inquired about this through the Sonders site and it seem that the answer was somewhat rough as “we don’t offer that, you can buy it here” (with a link to the parts site) however it does not come up on that site and also as I tried to explain on a subsequent chat if I can’t find out any specifications on it how do I know it will work without bottoming out with my weight? There are several aftermarket shock seat posts available on line and the all give some explanation of how they work and the various weight limits they have but I would like to find out more on the one Sonders uses.
  12. I have a fold-x and got the rack and fender kit. Since I wanted fenders I thought I could get an aftermarket rack that might work but was told in order to get the fenders I would have to order the entire kit. The fenders are extremely good quality and the rack is as well and so is the bag, I have a short video on youtube about it: https://youtu.be/0-0fA6ATZYA but am dissapointed that there are no instructions whatsoever on the installation of the rack and fenders and I had to use some ingenuity to get it right-Anyway I can’t complain about the quality or looks of the kit but again no documentation and while I did manage to figure it out there were some confusing moments-parts and attachments had to be sorted and after a bit I realized the parts kit were compiled to fit both the x and xs so some of the leftover parts were not needed on the x but instructions would have been nice-I still don’t know if I have the front fender support on correctly since I have the bent portion horizontal to the front fork but if you look at the picture of the fender on the “sport” it looks like the bent part is vertical along the front fork? I looked further on the site after my purchase and noticed that there is a rack and fender kit without the bag for the “sport” model I see no real difference between the sport and the x as far as frame and overall looks of the bikes and wondered if that kit would fit the x as well, also there two exact listings for the “sport” rack and fender kit but one is 149 and the other is 129? What gives?
  13. Thanks, I checked the lines and unplugged both of them and they seemed fine. I took out the battery to check all the wire's and all connections are good.
  14. I Don’t Fold... but the length of new chains are usually 116 links. That should work on a single speed Fold Freewheel and a 56T Chainring but you’ll need to shorten it. I had to remove two links, on my single speed Sondors Custom Narrow, with a 58T Chainring.. You don’t by chains by the link, but break them or add links (7speed Sondors and large Chainring conversions efforts require you to buy two new chains to use a portion of the second). If you don’t have a chain break tool , you’ll need to buy one too. https://youtu.be/88tDcVvS7mU https://youtu.be/rZP3lQnuO0E I recommend the KMC 8.99 chain now named the KMC X8-Silver. It’s the best chain you can install on your Fold. http://kmcchain.us/chain/x8-99/ Reddy
  15. Looking to upgrade the chainring in my fold X. The bike is a single speed. Was looking at the Lasco 56T one on Amazon part number B00NZI8ZS8. Has anyone used this before? Does it fit the fold x ? What about the chain, can anyone give me the specs on what length I will need with the larger chainring ? A part number would be great. Also any specialty tools needed to remove this? And finally, with this chainring what mph can you pedal to ? Paul
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  17. It’s not like Nick Danger exclaimed, “It’s just the little Chromium Switch, here”! its more more complicated than that and you’ll have to review the manual to the KT-LCD3. The best way is to watch Nick from Bolton eBikes explain in the video in the link below. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-everything-you-need-to-know-sondors-ebike/ and on page 17 of this manual it explains how to change the maximum riding speed. https://sondorsforum.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1668 REDDY
  18. Hi Has anyone tried to fit the Bolton Ebike’s, Fat Bike Suspension Fork on an original fatty with the stock Chayong 4.9 tires?
  19. So Vanessa, was the power outage permeant or momentary. Is your Step now operational? REDDY
  20. Just got my sondors step, rode for a short while, did great. Fully charged I took it for a ride and hit bump lost power... any thoughts on what caused it?
  21. PLEASE How can Modify the speed limit in SONDORS Original Florentino Miami Beach Florida
  22. Hey David, Link me to your original post, please. Let’s start at the beginning. Did you follow the battery charging procedure as described in this Sondors X video? The Number of bars in the display can be misleading depending on the settings as configured in LCD set up. What does the Voltage read in the LCD screen 3? Removing and replacing the wheel should not have any influence on your problem. The only misstep that could occur is a problem with the pins being bent of broken in the large Higo connector under the right chainstay and that would be indicated by an error code on the LCD. Would have nothing to do with Battery Level Bars or Charger not cycling ON, to charge the battery. I suggests familiarizing yourself with this thread and especially the video to setup the KT LCD-3. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-everything-you-need-to-know-sondors-ebike/ LEMMENO REDDY
  23. Sondors X (non-fold) LCD Shows battery at 4 bars, charger shows only green when attached. I am unable to remove battery from bike . I posted this problem back in February, this group nor Tech Support was able resolve the issue with the battery. I am forced to charge the battery in the bike. I had to remove rear tire to replace defective tube (split on seam). After re-install of wheel, battery shows 4 bars and when attached, the charger light does not change to red too indicate charging.
  24. @Mr Sean , Find the Red Higo connector on the brake cut off switch wire for both brake levers and disconnect them one by one. I believe that one of your brake levers , a cut off switch in one (or both) of your brake levers or the cut off switch wire to one or both of your brake levers is damaged. LEMMENO REDDY
  25. Hi All, I was riding last week and his a massive pothole and slammed into the handle bars. The Throttle still lights up and I actually hand an extra and tried replacing it because that's what i smashed into with my chest and thought that was the reason it stopped working. However, the throttle still lights up just nothing happens when I give it "gas". I traced the electric lines and they are all still plugged in so I'm not sure what the issue is but I would like to get it fixed. Any one have and ideas/thoughts on next steps? Thanks, Sean
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