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  3. There are quite a few who do, I’ve been caught in the rain before but I never ride in the rain on purpose, because It takes 2 hours to clean my bike properly, after rain and all the road grime. It’s not a good practice and light rain is usually not a problem about water incursions. There are threads here of owners who’ve come for advice with troubling motor problems and discovering their motors are full of rust during disassembly. They are not waterproof. Don’t ever use a pressure washer. If you plan to ride in the rain regularly, the first step to insure doing it as safely as possible, is installing a good set of fenders. REDDY
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  5. Can you ride your ebike in the rain? Or will this damage the motor and the controls? Thanks.
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  7. It’s underneath the crank. Only found it by feel. Flip the bike upside down or lay on your back and take a picture.
  8. Mike Richie posted this thread to help explain the parts compatibility. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2383-understanding-parts-compatibility-for-your-sondors-ebike/ I was amoung the first Original owners and first to install the Generic KT LCD3 bought from China. It cost me $49 bucks and it still performs well on my highly modified, Electric Black Lightning. The bike is so highly modified, with only the Original; Frame, Fork, Triangle Battery Box and Bottom Bracket remaining. it can no longer be considered a Sondors and the LCD has been used with the original (15amp) and two other aftermarket controllers (25amp and now 35amp). For about the same price of a new Sondors Fold x7 LCD, it’s possible to upgrade your controller to a 25amp controller and matching generic LCD in a package from one of our approved US vendors and that upgrade is featured here by owner BikeNut on his wife’s, Buffy’s Fold . It incorporates other unique modifications, in its final iteration. It does require some level of mechanical and electrical skill but just about anyone can accomplish it. Check with this vendor with help before ordering parts. https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike I couldn’t find the Sondors Compatible LCD for the Fold X7 on the Sondors website. Reddy, over and out. smoke’m if ya got’em.
  9. Thanks for the info i guess i will have to purchase the proper lcd screen. Been working on this for a while but i guess i bought the wrong lcd screen. Even though it said on the site that its compatable with the sondors bikes. My fault.
  10. I didn’t say I’d wouldn’t work, I said it wasn’t compatible with your Sondors Fold X7 controller, if it’s not a Sondors FoldX7 LCD. I’m sure, if you review this forum, you’ll find the information you require but since I’ve already informed you of the display problems experienced with mis-matched components, I think it’s best if you find out for yourself. If it’s from Sondors it’s already configured for a Fold X7. Good Luck, I don’t have a Fold X 7, so I can’t be of any help and you do so you must be right, except best not to reprogram your LCD3 while baked. REDDY
  11. Well its not from sondors but it does work when i plug it in and it the bike does run its just i dont have the motor characteristic parameter setting (P1) for the sondors fold x and also the power monitoring setting (P5). Im sure someone knows what the setting is just not telling me lol i have the manual i know how to set it up but i dont have the right specs to properly program it.
  12. It depends on where you purchased the new LCD screen. If it was NOT from Sondors.com in won’t be comparable because only Sondors Supplied LCDs have the correct communication protocol to match your FoldX7’s Controller. Otherwise if it was from Sondors, the video contained in this thread will guide you thru setup preferences. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-and-setup-lcd8h-everything-you-need-to-know-sondors-ebike/ REDDY
  13. I have the sondors fold x 7 speed and i had to purchase another lcd screen. Anyone know what the corect P1 and P5 settings are for the sondors fold x 7 speed?
  14. That is an idea to keep in mind. I guess it becomes a choice of whether to recharge a regular light, or use a system like yours. I will have to put some thought and experimentation into it. thanks again.
  15. On my Sondors Original, with my non USB ported KT_LCD3, I use a Power Bank to power that Headlight. It uses 4, 18650GA Li Ion batteries and I recharge it with a spare Apple IPad charger because it is more powerful and recharges faster than the average cell phone charger. I’ve never run out of power using the 3 LED light like your 2 LED version and it’s never discharged below 50% capacity. I keep the Power Bank in a top tube trunk, with a few other necessities, pocket change and multi tool. https://tinyurl.com/Reddy-s-Powerbank You could use the LCD USB port to recharge a powerbank. REDDY
  16. Reddy, thanks for the info. I didn't have a meter, so I ended up emailing Sondors tech support. They told me that the LCD only has a 1 amp USB port and will do nothing but charge a phone. So my idea of using a USB powered light will not work, at least with Sondors' LCD screen. Too bad.
  17. Well the tech had me go into the diagnostics section of the controller. Don't remember the exact readings but they started with def-various readings last of which was 00..... Don't know of reference information about this process. The tech asked me to go into three readings all with the "def" showing and toward the end of this he commented "that's odd" then saying we'll send out a new battery. Which came today, I installed it and rode the bike a bit as it showed nearly full charge. Bike ran as new again and when I turned it off the charger showed normal red lite and .Later showed full charge green lite. So it was the battery that failed. Sondors folk were very honorable and helpful.
  18. For the benefit of everyone on this forum... what odd reading and what is the control program? Reddy
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  20. Your first step is to measure the output of the USB port with your multimeter, which is a mandatory device for every ebike owner, from the LCD when it’s powered on. You might also activate the light function with the control button sequence for your LCD. On both mine, it’s holding the up arrow for a few seconds. That turns on the backlight for the LCD and sends current to the extra red Higo connector cable, for some Controllers and it turns that function on for comparable lights; both headlights and tail lights. It’s probably a long shot that it controls the USB port out put but it’s worth a try. The output voltage should read 5V which is common among usb outputs. If it’s not contact Sondors.com and ask directions to file for a support request on the Sondors Owners Facebook Page. BTW, I use the 3 led version of that light on both my previously labeled Sondors and power one with the KT LCD 3 Display, equipped with the USB port. Works Perfectly. As not to mislead anyone else reading these posts, these lights have No Internal Batteries. REDDY
  21. I bought a Sondors upgrade color LCD display (with the 25 amp controller) some time ago when they were first offered at a discounted price. I noticed it has a USB port on the right side. I bought the Securitylng USB powered LED light off Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077YGK2F1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 So I could plug it in the USB port and not have to worry about recharging a light every few days; this way as long as the battery had power the light would have power. But I find the Securitylng light doesn't work with the Sondors LCD display USB port. I only get a little flash of light from it, and it doesn't work. When I try it in my computer's USB port, it works great. I am thinking the Sondors color display USB output port doesn't have enough power to make the light work. Any thoughts? Am I correct? Has anyone tried it? Is the USB port only good for charging cell phones? Seems like a great solution if it would work, but as it is I am sending it back.
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  23. Yes, there are a lot of misconceptions about eBikes and their usability. The Original Sondors Fat was introduced as an entry level eBike that is priced at an unbelievable low price. Existing eBike retailers, during that release complained, that you couldn’t buy the parts to build a like Sondors for the offering price. The Original Sondors Fat, has a lot more power and speed than most of its predecessors, that were more expensive. The greatest realized value, of the Sondors eBikes, is that there are more upgrade options, parts and satisfied customers than you can shake a stick at. Besides helping Owners and prospectives owners solve problems, this forum serves to share ideas about customization and upgrades. I have no doubt that you can transform your bike into just what you require. Since you reviewed and reacted to my post in a thread titled ”Prospective Buyer", about hills, I’m including a post, of mine, from that thread here. Tap the arrow in the top right of the frame below to access that post in full. REDDY
  24. Hi All, I'm a new Sondors owner from Newberg Oregon. I bought the bike because I love the look and ride of a fat tire bike, and I wanted the motor power to help get me up the hills to my house. Unfortunately, the motor doesn't have enough power to make any difference on the hills I have to climb. It is sad and frustrating to spend so much and not have it do what I bought it for.
  25. Hey, how’s your setup working after this time? I just got a X, and just put 209 miles in a week and half. Love it. i am in a recovery mode still, and have about 400 miles total from a long break from biking( 1996 - 2020). I do have 20 years of riding roads and mild trails! Long distance, 2 -3 days rides. Blah blah blah.. im wondering how easy was finding cassette’s and chain rings that are just a “part change”. The bike shops here ( Chico, Cal. ) seem less than helpful when I ride up and park the big Red X in front, I’m not sensitive, but I am paying attention... when I was a biker, I was also motorcyclist, (ARRA # 167, the club is gone, the track: Willow Springs international raceway rosamound, Cal. is still going strong) And I had super good job breaking stuff for air force and space commutations satellites at Huge AirCrash ( Hugh’s Aircraft, flight hardware and space and commutations div. high temperature structures test laboratory) so I bought expensive stuff, fixed what I could, made what I could, bought new better when I couldn’t. Don’t remember anything about bikes, milling machines and engine lathes, and remember things Teflon coefficients ,PEM fasteners load cycle to EOL, Wheatstone bridge calculations....things I can positively say “why” when I don’t use any of that any more. you have a good story about your X, so I rambled on...thanks. im going to find my login creds for this forum. weird, I guess I didn’t do the second click when signed up here after I ordered my red X
  26. What Do You Brew? On my Non Powered Litespeed’s, I’ve always use the 25Th anniversary Clipless Dura Ace PD -7700, Pedals that came came with the groups and Sidi road shoes, and I keep my Classic Bicycles Stock, when possible. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dura-Ace-25th-Anniversary-Pedal-set-Clipless-Shimano-PD-7700-Vintage-Bike-NOS/283737723785?epid=1500609871&hash=item4210161389:g:L8sAAOSwOtdYUedz On my Pristine Cannondale 87’ SR 800 Criterium , that I rode over 30,000 miles, I rode the pedals that came with the Ultegra 600 Groupo. They had unusual cleat capture hardware and toe clips and various road shoes thru the years. Butt, On my Sondors, I tried Clipless and Toe Clips, even on some folding pedals that I used on my Original Fat, so the Pedals didn’t dig into the trunk on my Jetta when mounted on the twin ebike rack I built, that was so narrow, that with two fat bikes it was crowded. I like the Orignal platform pedals that came on both my Sondors because the Ralph Lauren Polo Duck Boots I bought in about 2006 have semi-lugged soles that stick in the spaces of the pedals. Not quite capable of turning perfect circles but they are pretty secure without the problem, clip-less release grip, to get out of. since I have to unseat myself at almost every stop, to touch ground, unless it’s next to a curb to rest that side’s foot. These original Ralph Lauren Duck Drovers, are made with Tough, Heavy Leather, incredible durability and I’ve taken a few spills at speed and they’ve protected my feet with out serious damage to the boots. The online copied image below is not representative of my older boots and lesser quality than my originals but nicer than the cheaper ones in the bottom image. Last year I found a deal, on what I thought was the same boots online, but they are "US Polo" Drover Boots and although not a bad reproduction, for a lot less money, the leather is a lot thinner, a less quality boot. These boots are a lot lighter weight. I prize the older ones because spinning all that heavier weight is a better workout. REDDY
  27. Trouble shot the problem with Sondors tech and they are sending another battery. Ours showed odd readings when accessing the control programs. Good deeds is my take away.
  28. I just received an email to secure my account. I thought I did that some time ago. I even posted a photo of my bike. This is a weird forum. richie
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