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  2. Geopal04

    The Magura Brake Project

    Presumably is still a caliper mount adapter for mounting the Magura MT5e (brake disc 203 mm) on my Sondors X (disc 160 mm) required? Does the dealer know which adapter I need, or can you tell me which one to order?
  3. Geopal04

    The Magura Brake Project

    Hi Matt, Thank you for your answer and your comprehensive information about the Magura Mt5e, which helps me a lot!😊
  4. Sondors is a small company with few employees and limited cash flow, producing bikes for the best price on the planet, That narrow profit margin makes capital investment in inventory limited especially for stocking and warehousing a large parts supply. Almost every part is avalable, off the shelf in China, with the exception of the battery box. If Sondors raised the price of Ebikes, a few hundred dollars ... they’d do better job at inventory but that’s the price we pay to get a good deal. There are many more people who can buy and enjoy Sondors bike because of the Great value at a Great Low Price. It’s frustrating to not be able to ride your bikes because of lack of replacment parts but most are out there if you can find them or handy enough to retrofit or modify existing generic parts. I also have more than one Sondors and this one has few of the original parts. It does, although, have the original throttle, but only one LED still lights. There is a way to wire a jumper to use the 6 wire throttle for the 3 wire system that is documented on this forum but it might take considerable searching to find it and I’m sleepy. )) Thanks, Yippie Ki Reddy
  5. Thank you Reddy Kilowatt! I would like to express my apologies for the emotional post, and also say thank you for helping me out again! My complaint was not against you or the members of this forum (which I apreciate very much). I do think however that Sondors should install a better network for Sondors owners which allows us to buy every part of a Sondors bike more easily on the internet. Thank you again and kind regards! Dietmar PS I did edit my first post according to your suggestions
  6. There are both 3 conductor throttles on the newer Sondors and 6 wire on the single speed older models. This is a replacment for the one you show and Sondors is the only know replacment for one exactly like the one you broke. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/throttles/products/thumb-throttle There is no known replacment for the 3 conductor throttle at the present but you can find one without the correct Higo connector and splice your old connector in, at one of the suppliers on Aliexpress. Yes, it seems to be difficult to get replacements at present. You may communicate your displeasure to the Sondors Company at Sondors.com. The owners forum is not part of the Sondors company. It is hosted and administered by owners to help others members. It is not a complaint board, so please refrain from posting those sentiments here as you have already agreed, in the Terms of Use when you registered. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/throttles/products/thumb-throttle thanks REDDY
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  8. MattRobertson

    The Magura Brake Project

    By the way, at $120.79 this is currently the best online price on MT5e's from this vendor, 365 Cycles: https://ebay.us/IB6q2H I have bought - I think - three sets of these to date *from this vendor* for various bikes I have built (add a couple more sets from bike-discount.de and the German bike shop guy... Karl Vom Kanal, if I remember coorectly. So I have a bunch of them and essentially have standardized on one brakeset and one rotor size (205mm) so I only have to stock one set of spare parts across what is now a small fleet. Interestingly, that first set on my Sondors sprung a leak on the front caliper. So I backtracked my purchase date and found a) I was within Magura's warranty and b) 365 Cycles was a certified Magura dealer. So warranty claims honored. I contacted them, they contacted Magura, I documented the problem to Magura's satisfaction and Magura sent me a replacement caliper, set of pads and even a rotor. I did point out that a) the pads while contaminated were worn out anyway and b) the rotor was just below its 1.80 mm wear point, so Magura need just replace the caliper. They very nicely sent me the works anyway. FYI I did go to a fair bit of trouble to try and save the pads via the 90%+ alcohol and blowtorch method, and also worked hard to clean the rotor - all during the diagnosis phase of the problem. My conclusion... don't waste your time. Just buy new pads and spend the time you saved out riding. Speaking of pads, Magura Type 8.P pads - the best for the MT5e - are quite pricey from USA sellers. But Rose Bikes in Germany has them quite cheap. As I mentioned, I have a small fleet of ebikes now and one set of common brake parts. So I stocked up on 4 sets of pads for about $17.50 a set. https://www.rosebikes.co.uk/magura-8p-performance-disc-pads-for-mt5mt7-2652120 thats the place to go for pads.
  9. It seems to be difficult to find replacement parts for my Sondors. I own different types of Sondors bikes: Sondors Original, Sondors Fold X, and Sondors X 7speed. All of them have broken thumb throttles. I've searched the internet for hours trying to understand which thumb throttle fits on these different bikes, if anybody could please help me finding out where to buy them i would be a happy camper. Thanks in advance!
  10. MattRobertson

    The Magura Brake Project

    Hi sorry I missed this. You want the NO (Normally Open). AKA "Closer" version. In German: "Schliesser"
  11. Phil or Cheryl Brown

    Rear deraileur

    Thanks very much for the info that helps a lot
  12. Reddy Kilowatt

    question to Sondors management

    Sorry saxman. The Sondors Owners Forum is not connected to Sondors.com, but hosted and administrated by owners for owners, so your request needs to be sent to the company @ Sondors.com Reddy
  13. Angus1957


  14. any idea when or if a Thin battery will be available?
  15. ceol claudio

    Suspension fork available for Fold X?

    It seems that the Fork for x-fold is sold out. Does anybody knows when the Fork become avalable again??
  16. Reddy Kilowatt

    Rear deraileur

    For the three speed upgrade this will get you all the info but.... the first half of this thread is conjecture, look for good info half way thru here with Scott Kennedy’s posts and beyond. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/20-3-speed-conversion/ For the 7 speed you’ll need a new motor and controller and at least a 48v battery pack. REDDY
  17. Phil or Cheryl Brown

    Rear deraileur

    Hi, have just purchased a single speed Sonders fat tire bike. Was wondering if it is possible to install a multi speed deraileur on the rear hub and if so where to buy the parts. Thanks for any help. Cheers, Phil
  18. Kirk Garfield

    XS seat post size?

    I am looking to swap out my stock seat post with something else. Can someone educate me on the dimensions/diameter of the stock seat post? Note: this is for a new Sondors XS special edition w/stock suspension seat post. Thank you in advance, Kirk
  19. Kirk Garfield

    Here from SW CT

    Hello. New XS owner here @ 1000 foot elevation in southwest CT. I look forward to hitting the snowy country trails tomorrow!
  20. Kirk Garfield

    26" fatty Volt Fenders

    I am also looking for fender or mudguard options.
  21. Reddy Kilowatt

    Replacement Controller

    I’m thinking that was 49.6 kph, about 31mph which is significant. I’d say your Thin is on its road to giving it’s owner a happy electric life. When I went outside this morning I didn’t see my shadow (light showers forecasted, movin out this evening) so I’m predicting a warming trend and when the roads dry..... great riding! Maybe not simple but if you want the best info, start here at page 27 and work backwards towards 1, by picking your interests, for a pretty all encompassing explanations of Ebikes and their components. https://www.electricbike.com/hubmotors/ REDDY
  22. Amanaland

    Replacement Controller

    Just wanted to put this out there: The LCD controller from Bolton arrived; I got the color version and it was a breeze to program. There is still a combination of snow and ice on the streets here so I haven't had a chance to really give things the road test, but previously the bike went ...maybe 3-4 MPH with me on it. Now after adding the LCD controller (the previous owner replaced the original Sondors controller but never had the LCD part) when I tip the bike up on the kick stand and use the thumb throttle, indicated speed is 49.6 MPH no-load...which I see as promising. We talk about "controllers" and in my book, that could mean the thumb throttle, the LDC control screen with attached buttons, or the silver box that lives in with the battery. Aren't these all controllers of some sort? Somewhere is there a simple explanation of what these respective parts do? The help that Reddy had offered seems to have proven invaluable. Hopefully in a few days I can do a road test to prove or disprove my results. Thanks again for the support!
  23. Angus1957


    Now if I could get Storm to create an e-paddle for my kayak I'll be pimpin!
  24. Angus1957


    Thank you, what little I've got to ride it , I couldn't be happier, its really quik. I can't wait to take a road trip. It came wit some things I didn't expect, like the Selle Royal gel seat and suspension seat post, nice through frame cabling , cool cable management
  25. Reddy Kilowatt


    Looks Good!
  26. Angus1957

    New to sondors

    Hi, everyone just got my xs this week. And I must say it is too cool, I road a specialized fatboy, but have looking at sondors since startup. Finally pulled the trigger. Its been nothing but ice storms here in missouri but I managed to get in a spin up the driveway and back. I've added a couple extras. Big buck fenders and surly rack I had from my fatboy
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