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  2. Reddy Kilowatt

    Got two Fold X for me and my wife

    John, there are plenty of post on Fold modifications here on the forum. Just use the search function that is top right, in the header and search Fold. Don't forget to add pictures of your adventures to the Gallery. Pictures in the forum kinda get lost unless they’re in the album dedicated to them. Ride On ! Happy Holidays REDDY
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  4. John Casey

    Fold X: Body in White!

    Hey Reddy, Is there a manual for the settings on the LCD screen for a Fold X with the 500 watt motor? I like the speed and acceleration but as a Tesla owner, I want more !!!! Thanks, John
  5. Wow are these ever fun. We are in San Diego and have ridden around Fiesta Island several times and recently rode to Seaport Village. No headwind problems with these bikes. My wife is onlky 5'1" so her legs pump pretty high when her seat is adjusted to just balancing on her toes. We traded out the seats for a Gel seat that allows more rear placement of the seat so you don't feel like you are going to slide off the back. Has anyone changed out the fron sprocket so when you are on high level and gear 7 you don't spin wildly? Now we want to get lights so we can ride at night. We can fold these up and carry them in the back of our Ford Flex. We are driving to our daughters house in San Rafael for Xmas and will be riding on those great fire trail roads.
  6. Mj Hong

    Fold PAS not working

    I recently changed the thumb throttle on the fold because the original broke off when the bike tipped over. Now the throttle works great but the PAS is not responding. I tried everything in the book. Programming the lcd, shifting the position of the magnet sensor, bought and installed a brand new pas sensor. Nothing works. Can it be the controller? Does anyone have a spare stock fold controller for sale or donation? I will pay for shipping. Please help me out
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  8. Hi, i purchased a Sondors Fold (Europe). It is with shocks and the "new" square LCD. I build in the thumb throttle. As the throttle is not allowed in Germany but in Austria i want to switch it on an off. It should not work in Germany. Looking for the manual of the KD51C i thought it would be the settings Hnd menu. Unfortunately the throttle is working all the time no matter if i change HL or HF settings. Any idea? Thanks
  9. Last week
  10. Hello, Orginal fatty owner here. Does anyone have a spare bottle battery holder/cradle and keys? I misplaced both of my keys and Sondors customer service advised me to purchase a replacement cradle and keys for $90. Looking to see if anyone has a spare laying around. I will pay for shipping. Please help me out. Private Message Me Thank you!
  11. Michel McNicoll


    Air Shock upgrade in process.....
  12. Michel McNicoll

    color lcd admin password

    I think the same some setting are strait foward but others not obvious, need to do some testing prior to post something, Inputs are welcome ! Cheers
  13. MattRobertson

    Import Fees 2019

    Yes this is an EU- mandated surcharge on the bikes. Sondors is as much a victim as the consumer is. If you followed the EU bike tariff complaint filed by the EBMA, it really was ... well, disgusting. Protectionism at its very worst. EBMA cited a Stromer as a properly priced ebike and Chinese bikes as therefore 'dumped'. I am oversimplifying greatly but that is what it boiled down to. Take that EU consumers. Bafang is reportedly scouting a manufacturing plant in Eastern Europe. Its within the EU but not subject to Swiss wage levels. They will wind up being just as competitive as they are now but the tariffs have held them off for a couple of years putting this into place. I have heard of other parts mfrs moving to Other Asian countries like Taiwan and Vietnam which are not subject to the dumping tariffs.
  14. Stefan Hupe

    Import Fees 2019

    I am for free trade between all countries. That's why I find these punitive tariffs stupid. Sondors imports the bicycles from China, Sondors has to pay for them and transfer them to their customers. That's 80% for Europe (EU). The reason for this fine is that European bicycle manufacturers are afraid that they will not be able to get their expensive or even crazy Prices.
  15. surpriser

    Import Fees 2019

    What do you think about the import fee that will come into force next year? I'm from Europe and I'm not even sure if or how this affects me, because Sondors bikes are delivered for European customers directly from China to Rotterdam in the Netherlands as far as I know.
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  17. Charlie

    color lcd admin password

    A tutorial on the various setting available would be a good thing,, too new?
  18. Reddy Kilowatt

    Sondors In Norway?

    Jeg vet, jeg vet at du ikke kan lage pølser på en Sondors. Men kan du ikke få. Sondors der? https://youtu.be/xePknD5eQgU Happy - Happy Merry - Merry REDDY
  19. Michel McNicoll

    color lcd admin password

    Hey guys 1665 to access advanced setting to unlock full power !
  20. Reddy Kilowatt

    Fold X: Body in White!

    Mike, Don’t forget to add pictures of your Adventures on your Fold, in our Gallery Section. Owners pictures kinda get lost in the day to day posts, especially with all the Facebook member picture updates that clutter our forum, but the Gallery is a great collection and repository for our pictures. Happy Holidays Reddy!
  21. Mike Nelson

    Fold X: Body in White!

    Heh, heh, heh! Haven't heard a Sea Hunt / Mike Nelson / Lloyd Bridges reference in a long time. I really enjoyed that show in the 1960's, back when there was only one TV channel (in Sacramento) to watch here in Lassen County. Fortunately, they are all online now.
  22. Reddy Kilowatt

    Fold X: Body in White!

    Handsome Fold! Mike, I got my Triple Open Water Scuba Certifications with NAUI, PADI & YMCA, because of watching you on Sea Hunt when I was a kid. )) Reddy
  23. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson

  24. Mike Nelson

    Fold X: Body in White!

    Received the Fold X in July, riding it in Lassen County where there are tons of trails.
  25. So i have a related question..... Apparently sonders is selling some Color LCD display for older FOLD X it also comes with a bigger 25A controller. Does anyone have any experience with these, sounds tempting, but worry about excessive battery drain when offroad. Also if they going to change 250 or so for the kit it sure as heck have a way to bypass the 20mph speed limit function. Other than a kind of useless color display that just eats up more power think other folks offer aftermarket lcd and 25a control that not only give more power but also do away with silly speed limiter. Does anyone use one of the aftermarket kits I mention or have any experience with this new color lcd +control kit for foldx?
  26. Thanks David, I was able to resolve this issue traced it to a bad soldering job in the hub..
  27. Hi David Sounds like you have solved the problem. My Thin has worked fine since my earlier problems. I am now convinced my issue was just the connection. I think I wasn't pushing the motor connection together far enough. The arrows have to go together. This is the easiest thing to check if people get the noise and error code three. Brian
  28. Hi. I have a KT 36V zwsr 15 amp controller with a LCD5 display. On the display I have the back light/lights function and on the controller I have two pairs of 36V red/black wires that I assume are for the lights. I purchased a 36V Busch&Muller headlight and rear light. However the lights are not connected to the on/off function of the display and these two pairs of wires are always power on even if the display is off. Basically, I put the lights on/off from the headlight button. Although the controller and the display are compatible, I cannot find the "combination" to make the lights on/off from the display. My question is, does not my controller support this function? Is any pair of wires that i should link to the display or other wires in the controller to go to the lights? If not, what controller do you recommend me? (well, there are three questions ) Thanks
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