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  2. That sounds like the mismatch between the LCD and Controller when replacing either one or the other. But eliminating the LCD should have restored power. Next I’d try eliminating the next most common error, that is that one or both of the brake lever interrupt switches is not releasing all the way causing the current interruption function. This most commonly occurs after a fall or when replacing /changing handlebars or adjusting the brake calipers or levers. Disconnect the Higo connectors between the levers and controller, one by one then both and see if power is restores. LEMMENO REDDY
  3. Make sure your PAS magnet disc is touching it’s sensor pick-up, throughout its rotation, it’s behind the chainring on the bottom bracket spindle. REDDY
  4. I just received a new KT LCD8H, and hooked it up with the new 35 amp controller I have. The pedal assist kicks on and off for no apparent reason. It will do it at any speed, so it's not a speed governor issue. The pedal assist will only work for about one second at a time and give me a burst of power and then cut off every couple of seconds. Is anybody know what could cause this, or how it could be fixed?
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  6. Hello, I've seen this issue posted a couple times before but no solution seemed to come out. I've posted links to those two at the bottom of my post for reference. I have a Sondors Thin (from the 2016 Indiegogo campaign). I also purchased the SONDORS branded LCD (KT-LCD3) controller screen for it. I've put a little over 1200 miles on the bike and so far have only run into minor issues until now. I'll quote some from the JoelH thread below because it describes exactly what I'm seeing. I'll also go over the troubleshooting I've done to this point. I am not getting any response from the wheel/motor even though the battery is fully charged. The battery indicator on the thumb throttle (green/orange/red lights) is working and shows the battery is fully charged, but the battery indicator on the LCD shows no bars (empty) and the rest of the LCD is working fine. Not getting any power to the wheel with either the thumb throttle or cadence sensor (when peddling). LCD Screen 3 shows 40.4 Volts (a little low because the bike has been sitting without a charge through the winter and spring). I tried disconnecting the LCD screen and putting the factory cap back on and operating with just the original trigger, no change. I pulled the Higo connector on the right chainstay and tested all the combinations of the 3 large pins (female side) and got 0.0 V. I watched the KT-LCD3 video here and all my settings that could potentially be impacting the bike seem correct. https://youtu.be/B0F6x8V0NZQ I'm suspecting the motor controller, but before I go ordering parts, I'm just trying to make sure I'm looking at everything possible. Is there some other way to test the motor controller or even checking the wheel [BFSWX02 36V350W(11)] . I did check resistance between the various combinations of the 3 large pins on the motor (male) side and got 0 ohms in all the various combinations. The settings I saw in the KT-LCD3 are as follows: MXS-50 km/H 702c MPH P1 - 100 P2 - 6 P3 - 1 P4 - 0 P5 - 15 (was 12, changed it to 15 after watching the video) C1 - 02 C2 - 0 C3 - 8 C4 - 0 C5 - 10 C6 - 3 C7 - 0 C8 - 0 C9 - 0 C10 - n C11 - 0 C12 - 4 C13 - 0 C14 - 2
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  8. Contact Sondors.com for Help with your battery. https://sondors.com/reviews/sondors-step/ Reddy
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  10. Reddy I have yet to find a video on the Step battery removal. You find one please let me know. Yes I have watched numerous videos on Sondors Step. Thanks
  11. Reddy. I already did that. You show me one video on the Step battery removal ? I’ve found other sondors models but not the Step. So thanks.
  12. My first suggestion in trouble shooting your problem, since you don’t know how to remove the battery is for you to review all videos relating to the Sondors Step on this link. https://sondors.com/reviews/sondors-step/ REDDY
  13. Wife just went to use her new Sondors Step bicycle. I charged it up and when you go to turn display on it powers up for a second than off. No power at all. Thinking the battery is defective and I would need to replace it. How do you or can you even remove the battery ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  14. Problem solved, the error 24 Hall Sensor was caused from the wire going to the rear hub coming apart. Plugged together and all was good. who knows the plug being loose might have caused my other shutdown. Fingers crossed.
  15. This forum is not Sondors.com, rather the owners’user group operated and supported by other owners. Have you been reprograming your Controler setting thru accessing the options menu in the LCD? REDDY
  16. I'm getting a motor position sensor fault error reading on one of my sondors fold x. Is that the hall sensor on the crank? If so can you rush me one?
  17. Go to their website, Open the Support Heading and Submit a Request. REDDY https://sondors.com/support/ticket/
  18. Bike cut out again, this time , easy ride, 1 mile after cycling battery switch and turning on LCD error code 24 fault with motor Hall Sensor bike still under 1 yr warrantee, thought I would ask here 1st . Suggestions welcome i have not contacted SONDORS other than to purchase, being lazy here, but does anyone have the best way to contact SONDORS for issues
  19. Hello I have a Step with the same setup and issue. Unfortunately my bag also unclipped I had no idea until I got home. I went back over the route twice to no avail. Looks like my bag and all contents are lost. I would recommend not trusting the bag to stay clipped in. Wish I had a better answer for you.
  20. Why yes they can. Some have gone as low as 3.5" low profile. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/accessories/products/fat-bike-low-profile-street-tire And If you peruse the Sondors Accessory Section on this forum you’ll find suggestions, I should clean up the dead links in there but when would I ride? REDDY
  21. @Rick frost That is usually caused by 1) the motor to controller big Higo connector is not securely seated together, water incursion or a bent or broken pin around the inside perimeter of the male side plug half. 2) Alternately, if the bike was left out in the rain or ridden in the surf, it could be due to rust damage inside the motor. 3) Lastly if a magnet inside the motor housing has come loose, it’s possible it could have damaged some of the Hall Sensor System. Of course the only way to verify the last two scenarios is to open up the motor case. But the magnet issue, usually, Usually reveals itself by limiting the motors reverse rotation or making some otherwise new noise when rotated. The last two scenarios could also apply to @MarSmith ‘s problem. Lemmeno. REDDY
  22. Hello, I am wondering will 4" tires work on the new sondors x fat tire bike as the tires are 4.9 witch in my opinion is a bit fat. I can't find the rim size on the website it just says "aluminum rims". Thank you in advance for any help.
  23. HOWDY Bar 1 2 3, Well, this ain’t my first Rodeo. That was about 1964 in Tioga Texas at the Rodeo Grounds. This here be Texas and on that town’s, one cross street square ... "It Weren’t Even a Square", was only a fourth of a square, where the old timers played checkers in front of the long closed hardware store and we’d go into to town for the $1.85 plate lunch at the Drug Store, which included dessert, (the sweet course) after the main meal, w/2 vegetables, and your beverage, way back when. That’s where I lived and worked on the 2B— (Two B Bar) Black Angus Cattle Ranch, that we affectionately nicknames "El Rancho Costa Plenty" where the only entertainment was a transistor clock radio or the Rat Shot War, Don’t Ask. I learned to ride on the backs of Black Angus Steers, before serious bikes! Yippie Tie Yi Yo. REDDY
  24. How did you check the hand brakes? Here is why I ask. If the interrupt switch in the Mechanical Disc Brake Levers, is not operating correctly, no power to the motor. The way you trouble shoot, is to one by one, disconnect each brake Higo connector and check for power. LEMMENO REDDY
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