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  4. That’s why choosing a secure spot, preferably inside, carrying a cover and a sensitive motorcycle alarm are more important than your lock. A 4” li ion powered angle grinder can defeat any lock in a minute or less. REDDY
  5. Note how long it takes the thief to rip open the lock (by hand):
  6. It's not cheap, but I have a Park PRS-25 that I've used with my Sondors LX (89 pounds) that has worked well so far. The other thing I use is a handlebar jack for on the road repairs: https://www.handlebarjack.com/
  7. That's about $100.00 cheaper. Nice! Yes, the cable was frayed right at the slot coming off the axle. I had a spill once & assumed that the cable & derailleur was protected by an after market guard I installed. Maybe it wasn't. I will try to get as much info re: advanced settings from Sondors tomorrow & post what I find out.
  8. I buy another 750 Watt Bafang every Nov 11, (Singles Holiday in China) from Aliexpress every year. Everything is on sale that day. They ain’t getting cheaper. Bought my first for $160 something, no tax & free DSL shipping, Rim size is 26, Wheel size is 28 depending on tire. I’ll be interested to what Sondors Tech has to say about advanced settings. I believe the 750 Watt motors only have one puck magnet embedded inside the outer case for PAS. Was your motor cable frayed where the cable exits the slot in the motor axel? The edges of that slot are super sharp (wish Bafang would round those from the factory). Cables are damaged from a fall on the bikes right side, before they came with guards or from owners installing the rear wheel, after repairing a flat with the slot in the axel facing the rear. Yea, I’ve got a 750 with a short cable that won’t fit in the capture devices on the chainstay, Zipties. REDDY
  9. Thanks Reddy. I widdled & I fiddled on my XS today & rode it with my cell phone GPS on. The most accurate speed I was able to get on the display was Wheel Size: 28 (although my XS is a 26) & Speed Sensor: 01 (even though the Bafang 750W has 6 magnets). I do have a scheduled phone call with Gregg Galas at Sondors tech support tomorrow, so hopefully they can school me on the best advanced settings for the XS & what they mean. Gregg was very helpful so far in helping me troubleshoot my original problem. (no speed, trip & ODO because of a frayed cable at the hub) BTW, I bought the replacement Bafang 750W from Electro Bike World, even though their inventory was low & they're hard to find lately. The price was reasonable, the fit was almost perfect (cable was shorter than the original) & delivery was quick & free.
  10. What sondors do you own? Oh missed that in the title an X. The controllers and LCDs have matching proprietary communication protocols and You’ll have to change the controller also if you change to the Color aftermarket LCD. Review the upgrade kits for the X @ Sondors.com parts. https://shop.sondors.com/products/color-lcd-kit-sondors-x Depending on your Model, you’ll get a higher Amp Rated Controller and matching Color LCD. Otherwise talk to the folks at Electrobikeworld.com before you push the buy button. REDDY
  11. Would like to replace my KD51C-KDS Black and white LCD screen wth color one Whats avail how to and where to get Mine is a 2021 X model Can any one help?
  12. There are many individual reviews on the Forum. Take your pick. REDDY
  13. A good U-lock and heavy steel cable is a start, but any lock can be foiled by someone with an angle grinder. I think the best approach is to get a motion alarm to go along with the lock. Some headlights and taillights have motion detectors built in. That will alert bystanders to the attempt before any cutting can be started. This is the lock I bought based on the reviews: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081DHQDQG This is the taillight I'm using that has a motion alarm: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B098NBJFL5
  14. Blacktop and sand riding shouldn't be a problem for the Fold X. If you were planning to do any trail riding, I'd recommend the Fold XS because of the added suspension and extra power. I did not get to test ride my Fold XS before I bought it.
  15. not yet an owner but inquiring what the best lock is for the bikes I see that a lot of them getting stolen
  16. New to the forum I haven't pulled the trigger yet I'm considering the fold X versus the fold XS Like to test ride them 1st Guess I need to go rent one My needs -Mostly blacktop, some beach/sand How did you decide on your model were you able to test ride ? Thx
  17. Harbor Freight has motorcycle lifts but that doesn't help to get the wheels off the ground. If your handy, a simple platform and ramp can accomplish the same result. Although I have a couple of conventional analog bike repair stands, they don’t work on my Sondors Original, Custom Narrow or X, because they need to attach to the top tube. I use a cheap Harbor Freight Game Processing Block & Tackle Hoist to lift my bikes, wheels free to rotate. (Walmart has it cheaper. https://tinyurl.com/3yu7mszj) and although it does weigh-in @ 100#. I use 2” wide Velcro Straps to attach the stem and seatstay brace to the hoist bracket. If I’ve had Wheaties for Breakfast, I just grab my bikes by the Stem and Seatpost and lift it to rest on the Brooks England Custom Copper’s Seat Rails, on the rack beam I have bolted to this mighty Oak. YMMV. IT helps to live in a Oak forest with an Oak just outside your Studio. There is no Parks Work Stand that will lift your bike. REDDY
  18. Did you buy your new 750w bafang from one of out preferred Sondors Support online suppliers, here in the US? Electro Bike World, Bolton or Luna? If so they should be able to help you with configuration. There are posts scattered thur-out this forum about individual members advanced settings preferences but unfortunately they are in many different threads, but they are here. REDDY
  19. The LCD display for my Sondors XS is actually a KD718. I had to replace the 750 watt rear hub motor with a Bafang not supplied by Sondors, since they've been out of stock for a long. time. My problem is that I've searched the interwebs & this forum high & low but have not been able to find an explanation or best advanced settings for the display. I can access advanced mode (code 1515) but Im stuck on what best settings for speed sensor & slow start I should use...
  20. Sondors is promoting the hell out of the LA Auto Show this week, especially concerning the Metacycle and the EV. Maybe we'll find out something new.
  21. Hi there, I'm not sure if I have searched enough through the internet, local shops or in this forum about REPAIR STANDS, LIFT OR JACK to use if you have a heavy bike or Sondors Madmods. It's 114lbs though it feels heavier than that. I thought its just a staple to have especially when you need to repair something. My normal repair stand I use for my lighter bikes obviously ain't gonna cut it. Does anyone have any recommendations what to use to lift it up? Thank you in advance.
  22. You mean you want to splice in your existing Male Barrel connector from your old charger? REDDY
  23. Will the SANS 54V 2A battery charger DC2.1 head work?
  24. Thank you for the advice. I am trying to figure out if this would be better than ordering the original charger. I have a bike with 1200 miles on it. I realized the charger wasn't working because the fan wasn't coming on. I borrowed the same charger from a friend and it did charge the battery. I am thinking the battery should still have some charging cycles left!
  25. @BrendaM Sure but make sure you specify the Sondors XT60 Male to Male Barrel connector when you talk to Luna before ordering. REDDY
  26. Is this charger compatible with Sondors Fold X with 48 v battery?
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