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  2. Yes, and my LX delivery date has been moved to end of October. That will be a year + since I first ordered it.
  3. Anyone use one of these taillights on their Sondors bike? Not only does it promise to increase visibility from the rear, including deceleration indication, but it also acts as a horn and a motion theft alarm. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08G1JWCNV/
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  5. Great Eric, One last comment, if the battery charger completes a charge cycle and the indicator turns green, meaning your battery is fully charged, even if it takes 6 hours (both the charger and the battery have Battery Management Systems, BMS, that’s propose is to keep the battery from being over charged and stopping depletion on battery reserve in the case of the battery itself is getting below a recoverable threshold, by shutting down current delivery), I occasionally let my advanced chargers continue charging my high voltage and capacity battery packs, overnight because Li ion battery pack require long term charging (much like a trickle charge, at the end of a long cycle), to balance the cells to similar full charge voltages per cell, for the packs health and longevity. I don’t think Sondors Chargers can accomplish this and Sondors states not more than 6 hours as a "product liability statement" (no one want to see a flaming Sondors pass them @30mph) because although very rare, a BMS - IC can fail. Never heard of one failing on this forum. See : https://www.electricbike.com/introduction-lithium-18650-batteries/ https://www.electricbike.com/ebike-battery-longevity/ Now Go Out And Ride Like Lance LegStrong With Your Shoes On Fire! REDDY
  6. It's all good thank you for the info. Battery charged for a little under 3 hrs and charger turned off. Unplugged battery and turned battery on and indicator on side of battery works and reads full charge.
  7. Well, you got the Ya’ll down pat. I spent a couple of days & nights in Independence with a friend who owned an Oil Exploration Company, bringing in a Well. I like My Sondors so much, I named my favorite LongHorn, "Sondors". REDDY
  8. Yes turn it on. If it still doesn’t light any LED indicators contact Sondors.com and tell them your quandary. Alternatly you can open up the battery and look to see if the wires to the indicator LEDs are loose or not connected. REDDY
  9. I'm actually a transplanted Kansan. My ability to speak Texan is limited.
  10. That is what I am saying is not working, the battery re serve level indicator on the battery isn't working when I press that button. That's why I asked if I need to try it after dissconnect the battery and turn it on. Does the battery have to be on for that to work?
  11. Yes sir, battery to charger charger to surge protector, surge protector to wall, and then turn on surge protector.
  12. Not to worry, I don’t think you have a bad battery. Just make sure connecting the charger to the electric current, is the last step when starting the charging routine. If the LCD indicates a full charge that’s the proof that the battery is supplying current to the MSX controller and thus the bike is ready to ride. Reread & Follow the recommendation in the previous post and let me know. I suspect 3 hrs was not enough to fully charge your battery. What do the battery re serve level indicators show on the triangle battery? REDDY
  13. Yes,sir. I am talking about the small charge indicator button on the SIDE OF THE BATTERY. Not talking about while charging. Does the battery have to be switched on for that indicator to work or does it just not function?
  14. I’d try recharging your battery again until the chargers, red led charging light that shows it’s charging, changes to green meaning charging is complete, following these instructions. https://shop.sondors.com/blogs/news/caring-for-your-sondors-battery Caring For Your SONDORS Battery Your battery is indeed one of the most important aspects of your SONDORS, yet often battery care is overlooked. Although SONDORS are engineered for durability on the streets, beaches and trails, your SONDORS requires the same level of care you would devote to any of your high-quality electronic devices. How to Charge Your SONDORS Battery STEP ONE: Connecting the charger to battery to power supply Ensure battery is powered “OFF” – check the battery’s rocker power switch to verify it is in the “OFF” position Check to make sure the charger is not plugged into the surge protector (interrupter) strip First, plug the charger into the battery Second, plug the charger into surge protector strip Third, plug the surge protector strip to the household power outlet STEP TWO: LED Indicator The single LED on the charger will be green momentarily indicating power has been connected The LED will change from green to red indicating charging is in progress The LED will change from red back to green to indicate the charging cycle is completed STEP THREE: Charging is complete First, unplug the surge protector from the household power supply Second, unplug the charger from the surge protector strip Third, unplug the charger from the battery When to Charge Your SONDORS Battery Charging when battery is at 70%+ discharge is optimum to help extend the life of the battery If the battery is not in use for an extended period, perform a maintenance charge on the battery, repeating the above steps, every 2-3 months How to Store Your SONDORS Battery Store the battery in a cool, dry location until ready to ride Store the battery on its own – off of the charger and out of the bike If the battery is not in use for an extended period, perform a maintenance charge on the battery, repeating the above steps, every 2-3 months More Important Tips to Extend the Life of Your Battery SONDORS Tip #1: The battery should always remain in the “OFF” position unless the bike is in operation SONDORS Tip #2: Do NOT over-charge the battery. Charging cycles will vary depending upon usage. "The majority of charging cycles take 2-3 hours", and should not exceed 6 hours to complete. Set an alarm to help you remember to check the battery. Do NOT leave battery plugged in overnight SONDORS Tip #3: Do NOT expose the battery to fire, water or moisture. Do NOT dismantle the battery. Do NOT make physical alterations or crush the battery SONDORS Tip #4: If the battery is not in use for an extended period, perform a maintenance charge on the battery, repeating the above steps, every 2-3 months These are some simple guidelines to follow when caring for your SONDORS battery which will help protect it from damage, boost longevity and keep you enjoying the ride on your SONDORS! REDDY
  15. Hello, just got my msx yesterday and and doing my 3 hour charge like it recommended me to do. I have noticed though when I checked everything last night to check my hookups that the display showed a full battery. However,now that the battery is charging following sondors steps I happened to try the charge display on the side of the battery and when I push it none of the lights come on? Does the battery indicator light on the side of the battery not work? I am really hoping that this isn't the sign of a bad battery or something? The battery is charging even though the bike display shows it was fully charged.
  16. That would be dependent on your local laws. For instance, here in Tennessee, the law specifically requires a white front light: Reference: https://www.tn.gov/tdot/multimodal-transportation-resources/bicycle-and-pedestrian-program/resources11/tennesse-bicycle-laws.html California has the same requirement: Reference: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=21201.
  17. Althought I know that red tactical headlamps are primarily dedicated to soldiers in training and carrying out missions. These gears are chosen by military personnel for their functionality and convenience. But I still have a question that can I use red headlamp for riding? Hope someone can help me.
  18. No, not for the EZ Step but try this video for the Smart Step, it’s pretty EZ. REDDY
  19. Is there a link on how to adjust the rear brakes on my wife's Sondors EZ Step?
  20. Well, Pardn’r you’ll a be a dreaming yur in the saddle of yur Fold XS, rid’n on the lone prairie soon, im’a hope’n. I ride almost every day on my reg’lr route ta town and back bout 20-25 miles depend’n and it’s been cooler than a well diggers sumtin, the last few days and night. I’m up here close to Denton and as we say, "Denton, always a few degrees Cooler than Dallas". I like camp’n trips to the LBJ Grasslands cause there ain’t no fees. The trails are near impossible to ride cause they're fer horses and they can go over ruts that we can’t navigate. Roads be great thou. Mountain View? OH, VPN TOO FUNNY Giddy-Up and Yippy Ti Yo Ya! REDDY
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  23. Howdy, y'all, from Texas. I placed an order for a Sondors Fold XS yesterday to take on my camping trips. I'll be soaking up as much information as I can until it arrives, currently slated for October. By that time, it should be cool enough down here to ride without suffering heat exhaustion. In the meantime, my fender, rack, and bag kit already shipped, so I'll get to imagine what it'll look like on the bike for the next two months or more.
  24. mdiltz, there is this option and Matt Robertson make a case about the deception and expense so read the whole thread but it seems it might be the solution you are looking for. He mentions a 15$ switch. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2025-hydraulic-brake-upgrade/?tab=comments#comment-7419 REDDY
  25. Member mdiltz has sent the wiring diagram to a unknown Controller¿ But it’s not the KT LCD3 Sondors Uses. something strange about this whole thread. REDDY
  26. Thanks, I will shop around, because the kill switches you pointed me to won't work, because the hydraulic brake handles I have are integrated with the gearshifts and therefore no space to install the kill switch wire.
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