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  2. So I purchased a Sondors Thin about a month ago, and am already looking to upgrade parts on it! I currently have a 203mm rotor on the front and a 180mm on the rear, complete with Shimano Zee hydraulic rotors. I'm now looking to replace the bottom bracket and crankset as they're not exactly quality parts. I'm wondering what the specs on the BB are, and what I'd need to replace it with a new BB and crankset. Thanks!
  3. Assuming you correctly lifted the speed limiter, the only other explanation would be you have maxed out the capability of your bike. But 25 kph might be a little low. Maybe. I am about 106 kg and with my 36v battery and 20a Luna aftermarket controller I can reach 30 to 32 kph. So if you have the stock 15a controller, maybe thats your upper limit? Its all about weight on the bike. Another factor would be if you have a rack and its loaded with tools etc. that stuff adds up. edit: Also tire pressure is a limiting factor. If you have aired down the tires, air them back up to about 1.4 bars and re-test. And spin your wheels. Do they spin freely and take a long time to stop if spun by hand while up in the air? If not you may need to loosen up the axles as many bikes come from the factory with their axles too tight on the bearings. Youtube videos show the problem and how to fix. Lastly make sure the brakes are not rubbing.
  4. The problem SEEMS to be related to seating the battery firmly in the cradle. As in do that. Doesn't happen to everyone but you see a report of this about once or twice a month in the Facebook group (about 6000 members). Some can repair theirs or adjust them / clean them up, and some get melting to the point where it requires a cradle replacement. Just keep an eye on it, adjust as needed and be careful as to battery seating. Possibly if you slam into a pothole or run thru some washboard on a dirt road pull over and check it. Can't really be any more concrete than that..
  5. Hey @Jeverett, yes we have had a pretty recent report here on the Forum and more on the Facebook group. You can review all the pertinent info in the thread here, it's the most comprehensive information. I'd have to conclude that it's unknown if the terminals will loosen during "normal operations" (whatever that might be considered) but new cradles are avalable. let me know if this helps Reddy
  6. Battery Holder Has anyone had any problems with the battery holder on a fat bike? I didn't notice a problem until the bike quit suddenly. When I checked the wiring I found that the two wires inside the cradle had loosened and the plastic around one of the contacts was melted a bit. I tightened the contacts and it seems OK now. My question is will the contacts come loose with normal use or was this something from the factory?
  7. Awesome!!! So I can tell you I'm not going to check my email every 5 seconds. A watched pot never boils.
  8. Here we go!!!!
  9. Either you are one bad dude and are really honking on those pedals, or something is wrong with that chain (i.e. it sucked). Only 850 miles on a chain is peanuts. I have put on almost exactly 2000 miles on mine since I added it in Mid-March. Same one you have just not painted white. My chain tool is still not showing any measurable wear (has't dropped on the 0.75 side yet using the tool below). So if you trash this next one just as fast, something different is probably tripping you up. My riding style, however, has been altered to fit an ebike. I do not stomp hard on the pedals. I use PAS to let the bike get up to speed. Think of it as a freight train (having 29.5ah of batteries online, two motors and weighing in at about 80 lbs before I climb on, it is one). I don't start really working until I can put some serious cadence on the pedals at 24-28mph using my 16T rear sprocket and my 58T front chainring. So while I am pedaling hard and fast, I'm not beating the hell out of the drivetrain trying to drag it up from a standing stop. I'm pretty sure that preserves the lifespan of components that would be considered low-end if they were on a human-powered bike. Add on one of these cheapie chain tools to your cart next time you buy something at Amazon. Just drop it on the links and get an answer in an instant.
  10. i ordered the lunacycle lcd and controller upgrade, im not gonna worry about too much speed yet, still waiting on bike still, lol
  11. You can't ship the battery in checked baggage. The FAA requires lithium-ion batteries to be carried in carry-on baggage only. Batteries 101-160 watt hours are limited to one plus two spares, which is why Grin Technologies made their new stackable LiGo batteries the size they did...98 watt hours to make it under the quantity limits.
  12. Get a 52v battery instead of a 48v and you'll get a little more oomph out of it. Take it to the next level and instead of upgrading to 48/52v gear, loook at the Electrobikeworld 60v battery and compatible LCD and controller. Now you have a 17.5ah battery capable of punching you up to 40 mph. edit: At that 60v power level though I would give serious consideration to putting it in a new wheel thats better suited to a 2500w output system rather than the 650w or so that the stocker contemplated when it left the factory.
  13. 33 MPH This looks like fun! Hell of an upgrade
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  15. @FloridaRob....)) . Reddy
  16. i got the same ole...."the containers are still coming in" business, lol
  17. I haven't either.
  18. lol, nope....!
  19. as of today...not yet, lol
  20. Reddy. Great tip in the Cinch Straps. Just purchased them from your posted link. I almost lost me bike when it moved on the carrier. The straps should take care of business...Rob
  21. I changed the maximum speed in the display, but the engine does not exceed 25 km / h, it is as if it had a stop put and could not be changed. I do not know if this is so, or if I have to do something else, if you could tell me or I would be very grateful.
  22. Sure, @leechy and welcome to the Sondors Trailer Park Forum. Glad you found us and join the parade of other Sondors Owners pulling their kids, dog and groceries behind them on trailers. No quick release but you can loosen the left rear Axel nut to attatch the trailer arm to that dropout.
  23. Pulling Kids on Bike Trailer? I haven't seen a Sondors bike in person, but was curious if they can accommodate a bike trailer? On a normal bike, I can just loosen up the quick release and clamp the mount easily. I'm not sure how the Sondors works. Thanks everyone..
  24. Last week
  26. This is the week. I feel it in me bones.
  27. thats funny, although i've had 2 beers, lol as of today no tracking number yet, we will see about monday....
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