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  2. Well living close, but not in the Big Cities, is what I find most valuable and Ideal for residing with eBike travel thruout the vast MetroStool. I can ride with my EBL & EWL (formerly Sondors Original & Narrow) on the various commuter trains on a $3 combined system daypass. That ticket & my bikes can take me anywhere in the area cheaper, faster and more efficiently than driving my car thru the various traffic quagmires. Be sure and post pictures of your rides and adventures to our Gallery. REDDY
  3. online: https://shop.sondors.com/pages/sondors-fold-xs-europe Nuffsaid REDDY
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  5. Hello my name is Mario and I’m so interested to buy a bike but unfortunately I can’t find a shop here in Ireland. Could you please help me. thanks in advance
  6. Got my double carrier from Discountramps, waiting on cinch straps and...an LX for my wife, delivers next week. I believe I’ll also cut a section out to reduce stick-out.
  7. You would think that riding on a flat road at the same level of assistance from a complete charge to a dead battery there would be a way that each bar could be set for about the same miles traveled, this is like having a fuel gauge that works for half a tank of gas then the fuel light comes on and you have to guess if you can make it home
  8. The Flashing Red Indication is the same type of notification as the idiot lights on the dash of an automobile. It’s there as a warning that your battery is getting low. The Sondors Factory set the perimeters. As has been relayed here many times since 2015, because the battery level bar indicators on the various different displays are just a graphical representation based on an algorithm and not an exact indication of the battery’s actual voltage, we advise always use the actual battery voltage to judge reserve. Your controller will cut off voltage delivery, when the voltage drops to
  9. I understand how to set each voltage level for each bar , but I’ve tried at least 10 different values for bars and it still will do the same thing it will drop first 3 bars in a normal distance riding in same power level on flat roads but when it gets to two bars you can ride about half the distance as the other bars then goes directly to flashing red it will never just drop second green bar down to one green
  10. ◆Battery Power Bar Settings Set Voltage represents voltage settings. Each bar represents a voltage value. 5 bars voltage values must be entered one by one. For example, VOL 1 is first bar voltage value. The default value is 31.5V. To set battery power bar, press the “+” or the “-” button to increase or decrease the number. To store a changed setting and access the second bar, press the “i” button. By analogy, after 5 bars voltage values is entered, hold the “i” button to confirm and then return to the previous menu. It’s imperative to understand the hi and low voltage limitations o
  11. I’ve been riding my new mxs and love the bike , but have been trying to figure out the battery meter it has 5 green bars when fully charged When I ride bike bars 5-4-3 seem to drop normal range but when it gets to two bars I can go couple miles and it drops to 1 bar flashing red. I’ve tried all different settings under the set voltage settings. If anyone has a mxs that the battery meter bar goes to one bar green then starts flashing red could you please let me voltage settings
  12. That wouldn’t explain no led indicators on the battery itself. REDDY
  13. Can the full specs for all the mid drives be found and posted?
  14. These bike are pretty bomb proof plug and play parts available way better than most choices, get a few tools and pretty much anyone can walk you thru any issue that may arise, new here too but a couple E bikes deep now.
  15. Hello, I am new here, but not by accident! After a lot of research and a change in course or two, I chose SONDOR as the brand to promote and assist my fellow Canadians with. I have a SONDOR X, ROCKSTAR, AND META CYLE ORDERED!!!!! Super stoked and look forwards to the banter and bike talk!, and the future of Ebikes where there is none lol, here in my centrally located town situated between the big cities of Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon.
  16. Replace the Higo connector cap, on the cable connector from the controller to LCD. It was installed on your bike when delivered. Then removed to install your LCD. That allows the bike to act as a basic Single Pedal Assist level & Throttle bike. I keep mine gorilla taped in the battery box. REDDY
  17. I believe you’ll find this existing topics on how to lock your Sondors here on this forum. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/102-locks-keep-your-sondors-safe/?tab=comments#comment-568 REDDY
  18. LCD’s in general are designed to work across a range of voltages, including 36 to 52V. With KT controller / LCD combo you’ll need the higher voltage units going to 60 volts. But that controller doesn't seem to be a KT unit so that issue is unclear. The compatibility issues is also whether the 2020 Sondors X controller / LCD combination, and the 2018 Sondors X controller / LCD combo, share the same Sondors proprietary communication protocol. REDDY
  19. Hi, sorry for the late reply. The LCD in my 2018 Sondors X does not work and I've waited an answer from Sondors if it's covered by warranty (it's not). So I'm definitely interested but I'm not sure if your LCD will work in my X as my controller has slightly different voltage/current output: Rated voltage: 48V Max current: 15A Rated current: 7A Low voltage protection: 40V Throttle adjustment voltage: 1.2v-4.4v I think I need to do more research first so that I could be certain that it will work..
  20. I have this same issue during assembly ad have decided to stop building until this is understood better.
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  22. Hello from full time rving. Currently in Tucson, AZ. My wife Donna and I travel in our motor home and are expecting the delivery of our new Sondors Fold XS bikes any day now. We look forward to easy riding.
  23. I have a broken LCD screen have to get a new one the ktel-cd3 is there a way to bypass this until i can get a new one its my primary transportation and very hard to pedal with no power.
  24. I will be getting delivery of my new Sondors Fold XS in a few days. My question is what is the best method of securing the bike while unattended. The frame is a lot wider than most conventional bikes and the typical locks I have looked at don't appear practical.
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