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  3. I'd be down for that...got a black THIN
  4. Anthony, check the B.B. retainers first for proper adjustment, most roughness/noise problems are the result of over-tightened retainers. Replacement BB here : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/high-quality-sealed-bearing-steel-fat-bike-snow-bike-100-177mm-bicycle-bottom-bracket/32696213446.html REDDY
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  6. There is a major problem with the Rad eBike offerings and that is their Fake Motor Specifications. See: REDDY
  7. Those two devices are not even compatible with each other, and not your Sondors. Id suggest buying upgrades from our US vendor, Boltonebikes.com. Email Kyle @ Bolton and ask for guidance on purchasing and shipping. Tell him Reddy sent you. Guarenteed to work with your Sondors. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays Reddy
  8. Hi guys. I have a Sondors Original bike not from Indiegogo. My doubt is that for economic reasons and because I am from Spain I would like to buy a screen by Aliexpress. If I buy a controller and a screen, would it work for the Bafang engine I have? For example, I found these offers. € 35,96 | 36V/48V 350W 36V/48V17A Ebike controller standard Sinewave whole water proof cable  KT Series Support LEDLCD conversion kit € 35,96 | Okfeet Free Shipping ebike 24V 36V 48V 72V  intelligent KT LCD3  Control Panel Display Electric Bicycle bike Parts KT
  9. Warren, I have the Axiom Cycling Gear Fatliner Fat Bike Rack (about $43 <$55 online). It’s been used by several of our advanced members and it’s been in service for over 10,000 miles. It has carried very heavy loads and I haul all my groceries in Panniers (saddle bags) mounted on the rack, including 50# bags of dog food, along with the other weighty items that I carry in the side pockets of my panniers; tools, tubes, rain cover and other miscellaneous items. For general service it is a good fat bike rack. I would not buy another though, because of the cantilever lower mounting brackets. Even though I’ve fabricated fairly thick doublers, for those brackets, out of 6061 heathreated aluminum, to help the structural integrity, the cantilever geometry of those mounting system’s brackets, place overtly demanding forces on the Nutserts on the lower chainstay mounts and causing those attachment devices to loosen, over time and having to re-set those Nutserts with a specialized tool. My next rack will directly mount to those same mounting points by the lower rack mounting tubes. I might try the Topeka Super Tourist Fat, as my next rack on my newest build but I’m not thru researching options yet. I wish some manufacture would build a more robust rear rack for eBikes, with larger tubing but I’ve not found my ideal yet. I have modified my Axiom by widening it, to accommodate the 52v 17Ah 18650GA rack battery pack and added a solid basswood platform. REDDY
  10. Tyler, do you follow the correct charging procedure outlined in this Sondors Video? Is the PAS magnet wheel properly aligned with the pickup, almost touching, behind the right chainring on the Bottom Bracket Axel? Have you experienced any other problems on your Thin, like falling and the bike landing or hitting the pavement on the right side and possible damaging the motor cable, where it exits the rear axel? Has the bike been ridden in water or the motor gotten wet, washed bike with a pressure washer? Have you reprogrammed the Controller with the LCD programing functions? This is a process to get to the root of yourThin’s problem. REDDY
  11. Battery indicator says the battery is full. Plug it into the bike the LCD display shows battery with one bart and the bike stops working but LCD still runs and battery indicator flashes
  12. My black Sondors Original E-FatBike was stolen Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 from Twisted Pine Brewery in Boulder. Walnut and 32nd-ish. The bike is black with Red stickers, a white Bontrager saddle with a red stripe , and a seat mounted rack on the back. There was no battery installed so the rider will most likely be unable to ride uphill. My name and number are most likely engraved on the frame, probably near the bottom bracket. Thank you for your help!
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  15. I have a sondors fold sport would I be able to upgrade my 15 amp controller to a 20 or 25 amp? I think even on a rebuild the biggest battery you can fit in a fold is 48w 14ah as i have inquired but also want too get the most out of the cells ive already got. correct me if I'm wrong as there is not much info for newbies like me
  16. I don't know why most "disk brake" racks wouldn't fit. The Ibera IB-5 is very popular with Sondors owners. The Topeak Explorer is another good rack.
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    Stephan Glas

  18. Hi , could someone with an xs w / hyd. brakes please tell me the model and name of the best rear rack that fits without modification . This is for an xs 4 . 9 inch fat tire sondors
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  23. Hey Brian, looks fabulous there. Please post pictures of your adventures on our Gallery page, so we all can enjoy Italy. REDDY
  24. Hi Guys, I have not used the Owners forum much before as I have traditionally stuck with the Facebook SOG. I purchased my first Fat from the very first Indiegogo campaign and since then have purchased another Fat, 2 Thins (one with belt drive) as well as a Fold. Have done all the normal upgrades/troubleshooting etc. I am South African that has now been living in Italy for o ver 16 years based in Gavirate in the foothills of the Alps and in between the lakes. Ideal cycling territory. If anyone plans to visit the area I can advise.
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