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  4. No such thing for 'fat' tires and tubes. that is true for the 26" original and 20" Fold tires. Best you can do is look for the thickest tubes you can get - for the Original this is the Evo fat bike tubes that are about 1.2mm thick. For Folds, the common choice is the Mongoose 20"x4.0 tube which is 1mm thick (Kenda's 20" fat tube is only 0.85mm so brand choice makes a difference). As for tires, again no such thing as a flat-resistant tire... No doubt weight is the consideration. Slick tires tend to be thicker but depending on who you ask they also eat more nails... mine sure did. Tires with lower 'tpi' counts have heavier casings and are considered more flat resistant, but its nothing like a tire with an internal belt like you would see in, for example, the Schwalbe Marathon. The common solution - and its very effective - is to use Slime inside the tubes.
  5. @Josh Wardell can you help with pinout, voltage and wattage of the new X7 controller?
  6. Chad Lauterbach

    Sondors Thin 52v Upgrade Attempt

    Thanks @Reddy Kilowatt and @MattRobertson for your detailed replies. You guys are both so thorough and knowledgable. Interesting to think about a bag vs. a box. While I do like the aesthetic of the box, my ultimate goal is to build my ultimate commute bike (and have fun while I do it). Building a box myself is probably beyond my handy level (and the amount of time I have). I would be worried outsourcing the construction too without knowing exactly what I would be getting back. It's less about the cost and more about it actually fitting and working. I'm kind of surprised given the numbers of Sondors out there, and their affordability, there aren't more folks making pre-fabricated Sondors specific upgrade parts. @MattRobertson How well does that Flacon EV bag fit in a Sondors/Sondors Thin frame? I know Luna Cycles makes their own bags as well, any experience with those? I'm not home right now, but I'll try and measure the triangle to find the best fitting bag soon and will report back on this post once I figure something out. Really appreciate your insight.
  7. Josh Wardell on this forum probably has a pin out for the light Higo. Reddy
  8. Thank you Reddy. I know about the light, but I want to buy other ones. But knowing this light will work could help to search for a light which is compatible. The second link has some interesting information and I will read some of them, but it is to general.
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  10. https://velomobileshop.com/collections/sondors-ebike-power-upgrades/products/new-led-headlight-and-tail-light?variant=33054233859 Email vendor for availability. https://www.electricbike.com/category/technical/ Should serve your interests. Reddy
  11. Paladin6

    Fold x. Error 23. Motor issue

    Does anyone know if sondors has any on staff customer service anymore ? Are RE there any sondors knowledgeable n bike techs near Thousand Oaks California I’m chasing my tail on this issue thanks tg
  12. Hi Guys, I am searching for a manual for the controller which comes with the Sondors X7 with the new KD51C display. I want to install an permanent headlight and there is a free cable out of the controller. The display has an integrated headlight switch. So I think it should be possible to connect a headlight to this cable and switch it with the display. But I need the information which pin has which funktion and what would be the voltage (I think this I can measure because there shouldnt be a communication logic from the controller to the light) and the maximum wattage of this port. The second reason is in general I am interested in what kind of electronics do I have, how it works and what are the specs, functions and limitations. Does anyone has a link to a manual of the controller or knows who is the manufacturer and which model it is? Or if not, could anyone answer the questions about the light installation? Kind Regards Tino
  13. Shocker

    Tire Splitting/Separating

    I double checked bike path and even reviewed the ride video several times, and there was absolutely nothing could of cause this rupture. First and only time had ever happened to me, and it was loud. I did run it at 85 PSI for better high speed stability, but it is rated 100 PSI.
  14. Just bought a used Sondors Thin Black with chain single speed. Previous owner added the Sondors LCD display. It has the stock 8.7ah battery. So far I'm enjoying the bike a lot and am excited to use it more. The previous owner put 150ish miles on it. This is my first experience with an e bike so I'm a newb though I've been researching them for a while. I do have one question if anyone has any insight. The throttle seems to not work in PAS5 and maybe PAS4 as well. In addition to that, if you push the throttle all the way down it doesn't seem to work either. If you let off a little, it seems to work fine in PAS1/2/3. When the throttle isn't working, the temp display on the LCD still changes to a circular motion. Any suggestions? Bad throttle?
  15. MattRobertson

    Reliable, Silent Charger - Some Assembly Required

    Ah... couldn't quite read that lettering on that pic. I've heard of them. I believe they were one of the originals of this kind of meter. Unfortunately there are reviews of those meters being off like a lot of the clones. You just have to take the good with the bad.
  16. Manx Mariner

    Reliable, Silent Charger - Some Assembly Required

    RC Electronics, Inc.Watt's Up WU100 DC Watt meter and Power Analyzer (Blue) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001B6N2WK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_GfvPBbPMBAHHE
  17. MattRobertson

    Reliable, Silent Charger - Some Assembly Required

    Wow you did better than I usually do with the meter! That one is not backlit? Have a link?
  18. Reddy Kilowatt

    Tire Splitting/Separating

    Since that cut is centered right on the contact patch, I’d guess that your flat was caused by some sharp object you ran over, not along the seam that would cause cord failure or separation of the cord belt. Reddy
  19. Max Schindler

    Fold X LCD screen

    I have a question about the Fold X LCD screens... My 2018 delivered Fold X came with a rectangular LCD... there is a more square display available in parts that claims "more torque" .... is there any difference between the two LCD's? Thanks, Max!
  20. Manx Mariner

    Reliable, Silent Charger - Some Assembly Required

    A few photos of my Mean Well charger build. Thanks Matt!
  21. Shocker

    Tire Splitting/Separating

    Happened to my Schwalbe Marathon tire as well. Luckily, it exploded at 10 MPH, not at 30 MPH.
  22. Reddy Kilowatt

    Brake Rotor Upgrade for X Bike?

    @brassell31, buy pads in bulk from Aliexpress. My first modification, was the very traditional 203mm front disc and 180mm rear, since 70% or so of the stopping power is on the front. Towing a trailer on steep grades, I can see using a 203mm disc, also on the rear. That’s a very economical starting point. I used to carry half that weight on my rear rack but on mostly level terrain (now pay twice as much for less than half the weight in Salmon & Sweet Potato kibbles to have Rachel Ray cook my Border Collies’ meals). 😁 Brake modificaction options from forum posters, go from the logical / eccomomical to the extreme. Check out Matt Robinson’s Magura Brake Project here on the forum, if you’re happy to throw a fist full of $50’s at your brakes. You’ll have be best and the sexiest setup in the industry short of dual front rotors ..... I was convinced. We’d all love for you to post pictures of your back woods adventures in our forum’s Gallery. Reddy
  23. Reddy Kilowatt

    Tire Splitting/Separating

    I’d say that it looks like the tire split because of Rot. I’ve seen this on fairly new unmounted car tires that collected water when left outside. The Question Is, what caused the rot. Most offen it moisture. For instance, if that tire was ridden in spoke deep salt water and it entered the wheel, I can see where the cord could rot like it appears in those pictures. Was the spool of cord exposed to water or chemicals and saturated, before the tires were manufactured? Certainly a possibility in an economy drive by very low prices like China and I could understand the condition of the cord in a tire with that kind of wear. I would have to say that with as few negative reports on the Chaoyangs, that this is an very isolated anomalie. Nonetheless the proper venue to report the issue is to Sondors, not the Owners Forum, but to Sondors.com. I have 5 sets of 26” Chaoyangs that came on new bikes and I’ve got to say the are really pretty robust tires. Reddy
  24. I bought a X Bike last January which I am very pleased with. I had to get an extended seat tube with a 20 mm setback to get the bike to fit my 6'-2" frame, but cost was minimal and nothing new in the biking world for me. The question I have is about upgrading the brake rotors to a larger size for better stopping power. I frequently tow a cargo trailer for camping in the back woods, and hunting in the fall. The roads are dirt logging roads which have some long very steep grades (8% +). Going up is so much easier now with the electric assist, but going down with a heavy load (up to 100 lbs.) can be a literal white knuckle experience. Did I mention I weigh 215 lbs.? Add on the weight of a 70 lb. bike and that's a lot to slow down, probably more than what the brakes were designed for. Anyway, I have to constantly adjust the brakes to get barely adequate stopping power, and yesterday lost the brakes almost entirely. I got new brake pads at the local bike shop, and the bike mechanic there suggested bigger rotors also. As I am new to disc braking systems, what size rotors would one of you who knows suggest? I have 160 mm discs now. Would 180 mm be OK, or should I go to 203 mm? I guess I would have to get brake mount adapters to accommodate the larger discs. Thanks for any help.
  25. 20 x 4.0 knobby puncture-resistant tires and heavy duty tubes wanted for my Fold. Aiming to avoid painful flat replacements out on the trail...
  26. JCJ

    Tire Splitting/Separating

    I won't argue the tread wear but even so, the tire shouldn't be separating.
  27. MattRobertson

    Reliable, Silent Charger - Some Assembly Required

    They can get not only warm... they can get kinda hot. But not so hot they will burn anything, including your fingers. This is true even of the $300 Cycle Satiator. free air convection (i.e. just sitting there and radiating heat) is how these things cool themselves without a fan. For my Cycle Satiator, I added some black-anodized heat sinks using thermal adhesive tape. I did this mostly because its a $300 charger and I want to ensure it lives forever. But its rated for this sort of thing. If I am using that Satiator to pump out a 5a emergency charge it gets almost too hot to touch, and again its made for that. My HLG-320 is set for 5a and 58.75v by default but that thing is built heavily enough it doesn't get as warm. Mass and surface area is a factor clearly. You can do the same thing with these chargers. My CLG-150-48A's both have some heat sinks stuck to their flat undersides so they actually sit on them (ideally of course, they would be on the top side but that side is ridged for heat dissipation). But I have not done this with any others. I think that slab-side bottom having complete contact with the smooth garage pavement is a better heat sink than anything I can rig up. So short version: Don't worry about it. Its normal.
  28. MattRobertson

    Tire Splitting/Separating

    I agree the tire shouldn't separate, but ... look at it... you have almost worn it completely down. At this point this is a worn out tire that should be discarded about now anyway.
  29. Lindsey Nguyen

    60v Sondors Fat Tire

    Manx, email me at electrobikeworld@hotmail.com and we can make this arrangement.
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