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  2. Motor Hall Signal Anomaly! http://www.key-display.com/Downloads/User Manual/KD718-K4 users manual-20180521.pdf I’d check to make sure the lg Higo Connector under the right chainstay is properly plugged together. Do Not Twist It, just make sure it’s properly aligned and completely plugged together. LEMMENO I’m dreaming of cooler weather, heat index was 107°F here today. REDDY
  3. I’m pretty sure there might be one somewhere in the market but I couldn’t source one in a cursory Google search. Might be time to either make one of colored lucite or spring for a larger Crankset. I use a 56T on my modified 7 speed 750Watt Original Fat and have just purchased a 58T crankset for the “Road Burner”, Sondors Custom Narrow (a model that only saw one Campaign issue) I’m converting. You can probably find a 52T Crankset for a song, they’re so popular or a 44T which is another popular size. I’d send you my old stripped Original Chainring side crank but that bash ring is damaged. It’s just Recycle Material now. REDDY
  4. I got a code error 24 on my LCD and my wheel doesn’t quite go as it used to. Any ideas what (error 24 means)? Anyone!? Please help me I’d highly appreciate it if you shared any ideas what the problem might be.
  5. You can remove that residue with an Amazon available, Magic Eraser and a little WD-40
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  7. It’s the original 40t prowheel I believe on a sondors Original. Prowheel A007. The bolt spacing for the chain guard is 96mm. I can’t find one like that anywhere.
  8. Same as the related post for SONDORS for the Beach. I call my SONDORS MX 750 as it is a Modified bike vs a purchased SONDORS XS, back when the XS came out. The would love to go head to head with the new SONDORS MXS!
  9. 6" Diameter Art Work was left behind by a sticker I peeled off, I going to keep it!
  10. Eric333, what’s the tooth count on your” Chainring”? All Sondors are not created equal. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2081-visual-map-to-sondors-original-parts/ REDDY
  11. Does any know where I can get the plastic replacement chainring guard for the front crankset/sprocket?
  12. I’d check the voltage at the battery with a multimeter first, tell us what it reads. Then make sure the current is getting thru to the controller. Next I’d check that current is getting in and out of the throttle and to the LCD. Where ever the current stops, the previous component is most likely the problem. LEMMENO REDDY
  13. Albert, don’t forget to post all your riding adventures and Sondors eBike pictures to our Owners Gallery, where they are more accessible. They kinda get lost as more pages populate in open forum. https://sondorsforum.com/gallery/ REDDY
  14. Hello Forum, I have a sondors X Fold and i pushed on and i saw a fraction of a moment the lcd light up and then out.... dead. I can get no life ... I checked some connections, but no change. What can i do ? Thanks, James ( Belgium)
  15. Last week
  16. Hello everyone, A couple of years ago, I was looking to replace my crankset on my Fold X (7 speed), due to my pedal threads stripping out. Well Sondors sent me a replacement crankset under warranty. Fast forward to a month (or 2) ago, and the square taper in my crank became so loose, that it's probably harmful to the bike (and maybe me) to continue using it this way. It will not tighten any more. In the future, I promise to use Loctite... I read the facebook pages, I read the advice here, etc. Everyone is pointing to "Fixie" or single speed cranks. I have recently bought a bunch of these suggested cranks, and none of them work (Lydolle, Retrospec, Senqi and 2 others I can't remember), because again, they are for single speed bikes I'm still looking for a 7 speed crankset. The only options I'm finding are well over 100 dollars. One of the options (that I found on here) was purchase one of those Fixie cranks, and swap the gear on it... Which is basically still over $100, but I don't want to keep playing guessing games with this. Does anyone know for sure, of any cranksets for the (shimano) 7 speed Fold X? Also remember it's square taper. I found some options on ebay but they were not square tapered where they bolt up to the bottom bracket I'll spend over $100 if I have to... I just want to ride this bike again.
  17. Looking for Somdors bike owner groups in Austin Texas
  18. The Flat Bar is an easy place to mount things, but it becomes a maze of clutter, at some point. Late last night I decided I wanted my GoPro camera off the SONDORS X flat bar. Before and After I wanted a basic mount design, that did not require fasteners, moved the camera away from all the cables, and incorporates the old Flat Bar mount. A little time on SolidWorks, an overnight 3D print, and it was time for a test mounting on my X, just call me Mr. Lucky, hit all the numbers the first time. The mount surrounds the SONDORS Stem Spacers and is compressed vertically with the Cap over the Stem Riser, all the way to the stem spacer's original position, this way the camera mount does not interfere with the flat bar clamping. Super easy assembly, I will let you know how it works tomorrow after my 10 mile.
  19. I need help in setting the speedometer correctly on my Fat XS. I first set it to the recommended setting and the speed was off by 16%. I then set it at largest wheel diameter and now I'm off 8%. I'm using my original sondors fat and the waze app to check speed.
  20. Well I’d consider your suspicions the number one culprit. There is a chance it could be the motor but I think that’s less likely unless, like I’ve asked recent poster Joel to, check for damage were the motor cable exits the rear axel. That has been a trouble spot where power failures are experienced. A bad connection in the Large Higo connector between the controller and motor under the right chainstay is also a common trouble spot. I haven’t kept the stock Sondors controller on any of my 3 Sondors and with a fresh battery you might try, as a first step at resolving the problem by buying an 25amp controller and a companying LCD from Boltonebikes.com for not much more money than just the replacement, 15amp controller from Sondors. You’ll enjoy the faster acceleration, and torque but beware. .... the extra throttle response can be addictive and using it to its limits continually will reduce range. Used prudently, when you need it and you won’t notice. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays The most common electrical failures on our Sondors have been the controllers. I you decide on the controller/lcd upgrade you can offer your existing LCD in our marketplace thread or the FaceBoob Group and be sure to chat or email with Bolton on the exact combo for your Sondors. Lemmeno REDDY
  21. Original sondors e-bike thin, only recent upgrade is a replacement 10.5 Ah battery. Everything else is base, LED throttle/battery indicator, Original controller, original motor. Bike received in June 2016. Recently I’ve been experiencing a total power loss after a short period of riding the bike, no LED, no assist, no throttle. I’ve checked all connections and looked for anything obvious whenever the problem is acting up. It seems to just come and go whenever it pleases, but lately the problems has been more frequent and longer lasting. The only thing that I’ve been able to determine is that using the throttle seems to accelerate the problem, as in if it’s acting up and i stick to just pedal assist, the problem doesn’t seem to come. However as soon as i hit the throttle it completely shuts down and stays that way for an indeterminate amount of time. I’m leaning towards the controller being bad, getting hot, adding too much resistance and shutting down. Has anyone else experienced this? Any other things that these symptoms point to? thanks in advance
  22. Couldn't find my multimeter so I put the higo connector from my other bike to the motor and the motor is good. Tomorrow I'm pulling my controller and back tracking until I find the problem. Thanks for your quick response. I'll let you know what I find.
  23. Joel, the KT LCD 3 (I’m assuming that’s your display, based on the age of your Sondors) has 3 screens. You can scroll thur the screens, once the LCD is powered on, by momentarily pressing the center button on the LCD Control (Button Box). The 3rd screen has this VOL (voltage) display on the bottom KT LCD-3 Manual Instructions : https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-everything-you-need-to-know-sondors-ebike/ I’ll also assume you have a stock Sondors Thin with a 36v Battery. A fully charged (new) battery will show about 42v in the display. Considering the age and that you ride it regularly the battery will show some loss of capacity but should still be well above 36V, fully charged. Let’s just consider that the voltage is adequate to power the controller and motor. You’ll need to use a multimeter, on the large Higo connector (under the right chainstay, see: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2081-visual-map-to-sondors-original-parts/ ) unplugged, while applying throttle, and testing two of the large pins inside the controller side of the connector. Try testing all 3 pins one by one to the other pins. You might need a 3rd hand or assistance to do this and see if voltage, in about the same vol as shown on the LCD can be verified on the meter. If there is voltage of a significant amount it would be an indication of a motor problem or at least a problem beyond the lg Higo connector. If the bike has been dropped or if you’ve fallen, with the bike landing on that side and damaged the motor cable where it exits the axel nut that could be the problem. You might try articulating the cable while apply throttle with the bike on the kick stand and wheel off the ground and see if it might power the wheel and motor. LEMMENO REDDY
  24. Thank you for your reply/help! I do not see a voltage on the LCD, where would it be shown? Only see battery icon, time, assist level, speed, motor (W), distance and temperature. And I checked the Higo connector for the cable that connects to the motor on the back wheel (runs horizontally btwn the chain under the frame) and it was good - firmly connected and no moisture. Let me know what you think, and thanks agian! Joel
  25. Make sure the large Higo connector under the right chainstay is properly and fully connected. Do not twist it, rather pull it apart and make sure the pins align properly when you plug it back together. Check inside for moisture. But your symptoms usually indicate a Controller / LCD , mismatch or defect. What does the voltage read on the LCD display? Reddy
  26. That’s sounds like a defective motor. Unplug and Check the lg Higo Connector under the right chainstay and with a multimeter, while depressing the throttle make contact between two of the large brass pins, try multiple combinations of the three, on the controller side and inside the connector and see if you can detect any voltage reading. This is a troubleshooting elimination sequence and we will work backwards towards the other components. REDDY
  27. Looking for help. Both my throttle and pedal assist are not working properly. I took it for a short ride; both the throttle and pedal assist work for just a couple of seconds. The battery is charged the display is working and I've checked all the connects. I put a new controller on get the same results. Thanks!
  28. Hi, I have a Sondors Thin from ~ 2015/2016 with an LCD, and am not getting peddle power even though the battery is fully charged. The battery indicator on the thumb throttle (green/orange/red lights) is working and shows the battery is fully charged, but the battery indicator on the LCD shows no bars (empty) and the rest of the LCD is working fine. Not getting any power to the wheel with either the thumb throttle or cadence sensor (when peddling). Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot/fix this issue?
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