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  2. September Shipments in USA?

    Sondors needs your money as operating capital to build your bikes. This is no different than the original campaigns, but they took 6 months for deliveries to BEGIN. I don't think Sondors intentionally misleads anyone. The market fluctuated with all the new models, and some models' sales exceeded their expectations, and some models were over produced and they had a small surplus in the California warehouse for immediate delivery. The Chinese Contract Factory (not Sondors) builds: models, colors and bikes with options, in sequence, instead of hopscotching all over the place for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Sondors doesn't really have any control about the factory time line for completion of individual customers bikes. it probably is good therapy to vent about the frustration of waiting and paying far in advance for your bikes. But the reality is that it doesn't effect the outcome. You will get your bikes and I'll get to display this T-Shirt Reddy
  3. September Shipments in USA?

    I completely agree with you. Why not just underpromise and over deliver by setting longer than expected shipping time and then beating them? I would have been perfectly fine if they told me to expect delivery in November and then deliver in October. Instead, they tell me delivery in September and will miss the mark by two months. Last week, their web site said orders for Fold X would be delivered early October. At least now it says "estimated to ship mid to late November 2017". They should keep saying "estimated". I thought about cancelling my order. The problem is no one else makes a foldable ebike this well designed and cool looking for any price. People do seem to get their orders within 3 months, so I'll give them that much before I cancel. Yeah, I wish they would only take my money once they shipped.
  4. September Shipments in USA?

    My Sondors X is out for delivery now! Usually that means around 2PM for me. Will be watching my driveway cam closely today!
  5. September Shipments in USA?

    So my Fat X is due Thursday, however my LCD is still sitting awaiting someone to put the UPS tag on the box and put it on a truck. No ETA. So looks like I will be thumb throttling for a week. BTW, shipping weight per UPS on just the Fat X is 94 lbs. Hopefully about 40 lbs of that is shipping material, manuals or other non-bike weight stuff. LCD package is 3 lbs.
  6. September Shipments in USA?

    I got an email from Sondors with a UPS tracking number this morning!! Again, I ordered a basic Thin, though not one of the Thins they had in stock over the summer, in early August. I live on the East Coast. Here's to hoping for early next week! Can't wait. Sondors do come true!
  7. cable ties

    I haven't seen this exact kind, but most auto supply stores sell Spiral Wrap
  8. Bike rack for Sondors Fold

    Thanks for the advice and your bike looks rad! Sunnie
  9. September Shipments in USA?

    Sorry it didn't work out for you. I think it is okay to have shortage and delay. It is, however, dishonest to paint a false expectation, just to sell more bikes. Worst of all, the full purchase amount was charged immediately on my bank card upon really just a pre-order. Would had been a way better business practice of only deducting the fund when the bike was ready to deliver to customer.
  10. This happened on my new fold x 7 speed with ten mile on it. I my have gotten it to tight but I know it was not loose. I will be buying a new after market crank set fot it with 48 t.
  11. cable ties

    Does anyone know where you can buy the coiled plastic the holds the cables together on the fold?
  12. Yesterday
  13. @MattRobertson I can understand your change of heart with the tire liners. The guy in the ibke shop opened a box and let me hold it - I didn't feel like it was going to sit well in the tire and perform as intended, so I didn't buy it, although I too, was ready to put down some serious $$ (I have two folds!). I'm going to try the Slime route - it's got to be better than nothing, and from your experience, sounds like a definite plus. Thanks for your insights!
  14. You should drag a half dozen rare earth magnets behind your bike on the underside of Skateboard and recycle at the local center...you'll clean up in more ways than one. Reddy
  15. Bike rack for Sondors Fold

  16. Only if the fender is about a half inch off the ground. Its just a hazard you have to live with. On that thorn/slime... consider you'd be walking otherwise. You got home. Something I didn't state earlier: I have been a Mr. Tuffy tire liner for like 30 years on bikes that saw up to 11000 miles per year as basic transportation. So... was a big fan. Fast forward a couple decades and I have been off the bike for many years. I get a Sondors and first thing I do is hold my nose and blow like $70 on Tuffy4XL for my fattie's tires. Then I start commuting and.... its one failure after another. This Tuffy is constructed differently than the narrow Tuffy I put in my 700x19c-23c tires back in the day (25C... THAT was a fat tire!). Its just not the same product. After taking nail after nail and having a success rate of ZERO. I held my nose once again and put in the hated Slime in my tires. One week I had 3 nails go in and the tire sealed each time. Once I noticed the tire had been going down a touch and figured I better inspect and sure enough... found a nail. When you have to go look to find nails... thats a product thats working. It had been a few months with no problems ... I was just beginning to think my luck was holding pretty good - and then that big blowout happened. Riding city streets, its a total crap shoot as to how flat free you are. I would always recommend Tuffy and against Slime but now the situation is reversed.
  17. Pedal stripped crank arm threads

    The Square taper cranksets are cheaper than the Park Tools or service to repair the inexpensive cranks used on our Sondors. That would make sense on my Lightspeed Ultimate with the 25th Anniversary Dura Ace Groupo where the crank replacment cost is several hundred dollars. The cost of the Park Taps are $22.79 and $29.29 in individual sets. The Park 15mm Pedal wrench is $15.00 alone (any 15mm narrow, open end wrench is what works on our Sondors) and there's no reason to look up the cost of the Bushings...you can buy the whole Park Tool/UNIOR PEDAL TAP AND BUSHING SET for $129 from JensonUSA http://www.jensonusa.com/Unior-Pedal-Tap-and-Bushing-Set Any bicycle online supply vendor can sell you a quality Crankset for next to nothing. Reddy
  18. September Shipments in USA?

    I also just got the message that my two FOLD X will be delayed until OCT-NOV. That's not what I signed up for. Bought them as gifts for wedding present. Seriously debating about canceling and just buying those RADMINI's instead. Don't care about costs. If I can get the Radminis delivered in the next week I will cancel the FOLD X. So mad at myself for depending of Sondors.
  19. This type of failure is almost impossible to happen when the pedals are installed properly. Usually it's because they were either over tightened, or under tightened and came loose. It's worth the money to buy a special pedal installing tool. After new pedals are installed, it's a good idea to check them for looseness after about a hundred miles.
  20. There's a special tool for repairing this problem. You should be able to find a bicycle shop that can make the repair. This is the tool. https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/#article-section-1
  21. September Shipments Europe

    Sorry, I meant late October Mik
  22. September Shipments Europe

    Hi, I had a similar problem in that I received an e-mail saying my Fold is coming, but I ordered an "X" Very quick response from Sondors confirming my actual order and a confirmation that it's coming early October Well done Sondors, a small delay, but that's ok - a quick response and my mind is at ease Looking forward to the bike coming See you soon - Cheers, Mik
  23. Hi all I know that there are a lots of topic about this issue but most of the link to the stores are not accessible anymore. Is there someone that can help me to where I can buy all the stuff so I can put a 7 speed kit on my fat bike ? Regards Sune
  24. eliamyro

  25. Bike rack for Sondors Fold

    Thanks Matt! I'll definitely check it out. Sunnie
  26. Last week
  27. Pedal stripped crank arm threads

    @Ridge The only logical fix is to replace the Crank Set. Helicoils could replace the threads but it would be an unreliable fix for the stress it would be under. Be sure and check the threads on the Pedal Axel and run a die down them or replace the pedals too. You can buy Sondors Parts and pay a premium or you'll find aftermarket parts in the 3 speed and 7 speed upgrade threads on this forum. Since you didn't specify what model Sondors you own it's impossible to direct you to the correct replacment. But this fits the Thin, Sondors X & Original Fat. https://sondors.com/collections/parts-store/products/crank-right Reddy
  28. Battery pack fuse didn't work

    @Fuzzy Bruce the Facebook Swap & Sell group usually has bottle batteries come up fairly frequently given all the members and all the people upgrading. Also replacement batteries are sold at electrobikeworld.com. I just bought an upgraded 48v bottle battery from there for Frankenbike which is now a dedicated cargo bike and needed some more oomph when it has 4 panniers and a basket fully loaded.
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