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  2. September Shipments Europe

    Yes, very frustrating when there is little to no communication on the status....especially considering the product is significantly late. I waited two months to get my bike...and mine finally arrived yesterday (California) via UPS. I also received the controller yesterday...separately via USPS. I know you guys are in Europe, but I'd like to think yours are on the way. BTW, Gutgmacht, dunno if you've bought these as individual gifts, employee transportation during lunch/breaks, or part of a company exercise program. But I think it's really cool that you've bought eight bikes for your workers. Hope you can hang in there. Best of luck on these being delivered soon.
  3. Atticshade

  4. September Shipments Europe

    So I think that UPS handles all this on behalf of Sondors. This is much faster than a private person would have to do it alone. There will be no call from customs, but UPS does it for the whole delivery and then distributes it to the individual customers. Some international Trading Company have Space for exemple in the Port of Hamburg and delivers from the port direct - without some extra fee. you can see it on ebay: The Seller are in China, but the Goods are in Hamburg. At least UPS offers this for international trade. If UPS / Sondors proves on import that the individual customer has already paid the sales tax and UPS / Sondors also deducts it to customs, then the customs has nothing more to do
  5. September Shipments Europe

    Ole, be patient, please. I share your desire to get the bicycle! As for October and November, Sondors was very quick. This is a very optimistic time and it was immediately clear that this is unrealistic. I wait for the first messages from Sondors / Customs not earlier than mid-December-January. Processing at customs usually does not take two weeks, but more.
  6. September Shipments Europe

    Still nothing from Sondors...so no bike this week either. Damn. Ole
  7. September Shipments Europe

    Yes, i think for Germany it will be the same procedure. We have to pay 19% "Mehrwertsteuer bzw. Einfuhrumsatzsteuer" that means VAT. Sondors wrote on the Bill a bit more than 19%, Mwst , i` m sure that difference will be the custom fee of 6 %.
  8. Sondors Fold X

    Raymundo, a spare Fold X Battey matching the original is not avalable yet. They are proprietary to Sondors and the Fold. If history serves as norm, your probably looking at a couple of months until Sondors makes them avalable in there parts listing on their site. You do have options but they require a rack or backpack mounting location and some electrical rewiring to add connectors to the Controller. You can review the different 48v battery configurations here: https://lunacycle.com/48v-18650-ebike-battery-pack/ or to repeat, a 52V upgrade is avalable and works with the stock controller for a 10% increase in power here: https://lunacycle.com/52v-18650-ebike-battery-packs/ Reddy
  9. NO MORE Foggy Glasses

    Hey Lief, they were both very affordable. https://www.aliexpress.com/shttps://www.aliexpress.com/item/Cool-TK-Chinese-Military-Air-Force-Jet-Pilot-Open-Face-Motorcycle-Green-Helmet-Visor-SIZE-L/32803946806.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.12.2zieTS&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10152_10065_10151_10344_10068_10130_10345_10324_10342_10547_10325_10343_10546_10340_10341_10548_10545_10541_10562_10084_10083_10307_5680011_10178_10060_10155_10154_10539_10312_10059_10313_10314_10534_10533_100031_10103_10073_10594_10557_10558_10596_10595_10142_10107,searchweb201603_25,ppcSwitch_5&btsid=e5734cf9-d059-45bc-85e2-e393205fadcc&algo_expid=d4a92507-cb4e-4a20-8bee-179b057ffc2c-0&algo_pvid=d4a92507-cb4e-4a20-8bee-179b057ffc2c&rmStoreLevelAB=0 and this from Rakuten was a steal. https://www.rakuten.com/shop/yescomusa/product/5430060White/?omadtrack=recs&rm=t&vg=1adb78d6-2e4e-4cc9-0c7b-5755c7ab9c24&adid=17070&scid=em_Promotional_20160912Daily&rmatt=tsid:1012038|cid:4438|cgid:44383068682 i also have a matching pair of Bell Full Face that I bought with my 1982 GS 1100ez, here on a outing to the Hatch Valley in New Mexico.
  10. Sondors Fold X

    Hey Guys just got my Sondors Fold X today. I am super excited. My question is where can I buy a extra battery for it?
  11. Thin Charging Procedure

    Managed to get in the garage and unplug.
  12. Thin Charging Procedure

    Your charger is automatic shut off, don't worry, the BMS will stop the charging when the battery reaches capacity, but the "WARNING FROM SONDORS", if the charger is still showing red for more than 8 hrs(the max time it could take to charge the battery), means some component has failed to automatically stop the current flow ..... So unplug the charger. Your new charger and battery will shut off fine. There are many advanced chargers out there in the market but your stock charger is fine and automatic. If you wanted to charge at lower amp rates, and to a lower capacities; 80, or 90 or 100% capacity, those chargers are available from LunaCycle.com and their general use is to charge to maximize battery longevity. See : Reddy
  13. Thin Charging Procedure

    Just got my Thin put together and charging it for the first time. Battery arrived completely dead. It's 8:00 PM and I just locked myself out of the garage and my landlady won't be back until the morning. Which means the battery may be plugged into the charger for 12 hours. I know it's not supposed to be plugged in more than 8 hours. IS this going to be a serious issue? Am I going to have to call a locksmith to get into the garage? My Rad Power Rad Rover I can leave plugged in all I want. Is there a charger option out there I can use that will allow me to do that?
  14. Brake light system

    Im no electrician by any means and just starting to look at plug and play lights. is there a specific reason you are connecting to the battery for power instead of the converter box that all the other wires come from? or does that require an "upgraded" box? I have a thin 7 and I dont think I have any spare connectors coming from the converter box but Im going to look
  15. Sunday ride ends with a smile and broken chain

    thats awesome Im looking forward to your comparison. I may have to get a rad Rover after taxes
  16. Leif Hansen

  17. NO MORE Foggy Glasses

    I like those helmets
  18. Yesterday
  19. September Shipments Europe

    If you are referring to VAT, that was collected at initial purchase. For me with a Belgian delivery address at least thats it for taxes/customs.
  20. September Shipments Europe

    I think it must be the request/call/Email from German or Netherlands custom to pay fees (16%). But if the cargo came to EU, it has to go faster! Anybody already got the call from customs? PS: I bought 8 X for my employees and promised to present it in September.. Thanks!
  21. NO MORE Foggy Glasses

    Now that's innovation, luv it. I also have a Bottle Cap Helmet for Fall riding and a dual visored Chinese Aviators Helmet for winter...but both seasons have been really mild here in North Central Texas, the last several years, thanks to climate change. We have had several high temperatures broken this month already and it was 94° on the 5th. None the less, the cooling temps are a welcome change from Summer. And this half face mask for really cold mornings. Reddy

  23. Sunday ride ends with a smile and broken chain

    I got the Sondors bike today. Just a few hours ago. I'm having it put together tomorrow night. As for the Rad Power bike I absolutely love it! Super badass looking and I love the fat tires and just the whole look of it. I tricked it out a little bit but not too much. Which makes it look much better. I'll report back when I get to try out the Sondors bike.
  24. NO MORE Foggy Glasses

    so after the temps have dropped here in Idaho I started wearing my full face mask and remembered why I hated it... foggy glasses and lens. so instead of going and buying a $300 Ruroc helmet I really want... I purchased a snorkel mouth peace and used a "airborn" medication tube and Boom... no more foggy glasses.... oh and I wanted to share my new setup for my lights. I really like having them up front like this makes it more like a motorcycle .
  25. Squeaky back axle

    Squeaky Seal.....you can hear those during nursery season in the Artic. )) Glad you found it. Reddy
  26. Squeaky back axle

    so after pulling the rear motor apart and lubing all the needed areas the sound is gone. turns out there was some dust between the rubber stopper that goes around the axle bar on the left side of the hub.... if that makes any sense.
  27. Sunday ride ends with a smile and broken chain

    they are fenders. when you get your thin let me know how the rad rover compares. I thought about the sondors thin 7 or the rad rover for months before price pushed me to the sondors. how do you like the Rad Rover?
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