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  2. Seems like the weather is crazy all over the continent this year. My wife was just in Texas (from Canada) and was surprised at how cool it was. I've always thought of it being really warm there, but I guess not always! Hah, I got tired of my warehouse laps surprisingly fast. Nothing makes an indoor space feel smaller than blasting around it at 15mph. I just hope I can hold off waiting for the ice to melt on the roads before I decide to take the bike outside. I'm getting impatient with the weather. I'll make a post offering the carry bag and I really appreciate you making a sticky for it. If I sell a few I'll make you a battery charger case if it's something you think you would like!
  3. Hi Dave - just replied to you in a PM. Could definitely help you out and we could do one bag black and red and one bag blue and white if you want. That would look pretty cool!
  4. Fisher Fabrication House have guards to replace the ones that come with the following Sondors bikes: Steel, Aluminum, Thin, Thin 7. Earlier this month I received an email reply from Josh Fisher stating they do not make a cable guard for the Fold yet. Let them know if it's something you'd be interested in. I'm planning on getting a clip as well.
  5. Thank you. I will try this Tomorrow. I also ordered 2 Clips, Cool Beans.
  6. Not knowing your technique, consider this video.
  7. Sondors X

    I didn't see an introduction file but I'm new to the forum. I bought an "X" for Christmas and have about 200 miles on it so far. It's my first e-bike so I realize I don't have much experience with one but so far I have to give the bike an excellent rating. I have about 50 of the 200 miles off road and about 25 of those are heavy off-road where trails are primitive. I live in Central Florida where the trail soil is commonly called sugar sand and the X really surprised me with it's performance. I've gone through sugar sand that's difficult for 4WD drive vehicles and it allows me to travel much farther off road than I would be able to with a conventional bike. The only room for improvement I've found is in the front shock. I upgraded to the suspension shock and it's slightly better than no shock but I really think Sondors needs to think about their selection of upgrade since I regret paying for the upgrade. I appreciate the tip on this thread about the Luna Lander. I'll probably purchase one soon.
  8. My Brand New Xfold is Difficult to Fold. Should I try WD40?
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  10. bike year help

    It depends, when did you get it and from where? The answer to these two are the key for your answer
  11. Great, you've got your new SONDORS electric bike. But you cannot find the keys for the battery? Don't panic! Here are two possible locations: In the Battery/Controller case, between battery or controller or In the foam packaging of the battery Didn't find them? Please carefully search in the shipping box / shipping material. They are not big so you could overlook them quickly! You searched for the keys in every possible location over and over again but couldn't find them? Please contact support@sondors.com for help. Ride safe! Andi
  12. ANSWERED How to Remove battery?

    I did locate the keys for the triangle battery, they are in the foam packaging of the battery, not in the battery/controller case.
  13. ANSWERED How to Remove battery?

    @nikwax, As you may have already noticed this forum is independently operated by owners and is not associated with the SONDORS Company as stated in the terms. Please contact the Sondors.com website with messaging button, during US west coast business hours, to speak to a live human being. That's the best and fastest way to resolve the issue. Reddy
  14. ANSWERED How to Remove battery?

    I just got my bike set up today, and it did not come with keys, or at least I haven't found them yet. They weren't in the battery compartment. Are they somewhere else on the triangle battery bikes?
  15. Last week
  16. X Bike in NW Colorado

    Hello @brassell31, and Welcome to the Sondors Forum. Congratulations on getting you Sondors X or Fold X, the newest bikes in the Sondors stable. The advent of the li ion battery and espically the 18650 versions (18mm in dia & 65mm long) have universally made electric transportation a reality. X-Foldes recommendations explain the batteties potential, limitations and the differences from the older performance batteries we all have experience with. I'd suggest a read at Electricbike.com (foremost athority) for an introduction to Our Batteries, for those looking to increase their knowledge base on all things eBike starting here: https://www.electricbike.com/introduction-lithium-18650-batteries/ You've also discovered that our bikes are best sized (one size fits all?) for Storm Sondors' Size. I too have relegated to a 400mm seat post and extended stem to make for a better fit but it's still uncomfortable to stand while climbing. I've also contemplated a trailer for grocery store runs, because even with the Larger of my two sets of Panniers (which will carry Pizzas), and a backpack are pretty limiting. But that only necessitates more trips to the store and more fun riding my Electric Black Lightning and grinning a lot. I've carried a 20lb (37 pounds full) propane tank and 50lbs of dog food on the rear rack. Im hoping that your Sondor's will help for a speedy rehab on your ankle. Many of us have discovered the health benifits in resurrecting cycling and that upgrading and personalizing our bikes are as much fun as riding and that's one of the Sondors best atributes, being the best platform in eBiking for customization. Lastly I'd have to disagree with those very low Tire Pressure Recomendations. Most Bike Shops are familiar with regular Fat Bike utility. Our bikes are many times heavier and ours mostly ridden on pavement not snow or sand which require reduced pressure. One thing you'll discover over time is that the wide Fat Tire footprint and contact patch, sweeps up everything that can puncture our tires. For commuting, I rode the Stock tires at 32psi and added air when they dropped to 27, to reduce the contact patch size and to reduce the likely hood of punctures. That said, I'd say most riders are pretty happy at 16psi. Happy Trails and don't forget to post pictures of your X and adventures in our Forums Gallery. Reddy As a post script I have to add an excerpt entry from a web blog about the Bitteroot & Back, month long camping trip I made with my year old Border Collie Gwyndolen, from Texas to the Canadian border, on traveling thru NW Colorango.. You might be familiar with the backroad I drove when going from Colorado to Wyoming. Bitterroot 2 The Road Less Traveled Bitter Truth The midmorning departure from Larkspur had us skirting the front range of the Rockies to avoid the Interstate Highway System and enjoy the smaller, windier, old highways through the mountains. I intended to drive about half way to Yellowstone National Park and spend the night in Steamboat Lake State Park and resume the journey the following morning. It's was only 3:30 PM when I arrived at the campgrounds and after speaking with a couple of Park Rangers, decided to push on farther towards my next destination. The road North soon narrowed to a rutted, sometimes single lane SLIGHTLY improved gravel byway. After about 30 or so miles I was surprised to pass a "Entering Wyoming" sign. It was a very cool, back roads way, to change states and a cool rutted road. It was a long this long lonely route that I passes through the Three Rock Ranch and close to the most Fabulous Ranch house I've ever seen, with a matching structure, under construction on the opposite side of a narrow valley. Southern Wyoming is relatively flat and it would be well after dark and a speeding ticket, before we rejoined a mountainous landscape. It was an interesting drive, about 14 hours total, including the better part of an hour looking for a campsite in the Grand Teton National Park. Exhaustion was the name of the game and I was seeing double, I was seeing double, I was so tired when I finally made my way to the bed in the back of the Jetta Campmobile.
  17. Best Torque settings for the X Fatty

    Hello @StanT, and welcome to the Sondors Owners Forum. Glad you found us and enjoy your stay. Just to clarify, sounds like you received, a Sondors X and it was shipped to you with the LCD Screen, KD51C. The settings instructions for it we listed here under the "instructions" header, How-To's, by our forum owner Andi. Generally, the only way to increase performance is to change the Speed-Limit setting, in the LCD, without resorting to the upgrade additions, that are so popular here with Forum Members. The 3 additions that increase Torque, all well documented, are increasing the Battery Capacity, in voltage and amp hours, replacing the Controller (the device in the Battery Triangle Box) with one that delivers more Amperes to the motor and lastly, replacing the stock Motor itself, with an upgrade from the X's 500watt Bafang Geared Hub Motor to the 750watt version. The forum is vast, so take your time perusing all the various owners submittals and the Search Window, on every page, can help you zero in on individual interests. Have fun and don't forget to post pictures of your Sondors X and your adventures in the Forum Gallery. Enjoy Your Stay Reddy
  18. Hi Guys, So i finally got my bike in last week all in black and it came with the controller as well. I had the guys at REI do the assembly and adjustments and what a great deal. $75. In looking at all the settings in the display I am not sure how to get max torque. I do not care about speed above 20 MPH but would like the torque. Any suggestions most welcome.
  19. X Bike in NW Colorado

    Your power tools may be using NiCd or NiMh cells which are prone to develop a chemical memory and eventually lose capacity. I grabbed this off the net: 1: Keep your batteries at room temperature That means between 20 and 25 degrees C. The worst thing that can happen to a lithium-ion battery is to have a full charge and be subjected to elevated temperatures. So don't leave or charge your mobile device's battery in your car if it's hot out. Heat is by far the largest factor when it comes to reducing lithium-ion battery life. 2: Think about getting a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, rather than carrying a spare Batteries deteriorate over time, whether they're being used or not. So a spare battery won't last much longer than the one in use. It's important to remember the aging characteristic when purchasing batteries. Make sure to ask for ones with the most recent manufacturing date. 3: Allow partial discharges and avoid full ones (usually) Unlike NiCad batteries, lithium-ion batteries do not have a charge memory. That means deep-discharge cycles are not required. In fact, it's better for the battery to use partial-discharge cycles. There is one exception. Battery experts suggest that after 30 charges, you should allow lithium-ion batteries to almost completely discharge. Continuous partial discharges create a condition called digital memory, decreasing the accuracy of the device's power gauge. So let the battery discharge to the cut-off point and then recharge. The power gauge will be recalibrated. 4: Avoid completely discharging lithium-ion batteries If a lithium-ion battery is discharged below 2.5 volts per cell, a safety circuit built into the battery opens and the battery appears to be dead. The original charger will be of no use. Only battery analyzers with the boost function have a chance of recharging the battery. Also, for safety reasons, do not recharge deeply discharged lithium-ion batteries if they have been stored in that condition for several months. 5: For extended storage, discharge a lithium-ion battery to about 40 percent and store it in a cool place I've always had an extra battery for my notebook, but it would never last as long as the original battery. I know now that it's because I was storing the battery fully charged. That means oxidation of lithium-ion is at its highest rate. Storing lithium-ion batteries at 40 percent discharge and in the refrigerator (not freezer) is recommended Final thoughts Lithium-ion batteries are a huge improvement over previous types of batteries. Getting 500 charge/discharge cycles from a lithium-ion battery is not unheard of. Just follow the above guidelines.
  20. X Bike in NW Colorado

    I ordered an X Bike w/ rear derailleur and LCD on New Years Day and received it a week later. Assembly was easy, but I had to wait for the streets to melt clear before I got to ride it. I've ridden other bikes on snow and ice - snow ok, ice not so much, so I waited for dry roads. Anyway, the bike is everything I had been led to believe. Giggles all the way as I road a mile up a very steep road behind the house with only moderate pedal assist. I have been rehabbing an injured ankle after surgery for the last 10 week and was pretty much out of shape, so that was amazing. I can barely walk 200 yards before I have to turn around because of the pain, but with the peddle assist (and some throttle only) I rode 10 miles yesterday and was still smiling. I am 6'-2" tall, so the seatpost is a little short and I am too close to the handlebars. I've already ordered a longer seat post with more rear offset, and may order a longer stem with more rise if needed after I install the new seatpost. Also ordered a trailer hitch for my Burley trailer (grocery hauler), and put on a rear luggage rack. I'm really looking forward to my bicycle commute to work this summer and getting into the high country in a much easier manner now. Hills that I used to pedal non-stop I have to push my bike up more and more. One question, I've only used about 1/4 battery charge so far. Can I recharge the battery now without damaging it? All my cordless power tool batteries prefer to be drained before recharging. An observation also - the local bike shop said I should be riding 10 PSI or less in the tires. MIne came inflated to 16 PSI - I live at 7,000 feet, could the change in altitude from sea level where they were inflated to up here account for that? Anyway, something to be aware of.
  21. Jim Siebel

  22. properrhino

  23. Fold X - 20A Controller Upgrade

    Tanks to my second profession as clairvoyant, yours is already done @Mike Ritchie: thanks for the elaborate info: even though it's not legal here, I might try anyway to use the Sondors throttle...
  24. Hey guys, we just made this step-by-step tutorial on how to repair a flat tire on a 20 x 4 inch flat tire with a BAFANG G06 engine. The tutorial will also work an all SONDORS models, although done on a UNIMOKE utility bike. Rim, procedure and tools are 100 % identical... Hope it helps!
  25. bike year help

    how do i tell the year my bike was made? i have a fat tire sondors ebike thanks
  26. Made a storage/carry bag for my Fold X

    Just purchased these 2 bikes. Would definitely be interested in your carry bags.
  27. ANSWERED Sondors X seems to have died

    Seldon crisis... Outstanding. Having poked at things and swapped parts out for the last 1.5 hours, it appears to have been a failing front brake sensor. Throttle and pedal assist both seem to work fine with the front brake sensor disconnected. Greatly appreciate your responses and will add a multimeter to my toolkit to debug in the event that it misbehaves again.
  28. ANSWERED Sondors X seems to have died

    The time to trouble shoot is right when the anomalie occurs. To confirm or eliminate the battery, use your multimeter to check the output at the battery output port. https://lunacycle.com/electricbike-multimeter-perfect-for-ebike/ Carry it with you on your next ride. If the battery tests good, the next failure point would be battery connector, espically since those wires are solder connected to the plug. You can test power there by piercing the power wire's insulation. If that shows continuity, the next suspect is the controller (others in this release of Sondors have proven problematic and defective). The next failure test would be the throttle. It there is power to the throttle power wires, it might be throttle itself, internally. Then check power to the LCD, if you have one. Make sure the PAS magnet disk is correctly orientated to the sensor and the sensor bracket is not bent. I'd suspect the controller based on previous reports of defective and replaced Controllers. LEMMENO. Reddy
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