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  3. Mine are the same but I’m presuming this is normal. I have much bigger problems as my bike loses all power after a mile or so. I can’t use it and am still waiting for a response from Sondors. I am really disappointed in their service as I haven’t been able to use my new bike. Hope you have more luck with yours than I am having with mine.😔 Archie, Ireland
  4. Hello, I just finished to assemble my Fold XS (Europe version). But I realize that my Front & Rear Turn Signals don't flash but stay constantly "light on" See below in the picture. Is that normal ? Thanks for your help Cheers, Ray27
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  6. Checked the pins inside the screen (checked fine), checked the pins in the extension cable (checked fine). Waiting for Sondors tech support for next step.
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  8. Dave, thanks for sending, I watched that video a couple times. That particular display is at least one generation older. The software is really similar and there are a bunch of settings that I played with to see if I could make my problem go away. I tried to change the PAS from 1-5 to 1-3. Fail. I changed the max speed. Fail. I changed max current. Fail. Every other setting I tried - Fail. The only thing that makes the problem go away so far is to use the jumper or plug and eliminate the display. I have some ideas of other things to try - but at some point, I just want to ride.
  9. Dave, it does the same thing with two different LCD Screens and two separate controllers. Factory settings in each. Not sure where the video picked up on the ride but it starts off with PAS 5 working fine at full power. If the settings were reversed it would consistently work with 5 being lower power and 3 being higher power but this is not consistent. When I experience low power I can shift to PAS 3 and the power will kick in. If I ride like that for a while the bike will eventually figure out it is in PAS level 3. When it slows down in level 3 - shifting back to level 5 it will speed b
  10. Dave, I will check that cable, pins and connections to make sure nothing is bent.
  11. After watching your video it almost acts as if you got the perimeter set backwards in the settings 1-5 where there's more power in the low end than in the top end shifting.
  12. I'm wondering at this point if the carrier wire that runs from your LCD display down to the controller may be bad, if not then it has to be in the LCD display itself. Looking at the cap jumper wire make sure all of the male fitting prongs are not Bent. Also remove your controller disconnected there as well to make sure there are no pins that are bent or not making full connection.
  13. Update: Yesterday I swapped out a new controller sent to me under warranty from Sondors. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem, the bike behaves exactly the same with the new controller. The only thing I have found so far that corrects the problem is to disconnect the screen altogether - running the bike with the jumper or plug that it was shipped with new. Obviously there is no screen to see the speed, but the bike behaves consistently when running in this mode. The tech support said running in this mode the bike defaults to PAS 5. I don't mind riding it like this - it is
  14. I registered just to post here that I'm having the same exact issue on my Late-September XS. My controller build date is 07/2020. S/N X2007023304
  15. Morning I had new sondors fold X, I need buy fender and rear rack for bike, olso I'm looking air shocks for my bike... where I must get all this thing... thank for helping me...
  16. I like the idea of ramps as supposed to bouncing racks... Do they have one that can fit three sondors fatties/
  17. found my own answer Lol file:///C:/Users/Dell%20T3500/Downloads/Users%20Manual-KD51C-KDS.pdf
  18. Just received my Fold XS bike a few days ago. Charged my battery and tried to power the LCD screen and it would not light up. Read the instructions and did everything correctly. I checked all plugs from the power to the LCD screen and all other plugs and everything was on tight. I know battery is fully charged because when I disconnected my LCD Screen from the Power source I installed the small pig tail that is connected to the power source for the LCD screen-came with the bike and the pedal assist as well as the throttle powers the motor. Scratching my head on this and wondering if anyone
  19. Thanks for this info I got the insurance. Together with my 10mm chain lock and disc brake lock, I can have peace of mind.
  20. Did anyone get one apart from the inclusion in the home insurance policy? I'm sorry my first forum search didn't bring up any result. Only after posting this topic did it show me similar posts. I couldn't delete this post, again I apologize.
  21. gavin reid

    gavin reid

  22. I have a sondors 2020 x and my son was trying to reset trip and got into setting and changed something ,,,need a factory reset ,,Anyone know how to get to it? Thanks in advance
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