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  3. Got my Fold XS a couple of weeks ago and love it!
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  5. Does anybody know which aftermarket fenders fit the Sondors MXS? Does anybody know who manufactures the fenders that Sondors sells in combination with the rack and bag? I bought a rack and bag since Sondors was out of stock, but I'd like to buy fenders. THANKS!
  6. I have had my new Sondors MXS for a couple weeks. It has been great. However, I have this one problem with it. Every time I ride, I have atleast one instance of the battery meter just blinking dead, even though the battery is charged and it loses all power to everything, while the lcd stays on. If you restart it, it goes back to normal and it rides fine. I need help as this is very annoying and it makes me not want to ride my new bike. VID_20201125_173728115.mp4
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    can you find the gator

    can you find the gator?
  8. south Florida everglades 11-28-20
  9. Love this thing, really hits the mark as far as performance and style. Added a 50 tooth chain ring and a 11-28 cassette to give me a comfortable level cruise at 25mph (with speed turned up to 25). Last tweek is a thud buster seat post coming soon.
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  11. never mind they do not sell the rockstar to europe or when they migh finally its unfortunaly to late . sad could have sold in the masses here
  12. hi i am following sondors from the beginning liked the bikes but not my thing . Now with the rockstar thats perfect for me looking into 4 bikes to compare so wil be pulling the trigger in een week orso Hapyy trails
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  14. There is any digram how to connect that? Because that explanation looks professional but maybe for somebody who "comfortable" with electronics. Also can you share a link to that part "12v DPDT mini-relay", because there lots of variation available? Also, it says "Use the signal from brake lever connection"... How to find which one signal if most of ebike lever with brake sensor are 2 pins. Maybe that only work with brake levers 3pins where one wire is signal? Thanks for help in advance as could not find anyone who explain how to make the brake light working if using your own lights un
  15. morning rides in south Florida in November, beautiful time of year as things dry out and get cooler
  16. Your Connector is not Weird or Wacky, the FoldX just has a different plug than the Sondors Fats and it, as all Sondors motor to controller connector, have 9 pins. The three larger are power and the 6 smaller are Hall Sensor and that’s probably a Hall Sensor Failure Error Code you are seeing reported. I see what might be 2 problems in your photograph. First it looks like you have the rear wheel axel installed backwards in your photo. The Slot in the axel should face forward towards the front of the bike. That allows necessary cable length for connecting to the other connector going to the
  17. Wow, that’s a wacky connector. I wonder why there’s so many pins. Most of my brushless motor experience comes from Radio Control cars and drones They’ve all had just the three wires going to the motor(s). My Sondors is the same way. Yours is just.....weird. Anyway, it appears it can only connect one way. I’m basing that on the larger pins at the top, left, and right side of the connector in your picture. Does the female end have three matching large sockets for these pins? You said you turned the connector to try all 8 possible combinations, but it appears that’s not poss
  18. Thank you for your attempt to help Mike. Here's what I'm looking at. And I've tried turning it around and around, and tried all eight positions, and I still keep getting an error message. Any ideas?
  19. Gorgeous! Same here. This is a really wonderful bike. Been using it continuously, although I have kept my old dahon too. Hi Imhotep!
  20. Awesome..... I have the black matte fold x too. I ordered my ebike in late Sept and got it in two weeks. So far I love it. I'm happy with my purchase.
  21. I have a Fold X that is a month old. The bike will not turn on. The battery shows green on the charger and was showing fully charged on the LCD 2 hours ago. Now the LCD will not come on and there is no power. I have removed and replaced the battery and the green cable to the LCD several times checking to make sure the connections are clean and the pins are intact. Additionally, I am sure the toggle is switched to the on position. This is the second time this has happened. Any help would be much appreciated.
  22. I need to change a flat and can't figure out how to take the rear wheel off of my MXS. I've disconnected the power cable, removed the bolts, and two small screws, removed the chain, but the tire won't budge. Please help.
  23. Does anybody know where I can get fenders for my MXS? No sense reinventing the wheel if someone has already found these. Sondors sells the fenders with a rear rack and bag, but I already have a rack and bag. Any help would be much appreciated. THANKS!
  24. I recently bought an MXS Model and I exported it to Peru, South America. I currently have the E bike in the Peruvian Customs and they are asking for the VIN Number and Motor Number. Can you tel where I can find the VIN Number and Motor Number in the bike ? Thanks, Luis Bertello/ Isabel Hurtado
  25. If it's anything like my non-fold XS, while the connector isn't exactly keyed, the pins within it are offset a bit so it will only connect one way. I'm thinking you just haven't got it fully seated in the correct orientation. You can see in the attached picture, the terminals aren't equally spaced from the center, they're offset a bit so it'll only connect one way.
  26. Recently, I got a flat tire (rear). While changing out the tire, I unplugged the circular pin plug/jack thing where the wire attaches near the rear hub motor. Afterward, when I replugged it, I keep getting an error message. I tried turning the plug again and again to try all the different lineups but I just keep getting the error message. Can someone tell me the right way it's supposed to go, and if there is some kind of reset I need to do. This is all for a Fold X. And thank you.
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