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  3. Well Hello to everyone. I and my wife just boiught two new Spondors, one is the XS and other is the Step. We are older folks 69,her and 73 me. Kenneth and Karen Lane. We are wintering at Ricon East in Tucson. On.y have my XS as the Step is delayed. Love mine and really am impressed with it. Tried Pedego's and found them both too expensive and lacking refinement. The cost factors for Pedego makes me marvel at how they exist. We are in Tucson till April so anyone near please help us get aquainted with local bikers. Also motorcyclists who brought along one of our Spyders should anyone be into motorcycle touring . Our home state is Missouri. Both retired and enjoying it!
  4. That bike looks awesome. Thanks for sharing! I somehow need to get my hands on it here in Europe. 😁
  5. Reddy Kilowatt


    Looks a little chilly! While we’re known, for mostly mild winters compared to most of you guys up by the Canadian border, down here in Texas. We’ve already had record setting cold weather too and 25° Mornings.... I finally built a fire in the wood burner. REDDY 7041A7B3-F9D4-44E1-8210-D09476D0F786.MOV
  6. My SONDORS MXS arrived yesterday 11.19.19, the first ride was excellent! The MSX shifts very smooth, the hub motor is super quiet, and the updates to the wheel mounting and frame are outstanding, great job by SONDORS! It's the Little things that show attention to detail on the MXS, like the SONDORS logo Chainstay protector, the clips on the Seatstay, retaining the brake and shifter cables, and the plug in the top of the Head Tube Screw. This is also my first bike with 4 pot Hydraulic Disk Brakes, what a difference. After the first ride, I changed out the Maxxis 27.5 x 3.0 Knobby tires for SCHWALBE 27.5 x 2.8 all-terrain tires, and finished setting up the Console. Removing the rear tire, gives you a first hand look at the quality of the bike, and the improvements in the Rear Dropout. The color display is one of the first things you notice when riding, what a difference. Long Sleeves etc., a little cooler ride this morning, 11.20.19! I give the SONDORS MXS an A+, all the way around!
  7. Like This : http://www.key-display.com/Downloads/User Manual/KD718-K4 users manual-20180521.pdf REDDY
  8. YEs i checked those out already...It's the new full color LCD that is shipping with the MXS, getting into the settings is different from what these illustrate. I am not certain of the model number, but the speedometer is actually a round graduated dial not numbers.
  9. Dave, all the Instructions, manuals and even a setup video for a couple of the displays are on the Forums instructions page. https://sondorsforum.com/forum/5-instructions/ REDDY
  10. Steve Koen


    Nice pit bike added to the machine collection.
  11. Does anyone know how to tweak the settings with this new display? PAS 1 is too fast at 12.5 MPH, looking to reduce speed or adjust to 9 levels versus 5. HELP please. thanks
  12. As Click and Clack say, “If it falls off, it doesn’t matter” However, you did get the brass ring because the part does go under the front of the saddle. Thanks! Hal
  13. Ahhh, just like a Click & Clack, Car Talk Puzzler! I’m not familiar with the Fold X but I’d check and see if it might be from under the nose of the saddle. REDDY
  14. Make sure the PAS Magnet Wheel is making contact with the sensor pick up. REDDY
  15. I took a ride on my Fold XS this morning and I heard this plastic part fall off. Does anyone know where it goes?
  16. I have the same issue with my Step, how have you respond your throttle not working?
  17. I have a barely 3 month old 2019 Step, very litttle riding. The throttle and pedal assist has stopped working. The battery shows a full charge, all cable connections have been checked, and the brake switches have been cleared. The LCD lights up and appears to be fine. Any suggestions?
  18. Storm Sondors has sold so many eBikes he know what customers REALLY want. ‘White or Black, it’s a tough decision ...... So, I have one of each! Be sure to post pictures of your Step to our Owners Gallery. REDDY
  19. Ordered placed for the Step in White in October, received in November. Box was marked White, Bike was Black. ☯️ I like the Black better. 😁
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  21. Fold X 48V Battery, Never Used for sale. Includes 2 keys - Asking $450.00 includes expedited shipping. Payment via PayPal preferred. Purchased direct from Sondors in January 2019. Battery charger not included. My cost was $399.00
  22. Reddy Kilowatt


    Nice Shot! I like the balanced symmetry between the ocean and lower elevation against the vegetation on the bluff with the distant shoreline beyond. ‘Really a well composed image. Reddy
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